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Re: “Anti-Gay Billboard Up on I-26

I oppose homosexuality. 1. physically 2. socially and 3. reproductively.

1. physically - man and woman are meant for each other. if one takes the time to look at the female and male bodies, one discovers where one is strong the other is weak and vice versa. The female reproductive organs are designed to accept male reproductive organs and vice versa. that is simple human design.

2. Socially- A society must have the female and male input. A male can not think like a female and a female can not think like a male. that is hard wired into us from birth. to approximate that other thought pattern is to attempt to replicate a tree from scratch.

3. Reproductively - if any one in this blog can scientifically prove that two men "had sex", that "sex" brought forth a living thing, that one male carried that new being in the anus, and nine months later gave birth to that being I will retract this statement. the same goes to two females who "have had sex" , without any [and I mean with out any outside interference (turkey baster with sperm, medical interference etc...), one female became pregnant, carried baby to full term, and gave birth to said child, I will retract this statement.

I have not seen this board and will make it a point to see it. if said board does indeed suggest, encourage, and or push for violence against this oxymoronic relationship, then I will be the first to champion it's immediate removal and the persons charge for conspiracy to advance violence against others.
As for the God issue, I have found that many in this blog hold fast to the mythical separation of church and state. if you take time to read our founding fathers you would discover that they did not want the state to become the church and the church to become the state. they wanted Judeo-Christian values to guide this nation. In fact, they wrote volumes on this issue. take the time to do so and you will discover that point. They said, "We have a great Nation and through God's guidance it will remain so."
You may notice that Iran's top leader is a Muslim Cleric. If a Christian cleric, priest, or other were the top leader of this nation and wielded the power that the Mullah does, you would see the aclu and other agencies immediately remove him under teh "separation of church and state". This Nation was born with the guidance of God and Judeo-Christian values guiding it [not becoming the state absolutely (you may notice that in many Islamic nations any other religion other then Islam is not only forbidden it is a felony (subject to death or imprisonment. Not only that, but any mention of any code other then Sharia law is a felony)
The good thing about Judeo Christian philosophy is that one can believe any thing they want and (a Christian will accept that belief and continue [without any violence against that particular belief]) I will say that many have taken the military approach and forced belief. they have violated the original judeo-christian belief and tainted it. they were not only wrong, they abandoned the true Judeo Christian belief Jesus established.
Again I state. If that sign in any manner, way, shape and or form suggests, encourages, and or establishes violence against any person practicing this oxymoronic practice, I will be the first to champion it's removal and the charging of the person for conspiracy to commit violence against another human being.

Posted by Kawika911 on June 21, 2009 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Station scanner hit by holy cowbell

I do not have any problem with your objection to Christian Rock and Roll. I also do not like that form of music. I must depart from your conclusion that said music must reside on the lower end of the dial. If a Right Wing member said that a certain genre of music must reside on the lower end of the radio dial, the liberal dead would rise from their prospective graves and deafen the world. The reverse has happened and Conservatives take this rhetoric as it is and agree to disagree.
I will never denigrate any form of music to any section of the dial because I do not like it. The fact is that you can change the dial.
That rhetoric represents an excellent example of intolerant Liberal fasicism. You would denigrate a form of music and relegate it to a lesser status. You would rather place that genre of music under a vile "bad" list. Just because the words praised Jesus Christ, you not only objected, you also denigrated it to a lower end of the dial. If the words said, "all praise his unholiness and his demons" would you have objected.
If I am to deduct your hatred for Christianity or in the least disdain for the message (no matter the form of the message) then I can deduct that you do not like Christianity. Would it not make sense to package a message in a form modern people would listen and thus hear? Many people do not like "old school" hymns. That song (rock and roll) repackaged it in such a way that modern listeners liked and heard it.
All you had to write was, "I do not like Christian Rock and Roll. I do not find it to my liking. Some people may like it and even enjoy it. I agree to disagree regarding this music. I do not think that a particular radio dial should occupy any particular music genre. If some like it, then good for them."
Instead, you took the Intolerant Liberal Fasciast approach denigrated it, relegated it to a lesser rung, and showed you to be just that (an intolerant liberal Faciast.) Heil Hitler, all hail Chairman Mao and say hello to Uncle Joe.

Posted by Kawika911 on June 19, 2009 at 8:04 PM
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