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Re: “A South Carolina Democrat's notes after watching the Republican primary

Lynnar, I am certainly no fan of Herbert Marcuse, he was a Marxist. And Angela Davis is a member of the Communist Party USA, she is dangerous. That is not normal Progressivism, that is Marxism. Normal progressivism is like universal health insurance, like they have in most European countries. Yet we can't have this here, because many claim it is socialism. Yet in countries like Germany and France, it is not a state-run insurance, it is run by non-profit private insurance companies,but it has to be for all citizens. That is not socialism. That is what we need here. Even Nixon advocated universal health insurance. He was quite progressive. Even though he was a Republican. But in today's Republican party, such opinions are rejected, it has become dominated by ultraconservatives. Like, most Republican politicians would even want to ban all abortions. That is not what most Republicans advocated when Roe v. Wade was decided.
While it is true that public universities are generally dominated by liberals, and so are most private non-religious universities, religious universities are generally dominated by conservatives. Some are even dominated by creationists. Look at Bob Jones university here in SC. Or certainly here the Charleston Southern University in North Charleston, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, is not dominated by liberals. Maybe the College of Charleston, though its president is Glenn McConnell, a former Republican politician, who loves the Confederate flags. And radio media is dominated by conservatives. Look at the radio news talk shows here on WTMA or WSC, all hosted by ultraconservatives. And their callers are generally ultraconservatives too. People conservative on all issues, not independent thinkers.
Of course Trump is no Hitler. But he is generally pushing an ultraconservative agenda, except for protectionism, which used to be advocated mainly by some progressives. I am mostly progressive, but I reject protectionism. I want all tariffs gone.

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Posted by Tom Martin on June 15, 2018 at 8:21 AM

Re: “A South Carolina Democrat's notes after watching the Republican primary

I have listened to the candidates and I have researched. Certainly the fact that McMaster has endorsed Trump so early, and now Trump has endorsed him, is troubling. So in the primary run-off, I intend to vote for Warren again. In the general election, I plan to vote for Smith, though I don't think Smith can win. Still, better to vote than to abstain from voting, at least I will add one vote to Smith, and to the other reasonable candidates that are running against the Republicans in the other races. After all, I am liberal on most issues, conservative on only a few. So I can hardly vote for any of the ultraconservatives that are running as Republicans. The Republican party has been taken over by ultraconservatives.

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Posted by Tom Martin on June 13, 2018 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Gowdy's jab at Trump reveals faults in American democracy

John, while you are quite correct on this thing, Trump does not demonize all immigrants, still the thing is I have heard that immigrants have lower crime rates than people born here. Yet Trump is demonizing most immigrants.

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Posted by Tom Martin on June 13, 2018 at 2:27 PM

Re: “13 public Confederate symbols remain standing in the Charleston area, report says

Lynnar, how can Germany take Auschwitz down? It is in Poland. In Polish the town is called Oswiecim. The camp there no longer serves as a concentration camp, it is now a museum, to serve as a warning, not to do that again. Well, at least Germany no longer has statues of Hitler or other Nazi leaders.

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Posted by Tom Martin on June 8, 2018 at 8:55 AM

Re: “S.C. native Craig Melvin gets very Bill Clinton-like take on #MeToo from Bill Clinton

Markay, Clinton did more than just commit adultery with some women (maybe his wife does not mind him committing adultery, they might have an open marriage). He broke the law by committing sexual harassment on at least two women, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. That is terrible. So he is at least as bad as Trump. And Juanita Broadrick has accused him of raping her. That would be even worse. Too bad that Craig Melvin did not bring those crimes up. Clinton is a horrible thug. I would never vote for him again. I am glad he can't run for president again. You say Clinton apologized. But he apologized only for his affairs, not for his sexual harassment, or for his apparent rape. When a reporter asked him about the rape allegation, he told the reporter to ask his lawyer. if someone were to ask me about a rape allegation against me, I would say I am innocent, because of course I did not rape anyone. I would not tell the person asking me to ask my lawyer. I don't even have a lawyer. After all, nobody has accused me of a crime. So his answer made him look guilty. So he might be even more of a thug than Trump. Though one woman accused Trump of raping her when she was still a girl. But that accusation received less publicity, maybe it is less credible. But still, Trump stole money from his Foundation, and he stole money from the students at his fake Trump University. But under current US laws, those thefts are not considered crimes, but only civil violations.
I don't care about the book Clinton co-wrote. I will not read it.

Posted by Tom Martin on June 6, 2018 at 10:24 PM

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