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Re: “The Top Local Stories of 2013

Veronica was legally kidnapped and forced adopted away from a waiting, willing, loving and able natural father and other family members who were eagerly awaiting her birth, but whose place at the delivery table and in her early life was sold to strangers behind his back. The only good thing about this travesty of justice is that it has awakened the American public (indeed, the world) to the depth of corruption to which the multi-billion-dollar, unregulated, insidious, child napping adoption industry has sunk, and spurred a groundswell of protests and demands for change. Thousands of appalled citizens are mounting rallies and marches, writing blogs and editorials, and circulating petitions calling for official criminal investigations of those involved in and responsible for this outrage and many others that have come to light because of the Veronica controversy. Others are studying adoption laws state-by-state and contacting legislators to bring new laws to the table calling for truth, justice and transparency in the adoption process. And more are finding and identifying other abuses and unethical thwarting of natural fathers' rights, fundraising to pay attorneys' feed and going to court with these men. Because of the Capobiancos' outrageous behavior, they have ensured that, not only will the business of adoption be changed forever, their lives will never be "normal" again. Their continuous flaunting of the court gag order, media attention-grabbing antics, use of a minor child to fundraise, bullying and grandstanding, suing the child for a million dollars ("Because we want her more?" [Melanie Capobianco, court testimony, Sep 2011]), have traumatized thousands of people, permanently damaged an innocent child's life, and her many loved ones - father, stepmother, sister, grandparents and extended family - and made her so famous she will never be able to leave her home or have a private life. Congratulations, Capobiancos, you have "won the battle but lost the war."

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Posted by Priscilla Stone Sharp on December 26, 2013 at 9:07 AM

Re: “Saving Veronica

You mean legally kidnapping Veronica!!
Oh, and it's not over. Far from over.

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Posted by Priscilla Stone Sharp on October 2, 2013 at 2:36 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

There's been a big showing of "Christian" support for this attempted abduction of our Baby Veronica. Reminds me of the old saying "What Would Jesus Do?" Indeed, we should all ask ourselves - What would Jesus do? Do you believe for a second that he would conspire with a mother to hide a baby from the father, sell the baby to adopters in a far distant land, spirit the baby away, then try to trick the father into not contesting the adoption; then, when he finds out what happened to his baby and succeeds in getting his child (his own flesh and blood) back, fight him for two more years in courts and in public venues, participate in and allow His friends to revile and ridicule the father, use the baby's name and picture to raise money by selling products like bracelets, perfume, food and alcohol, go on TV talk shows and demean and demoralize the father and his family and his people with nasty names like "deadbeat," "dirtbag," "trash"; conspire with a TV producer to film a "documentary" about the baby; file criminal charges against him for trying to protect his baby and keep her in his family and community; send police officers from that far distant land to arrest him and seize the baby back?
What do you think Jesus would do?
I believe that, because of what the Capobiancos have done - exposing an innocent child to the public, vilifying her father, family and people - none of them will ever have a moment's peace or privacy ever again. And to make it worse, they have gained tens of thousands of dollars in profit off the name and image of a minor child, without her custodial parent's [Dusten's] permission. Nothing they can ever do - even going away - will ever heal the terrible wrongs they have done to this child and her family. Nothing!

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Posted by Priscilla Stone Sharp on September 13, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

You might be interested to look at the video of the transfer on December 31, 2011. After the Capobiancos had dragged their feet for months after the order for transfer of custody had been made, after exhausting all appeals, it was they who forced the rushed turnover. On the day of transfer, they jerked Dusten around for hours and finally changed at the 11th hour what was supposed to be a private, quiet meeting into a media frenzy in a public place downtown. Then, their friend and PR rep Jessica Munday of Trio Solutions put the call out to all her friends and colleagues to show up "in peaceful support" (my foot!), then notified the media. The resulting ambush of Dusten and Veronica by an angry crowd, TV cameras, reporters, and microphones, forced him to hurriedly leave the building and get the hell out of Charleston! What would you have done?
Watch the footage here:
So, again, it's actually the Capobiancos who smell and it ain't "like a rose"!

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Posted by Priscilla Stone Sharp on September 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

If the Capobiancos had an ounce of decency or honor they would have refused to take Veronica until they were assured there was no natural family member (maternal or paternal) who wanted to parent her. Rather, they dug their heels in and fought her father for two years instead of immediately acknowledging and understanding Dusten's dilemma of having his child sold to strangers behind his back. By their actions, since he pressed his objection to the underhanded and unethical, if not illegal, attempt to adopt his child, including blatant and offensive exploitation and commercialization of a minor child's image and name to reap tens of thousands of dollars, threatening her safety and security, threatening her father and family, and more, they have proven they are unfit to parent a rhododendron let alone a child! Their behavior is classic antisocial personality disorder - characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others.
The sum of their outrageous behavior - violating gag orders, hiring PR firms, taking what should have been a private matter to the court of public opinion and peddling lies and slurs against Veronica's father on talk shows, in newspapers, "news" programs, exploiting Veronica by using her image and name to raise yet unaccounted-for money, contracting with a TV reality show producer to film her and invade her privacy (show up at her school uninvited and unannounced), demanding public officials arrest her father and "seize" her, threatening the safety and security of the Brown family to such an extent that they had to move out of their family home and into tribal housing and be provided with 24-hour security guards, posturing and threats to grab her and run, and more - has proven to the world that so-called "love" for this child and her safety and security are the furthest things from their minds. By their actions, they have indelibly harmed her for life. They began exposure of an innocent child for maudlin public display in such a manner that she will never know privacy and peace again. From now until forever everyone will know who and where she is. Her security has been compromised beyond repair. For these reasons and more, including the underhanded, unethical and probably illegal means in which she was abducted from OK at birth, they have forfeited any right of entitlement or possession of this or any other child, if not provided ample grounds for criminal charges and civil liability to the Brown family.

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Posted by Priscilla Stone Sharp on September 5, 2013 at 4:34 PM
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