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Re: “Oklahoma court lifts stay in Veronica custody case that blocked transfer to Charleston couple

Prayers for a peaceful and safe transition for Veronica. Also prayers for the Capobiancos as they rebuild their family and for Veronica's birth parents. I hope that they can find a way to all remain in her life. Veronica is a beautiful child.

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Posted by EllieB on September 23, 2013 at 6:14 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

Actually, I think the Capobiancos would be willing to go to jail to "save Veronica". But the fact of the matter is that they have done nothing illegal so there is no reason to put them in jail or to arrest them. Dusten Brown, on the other hand, has been charged with a felony by South Carolina. That's the reason he might go to jail. He didn't go out and volunteer for jail time. His actions have directly resulted in his arrest. Obviously, he deserves his day in court & it's not at all obvious that he's actually guilty of a crime. But that's for a jury of his peers to decide after reviewing all of the evidence and legal arguments, assuming it ever goes to trial, which it may not. He's innocent until proven guilty. If he gets jail time, it will be because he's been proven guilty -- I doubt he'd be kept in jail much at all before or during his trial. It's also possible that he could be found guilty on the basis of faulty law. But even this wouldn't mean that his willingness to sacrifice for Veronica is greater than that of the Capobiancos.

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Posted by EllieB on September 6, 2013 at 6:11 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

This is a rather bizarre opinion piece in that it is advising the Capobiancos to stop fighting a fight they have already won. That is, they have won the legal battle, but not necessarily the battle in the court of public opinion. However, it is the legal battle that will actually determine Veronica's fate.

The Capobiancos CANNOT walk away from this legal fight at this point because they are already legally Veronica's parents. To walk away, in the sense that this piece is advising, they would actually have to start a new legal fight asking the SC courts to revoke their parental status. Now that's a bizarre idea!

I understand that there are still a few courts that need to rule on this matter -- most notably, the OK Supreme Court and possibly Cherokee Tribal Court.

But in Oklahoma, the Capobiancos have also won. So it is Dusten Brown who is keeping this fight alive. It is he who has appealed the decision of the Nowata Court ruling that was made in the Capobiancos favor in the State of Oklahoma. They cannot stop fighting for Veronica in Oklahoma because all of their legal paperwork is already in the system. Even if their lawyers failed to show up for court or to submit any further paperwork, the OK Supreme Court must rule on their case, which has already been made, and can't simply be vacated. It's not that easy!

So even in Oklahoma, it would need to be Dusten Brown who walked away. If all legal battles were to stop at this point, the standing rulings in both the State of Oklahoma and the State of South Carolina say that the Capobiancos are Veronica's legal parents and thus should have custody.

They are legally her parents and that comes with a whole lot of duties and obligations to Veronica. They simply cannot walk away from her now BECAUSE they are her parents, legally and through their love for her. Walking away would be tantamount to parental abandonment! I think it's crystal clear that the Capobiancos are not the kind of people who are going to abandon their legal daughter.

On the other hand, while very soon Dusten Brown may no longer be considered Veronica's legal parent (this is already the case in SC), he certainly feels that he is her parent through his love for her and the parenting he has given her over the past year and a half. The Capobiancos have stated that they think Dusten Brown should remain a part of Veronica's life, and I certainly hope they make good on that commitment to helping DB maintain a relationship with Veronica.

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Posted by EllieB on September 6, 2013 at 4:18 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

Interesting, I just sorted these comments by "Most Liked". The more viscious the comment, the more it demonizes the Capobiancos, the more popular it seems to be. Comments that are more neutral or express sympathy for both sides are significantly less popular, as are comments that demonize Dusten Brown. I'm assuming the people who are actively trying to increase or decrease the popularity of a comment on this site aren't representative of our great Nation at large. I'd be awfully sad to think that such visciousness prevails. The sooner this debacle ends the better.

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Posted by EllieB on September 5, 2013 at 9:02 PM

Re: “The Capobiancos should stop fighting for custody of Baby Veronica

I don't blame either the Cs or DB for using any LEGAL means they have for keeping Veronica in their custody or for trying to get custody back. However, when all legal means have been exhausted (which I understand not to be the case), I hope all sides will obey the final order (and any orders along the way).

I have written a number of comments saying that I think a joint custody solution worked out by all parties through mediation would be the best solution. However, I am also realistic and see the chances of that happening as quite small (though I hope everyone who is in a position to influence either of these families and is neutral continues to push for an out-of-court solution).

But most likely, the courts will decide. I think it is digusting how long this custody battle has been in the courts. Supposedly, the courts have proceeded in an expedited fashion. Nevertheless, the amount of time that's passed is unacceptable. I know many legal matters take years or even decades to resolve, but when the welfare of a small child is at stake, it should be a matter of weeks or months, max.

Also, I am against moving the child until all appeals have been exhausted (assuming that she is in a safe situation). So I believe Veronica should never have been removed from the Capobiancos care while they still had the appeals process ahead of them. Unfortunately, it is too late to reverse that decision. Likewise, since Dusten Brown still has not exhausted his legal appeals, and Veronica is now living with him, I believe she shouldn't be moved until his appeals are exhausted. However, I believe that the Capobiancos should be allowed visitation with her.

When all appeals have been exhausted -- and I pray that happens soon -- then let it be over and let all involved obey the law of the land (whether state, federal or tribal law ultimately prevails).

I think people should stop telling the Cs to go away. I wouldn't tell DB to go away either. And if V's birth mom, Christy, wants to get involved in the legal battle, I wouldn't tell her to go away either. Trust me, no one's going to walk away from this battle just because of an editorial. All it does is get people who have no real stake in the matter (people like me, and probably everyone else who's commented here) riled up.

Ask yourself, if you were in the Cs position, would you just give up? Honestly, who would just walk away? As a previous commenter so succinctly said, "that's impossible when love is involved". Also, ask yourself, if you were in DB's position, would you just give up? Again, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that we would fight tooth and claw just like all of V's parents have done. The side we ultimately take in this battle has much more to do with our own identities, and how we perceive those identities as being more or less closely aligned with the Capobiancos or Dusten Brown, than it does with the actions any of those folks has actually taken. The vast majority of evidence suggests that they are all pretty decent people. We demonize the side we happen not to agree with.

The wisdom of Solomon only worked because Solomon really had the authority to slice the child in half. Thank goodness, no one has that authority in this case.

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Posted by EllieB on September 5, 2013 at 7:03 PM

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