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Re: “Who will Republicans try to scare us with now?

Why are oil companies charging so much for their oil? Main reason is, because they can. Why can they? Because all the oil companies formed a CARTEL, a Cartel is a group of companies joined together and cooperates to STOP COMPETETION, a sort of clever method of PRICE FIXING. There is abundance of Crude Oil and they continue to raise the price until a large number of buyers stop buying, they then lower the price again until they start buying again. “They call this what the market will bear”. The people using these barrels of oil are (captive customers) which makes the business men suppliers look like greedy hard core profiteers. This does maximize their profits but they are killing the bees that make the Honey. Do they also think; “there are plenty more bees where they came from”?
The Gasoline prices are pretty much the same. They raise the price of a gallon of gasoline until a large number of people quit buying, then they lower the price until everyone starts buying again. This is a sensible way of arriving at a price for products not related to the necessities of life. Price gouging on products produced for the necessities of life and economic stability and progress should be classed as a heinous act and unethical in all business. On the necessities of Life, people will buy till they go broke or die. That is no civilized way of setting prices.
The only thing greedy business men understand is legislation. Legislation is like a contract. Every business man will tell you, when doing business never work without a contract. New Legislation should be implemented and adjusted frequently to keep business fair and running smoother.

Posted by ugg on May 12, 2011 at 3:27 PM

Re: “Is it safe to even write this in South Carolina?

A lot of inner peace has to do with human nature and their similarities with animals. We have human brain and animals don't. That is where the similarities end. However if the brain is not trained, the differences remain close between the two. We have come a long ways over the years but still homicide is more prevalent within families than it between neighbors of any color or creed. It is and always has been about environment training and learning but still these are choices so you might say choice and opportunity fits in the equation in today modern life. Years ago choice and opportunity was comparative to what we have been seeing available to those in the Middle East where all trouble we see today. We in American need to compare ourselves with the Far East resident to fully appreciate the American way of life.

Posted by ugg on March 24, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Re: “The GOP claims the government is broke

When anyone talks about business, we all seem to think of Ford, GM, General Electric, Wal-Mart etc. These business are like leaves on a tree. The real tree, the roots and the trunk are the financial wizards of the Globe; Think of the biggest banks and the biggest insurance companies in places like Germany who have been around the 17th and 18th century. These are the big businesses who truly rule the world. Everything including orders and ideas come down from them. They are the almighty controller. The news media especially along with international banks and insurance companies along with Wall Street are just Pawns. All the intellectual blab, blab, is just that. These very big Global business leaders believe they are governing the world and the United States Government is a pain in the neck to them and they would like to break our USA and change its direction to a total Capitalistic control center. How do we fix this? If you find the answer, you will have found the way to bring peace to the entire world.

Posted by ugg on March 17, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Stegelin's Weekly Cartoon

Just a thought.
If I were a cartoonist, here is one I would try to draw---Tea Party members standing in planning room with a high-tech panel of buttons to push and every time someone pushed a button, a boot either kicked someone in the ass or dropped a coconut on their head, or a boxing glove came from somewhere and knocked them over a rail. The title for such a cartoon could be something like—“Leadership is easy, I can do it.”

Posted by ugg on December 2, 2010 at 2:51 PM

Re: “GOP Primary 2012: Santorum visiting Charleston this weekend

• What happened to Health Care Cost? much the same think that happened in the stock market. Some managers were paying out more than they thought was right to certain people but overlooked it because they themselves was making a killing financial from each of those same transactions.
On TV the other day a Doctor was being interviewed about receiving money from drug companies because of some of the prescriptions he was prescribing to patients. He was making $ 200,000.00 per year from Doctoring and received $ 172,000.00 for prescriptions he wrote for drugs. He justifies this because what he was being paid for was his knowledge and good will for solving these problems. Watching this was disgusting. I believed it was just another money scam that needs a chain of winners to keep someone from blowing the whistle on everyone else. I’m sure similar scams are active in Medicare, Social Security, and ALL OTHER FUNDS PEOPLE CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON. The Airport is not the only place that needs security.
If Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson recommended a complete audit for scams and theft in Medicare, Social Security and all other Agencies in our government similar to what President Reagan did during his term in office. He had J. Peter Grace an Industrialist study the fat, theft, scams and corruption in Government. I think he could have done a better job than he did but what he did was better than nothing which is what I think Bowels and Simpson are doing. Besides the thieves and scams trying to destroy Medicare and Social Security, look what happened in the Stock Market. When ask how could anyone pay the a Hedge Fund manage over a billion dollars in one year, the answer came back, the people paying the Hedge Fund Manager was making a huge unjust annual income himself. This is what happens when a would-be whistle blower receives a huge annual income himself. If everyone is in on the huge monetary take, no one tells on anyone. The white shirt people as usual, tending the store, in a position to scam, usually scam. We should never cut beneficial government programs unless it is the thieves and scams operating within that program. Then and only then should we consider cutting necessary badly needed benefits.

Posted by ugg on December 2, 2010 at 2:23 PM

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