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Re: “Closed for Business

Overpriced drinks, forgettable food, not a diverse liquor bar.

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Posted by John Galt on February 14, 2010 at 5:21 PM

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Re: “What's with the avalanche of yogurt spots on King Street?

Why do you all keep mentioning Paolo's?

You obviously do not get the point of the entire article. Paolo's is not with in a one block radius of Fresh Berry's, therefore it wasn't mentioned.

The article is about bad business moves and how two new businesses sought out the same block as fresh berry's to do their business. Charleston is a small town and does not demand 3 yogurt stores and 1 ice cream shop in 1 block radius.

If you couldn't figure that out, I have a yogurt store I want you to invest in.

Posted by John Galt on September 10, 2010 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Exploding the Ayn Rand Myth

Big government is bad as is big corporations. they equal fascism. scale back government and the markets will regulate businesses growth.

I have always stated that in every one of my replies. Success is great and should be left up to the public to decide. When a corporation know it can manipulate a government to rewrite laws and destroy their competition with the stroke of a pen, then you have removed the consumer from the equation and left your fate to a few greedy law makers.

If you actually read Atlas Shrugged, and did not rely on others to tell you what to think about a book, then you would realize that the only characters in the book that do illegal business practices are those who manipulate the government.

FYI--i am a free market loving small business owner and libertarian socialist is such a contradiction of terms and shows your lack of understanding the terms is the only way you would be able to logically (loosely used) think they could work together.

Posted by John Galt on July 8, 2010 at 4:53 PM

Re: “Exploding the Ayn Rand Myth

mat--it depends on the time of day due to the fact that the color changes due to light refraction with the gases in our atmosphere.

I don't really see how that astronomy has anything to do with the connection between massive government and massive corporations. The bigger the government, the bigger the problems that occur because governments can be used as a crutch to manipulate markets and override the rule of the people. Big corporations paying off law makers can not happen when the role of the government is limited. The business must then answer solely to the citizens.

Why are you afraid of empowering the individual? Why do you hate mankind so much that you believe a group of politicians know better about your decisions than you do? Why are you willing to enslave yourself to these politicians?

Posted by John Galt on July 7, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Re: “Exploding the Ayn Rand Myth

Mat--the only reason the Wall Street corruption exists, or any Big Corporation Corruption exists, is because we have an even bigger, more corrupt government willing to bail them out. Limit the size of government and there will be no company that can get "too big" unless they are doing things properly because society determines their growth rate.

Right now our expansive government can be bought off, through lawyers and lobbyists, to write laws that make competition, that would naturally keep the market in check, eliminated from the equation.

We do not have a capitalist society, no matter how much Michael Moore says we do.

An example of this is the BP oil spill. BP was able to pay off government regulators and conduct business however they felt they should. if we had a limited government that was not powerful enough to rewrite laws in favor of who was paying them off; they would have only been able to work how society wanted them to work. And if an incident did occur, new markets would rise up to "clean up the situation". Right now in Gulf there are private citizens with doable solutions to help clean up the oil spill, but the government has to wait and debate over which would be the most effective ways to clean it up...the private market sits idly by while DC decides.

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Posted by John Galt on July 7, 2010 at 3:31 PM

Re: “Exploding the Ayn Rand Myth

I also have to point out the fact that de Graaf refers to Ayn Rand as "Ayn Rand, the embittered Russian émigré", not Ayn Rand, the woman who watched her country get destroyed by the socialist communists regime and wrote a book warning the world about the problems that arise when you empower the government over the individuals.

The communist regime that Rand was so embittered over because the state ruled every aspect of the individual's life. The communist country that couldn't even provide enough toilet paper for it's citizens.

Progressives now point to China as a role model communist state---China, the country where over 2/3 of the populations doesn't have electricity or running water. The China that is the #1 polluter in the world, the China that suppresses free speech and has a one party dictatorship. The China that is behind Darfur and suppressing the Tibetan people.

Then we hear talks about the Scandinavian countries that are the smaller than most of states in America, and are a part of the European Union which is about to collapse for it's welfare state programs. The Scandinavian countries we are lead to believe has more happy people than America because they pay high taxes and live peacefully among each other. However reality is they have the highest suicide rates over most developed countries and are some of the most racist countries on the planet, as are most of the European countries in the EU.

Why do progressives not want people educated so they can make their own choices about their own lives and live freely to do so? Why do progressives hate individuals so much? What has any government do that is so compelling to them that they wish to enslave their neighbors?

Posted by John Galt on July 5, 2010 at 1:14 PM

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