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Re: “In the Jukebox: the 33's

to mat

this is nathaniel from the 33's. (the singer and writer of 98 percent of the lyrics)

our next show will be at the tin roof may 22nd.
i'm putting you on the list as my personal guest.
so be a man and show up. lets talk. in person.

i mean you no ill will. not in the least. that is not my way.
what i want to do - is learn from you.
i want to learn how the 33's could be better.
you seem to know. so teach us. help us become the kind of music makers that you like.
also: what kind of "punk" do you listen to?
also: what constitutes good punk anyway?
i saw thru one of your earlier post that you like "this bike is a pipe bomb".

(btw: i checked out a lot of your postings and noticed that most of your post seem to be rather negative? what's up with that? as if the world isn't full of enough negativity - you feel like you have to add more? seriously brother - life is too short for that, mat - anybody can be a critic - but what the world needs is more positivity and creative audacity. try it. its good for you and those around you.)

so you like the folk punk movement huh? thats good. (blackbird raum is one of my favorites right now) but here's the thing: so our punk may not be the kind of punk that you like (we try to blend old english street oi thrash punk with the west coast melodic genre - and i think we do a good job) but does that mean that you have to try to bash what we do? anonymous and online? come on mat. thats kind of cowardly. and you don't seem to be a coward. you seem to have a pretty good grasp of things.

thats one thing about the punk movement that i never understood. is that there are so many "haters" who fail to see the positive outcomes in other people productions - people like you only see the negative and then you try to destroy - either thru cowardly black-bloc actions or thru online rantings.

why not just be happy that we are not making trite pop that talks about lustful actions in soulless clubs - where all people care about are clothes, cars, money, and poppin bottles in the ice. or is that what you would rather have?

look, we love what we do. being able to play the kind of music i fell in love with 21 years ago with 4 of the best people i have ever met is a blessing unlike no other.
i wish you could experience that feeling. its obvious you haven't because you are still stuck in the dark side of the force. it shows in your postings. but remember - even lord vader changed in the end. and you can to.

so start a band. you put something out there for the public to pick apart. its a very liberating feeling mat.

and do it like we did. do it 110% homemade D.I.Y.

all the way from the drum mic placements - to the vocals being sung thru a ripped pair of pantyhose next to a crib over the sounds of dishes being washed in the next room. you do it mat.

seriously. go out and create. be less negative. remember - anybody can destroy but not everybody has the ability to create.

here's my email -

if you wish to continue this conversation - email me.

or - like i said - be man and see me on the 22nd.

nathaniel m irvin.

live free or die.

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Posted by Nathaniel Irvin on May 3, 2011 at 6:14 PM
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