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Re: “The Conservative War on Drug Prohibition

@no faith- You ever work for minimum wage? You ever try to pay bills and feed a family off of less than $10 an hour? Would you even get out of bed for that?
You conservative types seem to think that some middle man on wall street who shuffles other folks money around sucking a percentage off the top are more worthy of prosperity than people who actually work for a living. Why is it that you have such disdain for the working class? Next time cut your own grass, take your own garbage to the dump, move your own furniture, flip your own burgers, fix the pot holes on your street. Why don't you carry some lumber? Not once, but everyday. And listen and read the opinion of self important ass wipes like yourself who think that very minimum wage protection is wrong. Most people who work for TWICE minimum wage struggle to get by or work more than one job. I would know, I'm one of them.

Posted by Stuart Johnson on August 18, 2011 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Bring big tips and a pocket full of shame

Having worked in the food and beverage industry, I understand how important tips are. But the idea that gratuities are obligatory boggles my mind. People commenting in this thread seem to think that crappy and unfriendly service still deserves a tip. The truth is that tips are at the discretion of the customer. The way it works is that the customer rewards you for good service and doesn't reward you for bad service. If someone doesn't tip well, consider: a) how nice did you treat them? When I was young, handsome and thin, I was treated better by servers than now that I'm older, not as handsome and overweight, a great deal of servers seem like they have little time to be courteous. b) You are the representative of the restaurant/bar and the point of contact for your customer. Fair or not, how the food looks, tastes and how long the wait was to get it may affect your tip. So if the kitchen sucks, maybe you shouldn't work there.
I can tell you for sure that if you are more concerned with being friendly and providing good service than you are with what percentage of the bill the customer owes you , you'll make more money. And remember, it's the customers idea of how good the service was (not how much you think of yourself) that determines how much they tip. Of course, there will always be cheap people who don't tip well. But if you give everyone good service (not just your friends, not just someone you want to sleep with, not just the attractive or wealthy looking people) it should balance out.

Posted by Stuart Johnson on July 18, 2011 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Live 5 erroneously calls Omegle a 'pedophile website'

Good points Chris. But viewed from a different angle, it is certainly the aim of pedophiles to exploit the feelings of young pre or early pubescent children. These are adults who most likely have a better understanding of the confusion caused by the hormonal changes the kid is going through. Their sick sexual proclivity is served by them exploiting this confusion. So the reason why she went there a second time may be more complex than anyone (except perhaps a child psychologist who has interviewed the child) could understand.

And yes, thanks, your reply did clear it up for me. The amount of information that kids have access to has almost doubled every 5 years for the last 20 years (my own loose estimate) and parents should diligently pay attention to the amount of sexual and violent imagery their kids are exposed to. It is very easy to blame it on TV, Music, or The Internet but parents need to take responsibility for raising their children and keeping them safe.

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Posted by Stuart Johnson on July 16, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Re: “Live 5 erroneously calls Omegle a 'pedophile website'

Chris, Chris, Chris,... while your hip, comical style of writing has brought a chuckle or two from me, I think this time you are making light of a very disturbing problem in our society. Yeah, she probably has seen some sick crap out of Hollywood but, um, really? You think that mocking this situation is ok? 12 YEAR OLD GIRL !!!! Most likely, her mother is very scared and upset. For one thing, you are right, all you can do is WONDER whether or not her parents exposed her to entertainment with adult themes. Did you call them and ask before you irresponsibly wrote this column? I would bet that you probably don't care as to whether or not she or her mother might read the Charleston City Paper. Even with your disclaimer that "this is all speculative", can you imagine how this girls mother may feel, seeing the situation made light of in a publication that is distributed free all over the Lowcountry. Your "speculation" basically calls into question her parenting. Would you like it if someone did that to you? A little sense of responsibility would probably made you rethink this
piece before you submitted it...nah, not you.

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Posted by Stuart Johnson on July 15, 2011 at 1:59 PM

Re: “Campbell Brown's guitars stolen

thomas j- I suppose you have a point. But, (as most police officers will tell you) you have a right to leave anything you want in your vehicle and expect that no one breaks into it and steals your property. A persons vehicle is their private property no matter where it's parked and theft is against the law. While the thief may not be a "fool", he or she is most definitely a criminal scumbag. Just my opinion. I also hope he gets them back.

Posted by Stuart Johnson on July 1, 2011 at 9:24 AM

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