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Re: “Grumpy fashionistas suffer from champagne separation anxiety

It seems that the two really important issues here that require my response are the impressions that a) I bashed a nonprofit with disregard, and b) I am not a credible journalist.
Soireenthusiast, I think the year I interned with PAR began the summer of 2006, after 25 hours of volunteer training and several 80-hour on-call volunteer shifts. I loved my time there and those who know me know that my critique of a shortage of champagne at a PAR fundraiser has nothing to do with lack of respect for that nonprofit. Should I have pretended the event was planned perfectly and said nothing of the champagne? I still don’t think so, but I'm sorry for upsetting people so greatly and giving them the impression that PAR should not still be commended for such a huge undertaking. They should. My editor felt the alcohol issue was significant, so they rolled with that angle. I initially included it to give those who were not there a feel for the vibe during the poorly attended fashion show. As Ms. Marek mentioned, now it can be kept in mind for future events.

As for credibility, I took my bottle count from Ms. Mills' announcement; the designer typo was definitely my fault, and I apologize again. Luckily, that was quickly fixed. Everything else within the article is accurate, but again, although it’s subjective, I heard my opinions echoed by others throughout the night. I think all these comments reflect a fierce loyalty to PAR and our local designers, which I share and commend.

Posted by Gcaycedo on January 31, 2011 at 8:31 PM

Re: “Grumpy fashionistas suffer from champagne separation anxiety

I got the nerve to give an honest review because I volunteered/interned with People Against Rape for a year during college and know exactly what an amazing organization they are and how important well-organized fundraising events are to the success of nonprofits like theirs; however, my job was to review this event, and regardless of the cause, I took the painfully blunt comments about the fashion show, etc from SEVERAL fellow attendees and worked them into my recap. The fact that there was nothing for people to do, buy or drink during or between the two sets of shows meant the energy died and people left. More than anything, this was unfair to the last three designers who had a much smaller, slowly fading audience. The champagne could seem like a tiny slip, but if we are to be honest, Charleston socialites like their philanthropy with bubbly, and it made for a very sobering show.

armst001, thanks for clarifying the mix-up of designers. If you know the name of the designer who DID have the long, sweeping dress, I'd love to give credit where credit is due.

Posted by Gcaycedo on January 29, 2011 at 1:43 PM
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