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Re: “A conservative's crusade against Gov. Nikki Haley

Reading this article about Rainey it just shows how much hatred he has for a real conservative, and a woman at that. By his, own admission just working for Huntsman shows Rainey is a moderate or a Rino. We call them a Republican in name only, he is part of the SC elite crowd that have their own people they choose to vote for and who they choose to destroy and let’s not forget that male chauvinist who don’t like women in power attitude. Rainey would have rather had the moderate, Gresham Barrett as our Governor not the conservative Nikki Haley, who has been completely vetted over and over she was lied on and about by the opposition, the democrat party and ACORN bullies.

The only problem SC has is too many moderate Republicans and not enough Conservatives in office; sometimes we cannot even tell they are Republicans at all by their votes at the Capitol. If the Politicians do not like what the Governor is doing, they just do not pass it and they do what they want to do, as if they are in charge not the Governor. Therefore, if people do not like what is going on in SC get rid of the moderate State Senators this time and then get rid of the moderates and all liberals [Marxist] Representatives next time then SC can function without all of this wining as Rainey is trying to get you to believe Haley has done something wrong.

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Posted by moralTruth on December 14, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Is Occupy Charleston Dead?

Bless their hearts, but these poor people do not know they are not protesting the Draft or going to war. They cannot even comprehend their own President’s Policies and Regulations have put this Country into a complete tailspin, which will totally lead to the USA’s loss of freedom, liberty, and our rights. It’s not Wall-Street’s fault for all the wrong going on around here, it’s all Obama’s and his band of Liberals, Marxist, Socialist, Commies, and Liberation Theologies.

All of these so-called great thinkers just think themselves the same old way back into total destruction every time they are in power. It never fails and they always brainwash so many people, using the schools, using the educational system for their own betterment, to get their word out, to build their army from within.

Then they die-out a terrible death or being over throne by smart inelegant people raised by people with morals and values not having an Ivey league education but just regular informed families who believe in conservative values that have always allowed America to prosper and thrive an grow.

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Posted by moralTruth on December 7, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Re: “So how does Rick Perry get away with it?

Bless your heart Will, to be as old as you are and still be one of the old liberal/progressive democrats who are scared to death of a real conservative. And to use such nasty language as calling the ‘Tea Party’ members, which stands for ‘Taxed Enough Already’ such derogatory, low life, type of games you liberals play. Knowing that the gay sex slur ‘tea-bagger’ is suppose to make the Tea Party seem bad and dirty or maybe it’s just funny to make fun of because they are making mince meat of all the liberal/ progressives in the House and the Senate is next.

Either way you’re in the way, you’re the one who is spreading the lies from Al Gore being sued by parents in Great Britain three years ago over his movie being just a Hollywood movie, and the parents won. None of Gore’s ‘in convent truths’ were true, Scientist found out and he was charged with trying to brainwash the children. One year after that East Angelia’s papers were leaked and we found out that ALL of the research was found to be fake, made up, nonexistent, a total Hoax. And emails backed everything up; paperwork on all of the research was never done so none of this could ever get out. The liberal media has kept their love affair with this Obama regime and his band of liberal/progressives.

Poor old Charleston if you keep believing like Will does, you too will dry up and wither away, can’t you see what this way of stinking thinking is doing to our State, and throughout our Country? Everything the left has done has been done is on purpose to bring down America, because they think we are at fault for everything that has went wrong with the world. And the Govt. is supposed to give you everything and supply you with all your needs; so say the Marxist, and the Socialist of the United States.

Posted by moralTruth on August 24, 2011 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Second year brings expanded Charleston Pride Festival

Now we know what’s wrong with “Charleston” they keep getting more and more liberal with their lame propaganda, trying to push homosexuality defiance down the throats of everyone in South Carolina.

Not just acceptance of homosexuals, but a celebration of their Pride, coming out, [sin’s] if you don’t agree with their way they live their life.

So now everyone else has to stay indoors or leave town so they don’t have to be around this type of show boating that will be happing downtown right?

The only thing good that has come from the Charleston area lately has been Tim Scott you should have stopped why you were ahead.

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Posted by moralTruth on May 13, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Fox News' Krauthammer benches Nikki Haley

It sounds like the hair of the dog has not come down into reality yet, and is still living in their own made up land. As everyone has been told, by Obama, elections have constituencies and he won, well Nikki Haley won the SC Governorships. So get over it, only the liberal rinos are the one’s having problems with our Governor and what she is doing at the State House.

Charleston rinos are causing most of the problems going on around the State; you always keep trouble railed up on a group of people, especially if they don’t agree with your liberal / progressive ways. Instead of looking at what’s really going on in our State you would rather put down your own party instead of working together to fix it.

This SC Republican Party is so broken they won’t even support the Governor they openly deny her, just because their man did not get the job [Gresham Barrette]. This is shameful, hateful and downright dirty it drags everybody down in the Republican Party.

If the rinos keep it up they will die of anal poison or mouth poison because liberals can’t argue truth, they can only advocate lies and it is dangerous when you can’t even tell the difference between a liberal democrat and a rino republican.

Posted by moralTruth on April 25, 2011 at 5:17 PM

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