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Re: “The historical reason why Charleston's streets flood

I just want to know the date of this postcard...?

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Posted by Madelyn Pickin Lawrence on October 3, 2015 at 12:42 AM

Re: “There is still hope for new CofC leader Glenn McConnell

Yes! Please let this woman, and any others that hold such opinions, LEAVE!!! I am not only tolerant of others, regardless of their differences, but accepting of them in every way. What I cannot tolerate and don not accept in any way shape or form is stupidity, and intolerance from idiots like her! You can't fix stupid, and firebrands like her, live for one reason only and that is to spew hatred for anyone who is not like them, and claim how everyone except "their own kind" (whatever that may be) has treated them so horribly every minute of every day of their lives. OMG! PLEASE! JUST LEAVE!!!! AND HURRY! As a parent of a current CofC Student, I can tell you these Professors were offering extra credit to their students to protest against McConnell, and missing class to do so was also "approved". These professors also bear their "tortured souls" and "holier than thou" attitudes upon their students academic work, and grade overly generously or unfoundedly against a student's work, without regard or due justice to the quality and accuracy of the work done. My student and others have seen it time and time again. CofC will be better off without these types of professors and the students could get the grades they earned, rather than the one that reflects an idiot's opinion of their views, beliefs, or simply personal preference for, or against, their "being". PLEASE!!!! GO!!!

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Posted by Madelyn Pickin Lawrence on July 4, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Re: “Glenn McConnell: Critics ‘really don’t know me’

CCP interviewer is extremely focused on giving McConnell a hard time about what a small group think of him, and I personally have a problem with "The other thing we did over time was we created the only monument that I know of on Statehouse grounds in America to the struggle for civil rights [fact check: false]: The African-American history monument." HOW can you FACT CHECK "that I know of"? The CCP insert of "fact check:false" is intentionally trying to paint McConnell in a bad light. And let's get this straight, for the record: HOW exactly does CCP know who the majority of Faculty members preferred? And since when is a college president selected based on students opinions? The Board chose the person that they believe is the best to lead the college as an administrator and that does not mean it has to be a PhD, just like hospital administrators are rarely MDs. Thank about that for a moment. I have every confidence McConnell is EXACTLY the right person for this postion at this time and will prove his nay-sayers VERY wrong. -A CofC Parent

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Posted by Madelyn Pickin Lawrence on March 27, 2014 at 6:59 PM

Re: “CofC getting kosher with new dining hall in 2014

I am a CofC parent and find it interesting that this article does not mention that Vegan, Vegetarian and Kosher options are already dining options at the College. I would also like to point out that Incoming Freshman have no REQUIRED reading. The college simply chooses a book, furnishes each incoming Freshman with a copy and "hopes" they will read it. They also have a number of "supporting/supplemental" events, like the author being on campus to talk about the book, during the year. I personally have several issues with this book and the concept that eating plants is somehow "better" than eating animals. Plants have a life cycle; they breathe; bleed if cut; scar; and any farmer will tell you they show signs of stress, tell you what they want and need to eat, to grow up strong and healthy, react to the weather, and the list goes on and on....Plants are like reptiles and fish, etc., by most people's standard's not cute and cuddly like mammals. And the biggest problem is that most American's are so far removed from their food sources, they have no idea it comes from anything other than a grocery store! BTW, in case anyone doesn't know, Kosher is simply a religious edict about the way the food is processed and does includes meat. CofC is one of a very few that offers a Jewish Studies Major and granted it's first two degrees just this past May. They certianly are trying to attract students to the Jewish Studies Center, and the donation was made to the College to be used for the Center. Nothing wrong with any of this, just thought the subject needed a flood light, rather than a spotlight put on it!

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Posted by Madelyn Pickin Lawrence on March 12, 2013 at 11:32 AM
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