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Re: “KK4 seems to have forgotten its roots

For some reason the Charleston City Paper thinks there is a poor arts scene in Charleston. This just amazes me to see the lack of positive support coming from the CCP. It all started with the negative "Arts Preview" (or whatever they want to call it) back in the fall. I know people who live all over the country who think of Charleston as an artistic city, and not because of Spoleto. Yet our own paper can't see it. Sad. Maybe the City Paper should hire people to write about the arts who actually appreciate and support our artistic culture instead of people who choose to look negatively upon it. I just wish the City Paper would go back to appreciating the arts like it once did. It really is sad because the City Paper used to be great!

Posted by harborgrl on April 24, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Theatre Review: The Producers

Looks like Charleston Stage interns are commenting again on their own stuff. I wish they would let the general public say their own opinions instead of trying to make up for the one bad part of the review.

Posted by harborgrl on April 22, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

I appreciate your apology and accept it. I do believe if Beyonce we in the same position she would do what she needs to do to make ends meet. I think any of us would. I have been told by several musicians that they could make more money playing weddings (due to how small their salaries are) if they did not have to turn many down due to Symphony gigs. What I was saying was that if the Symphony did collapse there would be other sources for musicians to work.

The symphony is continuing to make mistakes. If you read in the paper yesterday you will see they are beginning to cancel concerts. Now I thought ticket sales were a source of income. So I would think having concerts is better then not having concerts. I think this organization is doomed if this is how the management thinks & operates.

Posted by harborgrl on March 2, 2009 at 11:18 AM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

“Momma always said life was like a box of chocolate.” Geeee. He he.
Seriously though. I think it is very interesting that you would call a complete stranger stupid when you have no information about that person. Seems like a bully on the playground to me.

I have been a volunteer for the Symphony for 18 years and an individual donor for the past 6. I choose not to support them this year because they have proved time and time again they cannot manage my donation properly. (The constant we are not going to make it another month has gotten old. You can only cry wolf so many times.) The majority of my financial contributions do go to arts organizations. I have worked with over 50 non-profit organizations of all types. The best-run non-profits I have seen (in my opinion) are those that run like a business. Those that understand supply and demand and generate support for their organizations through these models. Just because Charleston has a great symphony does not mean the community is obligated to support it. If what they are doing now is not working then they need to change. If they are not willing to change then they need to stop crying and plug up their noses because they are going down with the ship.

I think the idea the musicians have is great. They are thinking outside the box. This could generate even more support in different areas and from new people they might not have gotten before. But if the management is against this or any “out side of the box” thinking then they can’t succeed. And if this is the case then I don’t want to read any more articles about them screaming it is not fair. Open up the paper each day and see places going out of business. Turn on the TV, same thing. Right now this is a fact of life for everyone (arts groups, burger joints, bars, antique dealers, ice cream parlors, airlines, etc.). And those that can put their big girl pants on and adjust will be far better then they ever were when this finally ends.

As for me, I think the arts are extremely important to a community. I wrote a paper many years ago about the effects of classical music on the brain. It is amazing how much higher IQs are for people who listen to even 10 minutes of classical music a day. Today we live in a new time where just because it is good doesn’t mean we are obligated to make it survive. We each need to find out what our community wants (demand) and give it to them (supply). My advice: think outside the box and listen to your musicians and provide a season that people want to be a part of and can get excited about.

Posted by harborgrl on February 27, 2009 at 2:16 PM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

Burger joint people go to high school which is public funding, right? Don't you think it is kind of insulting to them to assume they don't get higher education? Come on now.

All I am saying is that in this current economic climate we have to face that not everyone is going to survive. And to survive changes must be made. It is a simply supply and demand equation here. If you have an orchestra but there is no demand for it, it can't survive. No matter how much whining they do. They must do more. It is sad that we could lose them but can we afford them? No.

Ballerinas, actors, musicians, comedians, newscasters, journalists, etc. - they all have public education and higher degrees. However, each one of them and many, many other people have to face the facts that things are different now. They just are. Just because a musician gets training in college on their instrument does not mean that our community "owes" them a job. For any of us, if we get let go from our jobs we would hope to find a job of similar skill sets but sometimes that isn't reality and we might have to work at the burger joint or Wal-Mart until things change.

(Did you know that Charleston is a big wedding destination? Musician friends of mine told me that they could make more money playing weddings then playing in the orchestra. Looks like their might be another gig after all.)

Posted by harborgrl on February 24, 2009 at 4:52 PM

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