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Re: “Four arrested in Marley Lion murder

but it still don't matter, idk why ppl are trying to make this a race thing. its not abou Zimmerman being white and trayvon beung black. if both woyld have been black or both white, hell Marvin the Martians for all i care, and everything else still went down the exact same way, it would still be wrong! Zimmerman could have been the bluest black man who spits Yoo Hoo soda when he walks down the street and he would have still been in the wrong. trayvon could have been lily white and it would still be wrong! i thought dogs were the ones who only saw black and white, what is wrong w this world? Jesus need to make a second trip down here. i take that back. next time he coming w fire, and i aint ready to go. never mind.

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Posted by neekyboo on July 16, 2013 at 3:23 AM

Re: “Four arrested in Marley Lion murder

simple. there's nothing to protest! i will say it again: who in their right mind is going to stand up and protest on behalf of these four a-holes who are out robbing and killing innocent teens just because they happen to share the same race? whoever does needs to be up under the jail right along w them. White brothers and sisters, and all other non blacks, listen up and listen well. im going to let you in on an enlightening secret: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama are not the spokespersons of the African American community! Hell, a lot of blacks dont even like them! We are not going to rally around every idiotic event that takes place on U.S. soil just because some fellow blacks were involved. We will stand up for what we deem important. Aint nobody thinking about these four fools and whats going to happen to them, who gives a rats fat ass? My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Marley Lion and his family, to hell w the four fools who killed him.

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Posted by neekyboo on July 16, 2013 at 3:07 AM

Re: “Four arrested in Marley Lion murder

but julie has a point, these guys could walk on some stupid technicality or something, seen it on First 48 all the time. you know dude is guilty as sin but gets off on some dumb slight and is out robbing stealing and killng all over again. Regardless, i hope these four guys truly get what they deserve, at least there would be justice for someone's untimely death. so tired of hearing about young ppl being cut down before they even begin to live, and that transcends all races! too many young ppl dying in this country!

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Posted by neekyboo on July 16, 2013 at 2:32 AM

Re: “Four arrested in Marley Lion murder

@ julie hazelwood, what markida and many others are saying is in the marley case, the four men were guilty as hell to begin w. they killed the boy (who was 17 just like trayvon) and were pursued by cops until caught. zimmerman on the other hand, pursued a boy, killed him but was not pursued by cops or anyone. it took 45 days and public pressure just for him to be arrested. The cases dont even compare. If marley would have had the chance to fight back after being pursued by these guys, could they have then claimed STAND YOUR GROUND and then shoot the boy in self defense bc he fought back? i think not and its nothing to do w their skin. it would be different if trayvon was looking to rob Zimmerman or something and got killed in the process, then he would have gotten what he had coming. Then Zimmerman could truly claim self defense. That wasnt the case though. its bc those four men were dead wrong from the beginnng, just like ol boy Zimmerman. they pursued marley from jump, he was innocent. Zimmerman was pursuing Martin and had no business getting out of the car pursuing anyone. if he thought trayvon was up to something, he should have let 911 handle it. if they didnt respond fast enough for him, call again, dont go all vigilante! you dont go f%cking w ppl in the dead of the night, then shoot bc you are losing the fight. stay your ass in the car and leave ppl alone. let the cops do what they are paid to do.

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Posted by neekyboo on July 16, 2013 at 2:22 AM

Re: “Four arrested in Marley Lion murder

wait a minute now, wth does jesse jackson and obama have to do w this case. These a-holes are guilty as sin and need to be up under the jail. there is nothing to protest. stop trying to perpetuate hate w half ass comments. blacks aint gonna just stand behind fellow blacks bc of their color and the perpetrators are robbing, stealing and killing at will. Is that what yall really think of us?!! Shame on you if you do. Wrong is wrong. what happened to Marley was tragic and a waste of a life, these guys deserve everything the courts can throw at them and then some. Gimme a friggin break... the cop said it perfectly, catch them and haul thier butts to jail.

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Posted by neekyboo on July 16, 2013 at 2:04 AM
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