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Re: “Paul Ryan's love-hate affair with the government

Arty. It was the Republican/conservatives that set their hair on fire when President Obama wanted to close Gitmo. Apparently, you will no doubt be happy to know, there is no prison in the US strong enough to hold the Gitmo prisoners. I respect your right to support the Republicans vs. the Democrats but you don't need to hate the President, to demean the President and just to damn well make things up.

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Posted by Mona on September 18, 2012 at 6:55 PM

Re: “Is this the RNC or the WWE?

Comments as always are enjoyable, even funny. Ask yourself this. Someone who will do/say anything to get power. What do you think he will do to hold onto it? Everyone should be very worried about what Romney and Ryan will do if in power. When you or others protest what they do how far will they go to stop dissent? Maybe take away voting rights? Intimidate corporations who own media outlets? Who knows. Question is: there is a red flag before us. Two politicians seeking office who blatantly lie about simple things like the time in a marathon run, copy in ads that is not true. What lies will they tell with the power of the office behind them. No specifics about plans of action in office. Just an assurance that they will tell you after the election. Just another snake oil salesman selling you the old "trust me, you'll like it" line.

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Posted by Mona on September 17, 2012 at 12:19 AM

Re: “Clint Eastwood wasn't the first artist to talk to a chair

I would feel the same about Clint E's performance no matter which President he was ridiculing. It was totally disrespectful to the President and the Office of the President. The cutting gesture across his throat was terrible and could lead to some psychotic individual to feel justified to act because Dirty Harry thinks the President needs to be taken out. Even more shocking to me was the sight of that convention hall filled with people laughing throughout and then to read that Mr. Romney was laughing backstage. But then not too surprising I guess because both he and his wife thought it hilarious that their dog rode in the kennel on top of the car. For that kind of judgement and lack of character Romney does not deserve to be elected to the most powerful office in not only the country but the world.

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Posted by Mona on September 1, 2012 at 9:18 PM

Re: “Todd Akin's comments about 'legitimate rape' are outrageous and embarrassing

I agree with you Ron. Why is it fine with conservatives when their politicians say they will cut food stamps which support needy women and children for the most part, public education, EPA which controls levels of pollution that affect children and adults, access to basic health coverage for everyone which will lead to a more product and less sick population as well as bring the cost down. They also want to reduce funding for FEMA which helps people across the country who are hit by fire, floods, storms. All this and more the conservative politicians want to cut in order to provide more tax cuts beyond the unfunded Bush cuts that are still in place and the largest driver of the increasing debt. Why are they more concerned about profits for big business than the needs of their fellow Americans? It baffles me. How can they listen to slick talk about small government by people who have already brought big government into the bedroom in Republican state government. Politicians who are restricting access to voting in those same states. Politicians who have no tolerance for opinions differing from theirs. When will your opinion differ and be unacceptable? That is what happens in authoritarian systems. The Bush years led to this. The unfunded tax cuts did not lead to millions of jobs so why would more tax cuts for the rich lead to millions of jobs? Don't be fooled by lies. The Ryan plan supported by Romney is to privatize social security, turn medicare into a $5 or 6K dollar voucher system. Beyond that you are on your own with private health care insurance. Good luck with that. The money they say Obama has taken from medicare is the same amount that the Ryan plan proposes to take. The difference is that Ryan will cut benefits to seniors while Obama is reducing the money that goes to insurance companies in the future and cutting out waste. Inform yourself as to the facts and then make a decision based on those. Not on the slick words of Ryan and Romney who do not lay out any specifics about what they will cut and the specifics they have mentioned they just gloss over as nothing to worry about.

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Posted by Mona on August 30, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Re: “Todd Akin's comments about 'legitimate rape' are outrageous and embarrassing

What amazes, even shocks me, is that you and Republicans in general are pretending that this is an unusual opinion from Todd Akin. Your VP candidate has co-sponsored a bill to change the definition of rape with Todd Akin and another on "personhood" which would criminalize abortion in all cases. It wouldn't permit the morning after pill which can be used after a rape. Both bills were supported by a majority of Republicans. It's very easy for men to vote from the comfort of their chairs that women, no matter what their circumstances and how they may have become pregnant should be forced to carry the baby to term. They do not have to do it. They do not have to support the woman through pregnancy or after. In fact it seems Republican men do not particularly care what happens after birth. That's when the "freedom for self reliance" phrase kicks in. That's why they feel perfectly comfortable cutting the funding for food stamps which provides some help for mostly women and children in order to pay for yet another tax cut for the extremely wealthy. You should re-examine exactly what conservatism today really means. It certainly does not mean treating others as you would wish them to treat you. It does not mean the compassion to see someone vulnerable and in need and say, there but for the grace of God go I. It certainly does not mean smaller government because it will take big government to monitor the pregnancies across the country and how women are breaking reproductive laws written by ignorant men. You seem like a thinking person. Time to think about who you are supporting.

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Posted by Mona on August 29, 2012 at 12:54 PM

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