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Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

As I said earlier its not about dusten and its not about the c's its about veronica.You can tell who is actually in favor of veronicas insterest and who are not.The ones that arent are ate up and consumed with Dusten did this, Dustan said this, Dusten is abusive.
1st The courts gave custody back to dusten so I doubt they would have done this had be been abusive and I have never seen any document showing he was abusive so again just more talk.
2nd Dusten left christy when she was preg and didnt support her.Read the transcripts they were together until late may thats 5-6 months along.They were engaged in dec 08 she found out she was preg in jan she left dusten in late may-early june.He offered her 7000 dollars.His parents offered her support as well and that was in the birth mothers testimony so again- just people that do not know what they are talking about.
3rd) Veronica remembers but doesnt know how to communicate it but a person trained in it knows what to look for.Other experts said the same thing before and they dont listen. What are you looking for then? Tell us so we can watch for it also.What expert said it? The one the recanted? ------------ again just talk
Bottom line is anyone that is thinking about veronica and veronica only would stop and say ok the way she was taken wasnt right I will give you that ( but the c's could have done it much easier and not as " traumatic as some of you claim" they were the ones that didnt check things out before going along with this scheme.They were the ones that knew at 4 months he wanted her, they are the ones that alerted the media and did not give him any visitation beforehand.But yes I agree it wasnt the best way of doing it but what were the options? You woulnt give up your child but you want him to ? Now fast forward 2 years.She is adjusted and happy.She loves playing with the animals at her home.This has been documented not only by pictures but a few select interviews thankfully he isnt pimping her out like others try to do.If you really had her best interests at heart then you wouldnt want her uprooted.As I said before if she was with the c's this entire time I would be saying the same thing because its about her.Not about dusten and not about the cs but about her.

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Posted by Crystal Latoya Ellis on September 6, 2013 at 12:32 AM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

Again I cannot think you enough it is so good to finally hear someone in media thinking of veronica above the capobiancos and dusten.Most are either to consumed with hate for dusten ( although they have never met him ) from reading headlines and not researching the facts and the same with the ones against the capobiancos.I have researched and researched and done more research before I came up with my decision.If it were reversed I would feel the same way with whoever she was with.She is bonded with her father and her family here.I realize she was bonded with them before but doing it again just so its fair or even ( I have actually heard that comment) does not make it ok.People have allowd their focus to be on the adults and thats fine they are grown and can handle it but veronica is not grown.Look at it from a 4 year olds perspective and only use the knowledge that she would have.She doesnt care what comments dusten made his actions have erased those words.She is happy and safe and that should be any parents 1st priority.Wanting her with you just so she can be yours is selfish.Yes its understandable to a point.I would want my kids with me all the time to but if it meant they were miserable and crying themselves to sleep because of it then I would rather them be whee they are comfortable no matter how much it hurts.Again thank you for helping veronica have a voice.I would like to recommend something to the c's and any person considering adoption.Please before you go very far into this when you meet the birth mother insist that you also have access to meet with the father as well as the grandparents.This is to ensure nobody gets hurt later.This could have been avoided if this would have been done.Do it to protect yourself as well as the child.If you cover all your bases and make sure the child is not wanted by anyone so that you will not run into something like this down the road.

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Posted by Crystal Latoya Ellis on September 5, 2013 at 9:36 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

Thank you for a honest non bias article. I have no doubt they loved her and in some ways still do.Before you start bashing over that the reason I say that is because they loved the child they knew and she is not the same child.Mistakes were made all the way around.Dusten should not have made the comments he did but thats done but we have all said things in anger and in frustration.He was frustrated because he did love christy and love veronica and want to be with them and when he could not get through to them he was frustrated.As for support its hard to force someone to accept money if they will not take it.You can only do so much.I am not going to get into that battle though mistakes were made by all.Its at the point people are fighting picking sides and its not a game or a reality show its a little girls life.At this point if they really truly loved her they would want her to be happy.She is safe,taken care of and not in harms way.Why would you not want her to be happy? I think they have gotten blinded by " getting even" with dusten that they forgot the purpose of the fight to begin with.Yes it could have been done better and it could have been done at 4 months.I would think especially with them not being able to have a bio child that they above all would appreciate that bond and would step back.I know it would hurt and be hard to do but the best thing they could do for her is to let her go

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Posted by Crystal Latoya Ellis on September 5, 2013 at 5:08 PM
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