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Re: “2010 Election Results and Analysis

All this talk about "Obamacare" and "the Democrats are in for a real ass-whooping" - The polls were a little to close in most of the races to qualify for any sort of "Ass-whooping". And, if anyone that cares to hoot and holler for joy and gloat about "the majority speaks" ...umm, look at the breakdown by county...

Cause, let's face it. The country is, more or less, 50/50. Furthermore, the majority DID vote for Obama in 08. Everyone won't always be pleased, that much is obvious. But really people? Must you always fight against logic and reason for the sake of "Conservative" pride? Guess what? There are a hell of a lot more people in this country that need help getting out of situations that decades of Republican policies created, back to Nixon and Reagan even, than there are people that get to have a say about what the laws should be. Open your eyes. Walk down the street once in a while. Go talk to a kid from an impoverished area. You might find out that they are not so different from those kids at Porter Gaud or BE. Unfortunately, many of them don't have a chance in the world because of all of the close-minded, ignorant people that are keeping them there. They are kept there by stigma, stereotypes, denial, and apathy. If you want to preach about "family values" and protecting such values-why don't you practice what you preach. We have all, every one of us, contributed to the mess of problems that face our country. And it will take ALL of us to solve them, or even work towards solving them. No one has the right answer, but guess what, constantly being negative with the bitching and the whining and all the moaning and groaning and now gloating and blah blah blah. Just shut it already, because all I hear when I hear people bitch about "Obama this..." and "Obama that..." and "send that Chicago goon back where he came from" is this: " I am a miserable, sad, pathetic, sore loser of a person and I am going to spread my negativity like poison because if I can't have my way, I am just going to throw a tantrum in hopes that I make this country even worse." Yeah, sounds like a great idea. Makes me REALLY want to vote Rep. in 2012...

Posted by TNSCGrits on November 3, 2010 at 7:05 PM

Re: “Running down school district's sales tax pitch

Well, the fact of the matter is that the construction will be happening, regardless. The plan to for the money from the sales tax is actually Phase Three of a reconstruction plan that was laid out about ten years ago. Furthermore, Charleston is the only county that has the opportunity to do this because of our tourism industry. Food and medicines will not be affected. Therefore, if you look at the numbers, the majority of this money will actually be coming from people that don't even live here. AND, this money will not be spent in ANY OTHER WAY that what is it assigned for; it is written into the bylaws. Oh, and it expires. So, say the construction is finished in six years but the tax expires in ten, well, then the tax won't go on after the 6th year. It will revert back, as it will automatically in ten years. But if the 1 cent tax doesn't pass, then the money will be paid by property tax. And, frankly (as a renter, not an owner) I think that it is a little irresponsible to expect the property owners to pay the tax when over half of the students that are in CCSD live in rental housing/non-owned housing. And all this crap about the teachers being "dumb asses" and "unionized welfare sucking leeches" and the complaining about over-aged students, and free/reduced lunches, etc. etc. etc., yawn...I mean, when is the last time that you were in these schools? Yes! I AGREE! Our teachers deserve more, WAY WAY more!! And, granted, there are a lot of bending of backs in order to see that, god forbid, we have citizens with HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS, even if they still can't read at a sixth grade level. Because you are right, the newest building in the world isn't going to stop people from handing their children a remote control rather than a book...

Posted by TNSCGrits on October 20, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Re: “The Case Against Nikki Haley

Wow, I am always surprised by the ignorance of those that choose to comment in such an ugly manner towards something very conservative; say, I don't know, the Constitution? Freedom of Speech? Aside from personal views on the politics at hand, I think that it is nice, every once in a while, to lay it on the line. The Republican Party was most definitely all about Obama's personal life and history when it came to the presidential election (terrorist allegations?) but now it is all "crazy liberals" and "low life scum bags" that simply try and sort through the, (granted) trash that is out there so that us simple folk aren't just feeding on all the crazy rumors running amuck. Even if the article is focused on the sexual deviance of a certain politician, the main points of the article, if anyone chose to actual READ it, were to lay down the discrepancies and controversies that surrounded said allegations. It really comes down to credibility. If a woman can't just stand up and say, "Ok, you know what? I did it. I f*cked him. I did and it was good. And THREE years ago, so lets move on." Then I don't want her leading this state anyway. Taking responsibility is the real issue here. That and paying your taxes on time...

Posted by TNSCGrits on October 20, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Re: “Libraries adjust to life in the digital world

There is nothing more comforting than holding a book in my hands. The books have their own stories, in addition to what is written on the pages. While I may sound sentimental, just try and picture yourselves "curling up with a good kindle"; just doesn't quite sound right. Everything, from the sounds of pages turning echoing through a library to the clicking away on the keyboards in the computer labs, about a library is timeless and genuine. I can't even count the number of hours that I spent hidden away on the third floor of Addlestone, sometimes for days at a time! (I would have Pita Pit delivered, of course.) When I needed a break from studying, would I go and surf the internet? No, because I needed a break from the screen burning a headache in through my eyes. I would wander, picking up random books. Books that had been touched and flipped through by hundreds of others. Books that had off the wall titles or books that seemed so bizarre, it was a wonder anyone would read it, let alone write it! There is a certain heritage that libraries represent, and books with them. While I love having a coffee shop attached and will never stop using them for their infinite databases and quick access to research, I could never let go of the serenity that libraries have always represented to me. But then again, I guess kids these days don't have to take a Card-Catalog Test in elementary school anymore...I sort of wish they still did... Sometimes it takes knowing and touching the reality of printed words on a page to fully appreciate what those words are saying.

Posted by TNSCGrits on October 13, 2010 at 9:19 PM
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