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Re: “Did "Blowback" Cause 9/11?

Bye Frank.

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Posted by DocSmith on September 23, 2007 at 5:12 PM

Re: “Did "Blowback" Cause 9/11?

Frank, you must be getting tired because your posts are getting weaker. You need to work on that mental stamina. Why don't you go drink a Red Bull and try again. You never said what great "things you have labored to build."

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Posted by DocSmith on September 23, 2007 at 11:08 AM

Re: “Did "Blowback" Cause 9/11?

Ah Frank, man how I love to watch you blog. You really are quite amazing. You have such cute little ideals of how life should be. Maybe one day we could also have chocolate rivers and gumdrop forests. Man I can't wait, but until then I'll stay grounded in a reality where life is just not fair and good things don't always happen. You talk like a kid whose been given everything his entire life. It's easy to condemn kids who can't pay for some pretentious overpriced French socialist indoctrination academy as stupid. Honestly Frank, you can't be much more than 20 years old. Your views, incoherant ramblings at best, are of someone who has a narrow and inexperienced view of the world. You reek of jealousy and envy and spew out hate in order to hide behind it. Frank you are a little man. You are a coward. I really hope to meet you one day so you scream your mantra in my face so then I can just look at you and laugh. You have your "accumulated wealth" but remember Frank, money doesn't buy happiness. That is why people take on jobs that are difficult and not comencerable to the salary they recieve, and I am not talking about just soldiers. Frank I don't hate France. They have given us many great things, but unfortunately they have also given us you(allegedly). I still want to know these great things you have created. Maybe it's the two story Hardee's that sits on the Crosstown, or is it the South of the Border complex, or rather it is more than likely in your head. Frank the reason that no one on here can have an intelligent debate with you is because you are incapable of it. You have made up your mind on severval issues (the military, people in the military, American Foeign policy, American defense policy, and the real world) that are based on false assumptions, hate, jealousy, and by believing a negative and false reality. In closing. Frank all of my arguements are based on verifiable fact. I have made them clearly and concisely, without rage and ramblings and with witty flair (if I do say so myself). This stands in contrast to almost everything you have written. I have also shown you for the coward and fraud with which you really are. I will begin to take you seriously when you take your extreme views off of cyberspace and take them out into the real world. Oh and Frank this was all done by a guy with an education from a "fourth-rate military college." But don't worry, Jesus still loves you. Doc PS Frank that whole "Daddy Love" comment was quite disturbing. Some things should just be left inside your DVD player.

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Posted by DocSmith on September 23, 2007 at 4:37 AM

Re: “Did "Blowback" Cause 9/11?

OK Frank, no one is arguing with you that the war was begun under false pretenses. You have several points with which I agree (shady contracts) but the big two I do not agree with is your refusal to not even acknowledge the possibility of Iranian (read further for my def of Iranian) involvement and your belief that GEN Patreaus was lying to Congress. Aside from the fact that I have FIRST HAND knowledge of Iranians operating within Baghdad, it only makes sense that Iran, either officially or from non-government groups within Iran, has a presence here in Iraq. Even Time magazine reported that the Jan. 2007 raid on the American outpost in Karbala was conducted with the help of Hezbollah and some Iranians. There is plenty of direct evidence in the form of captured cache's and EFPs to implicate some kind of Iranian involvement. There is also plenty of circumstantial that points to that too, such as the complexity of the Karbala raid. The kind of command and control required to pull off this raid has not been seen in Iraq prior to this, not even from al Qaeda in Iraq. Do I believe that Pres. Ahmadinejad and his staff are sitting around a map of Iraq planning operations against US troops? No. Do I believe that there may be a rogue element (don't scoff, I bet you believe that the CIA has been doing things behind the scenes and without anyone's knowledge) is conducting ops here? It's a possibility. Now lets talk about the surge. I have the dubious honor of being a part of the first unit of the Surge. At 6 pm on Dec 27, 2006 I was told that in 6 days I would be on an airplane heading for Iraq. In case you didn't know it takes more than packing a few suitcases to deploy an infantry battalion. Amazingly it all came together and we left The US 6 days later. As you can imagine I am not the biggest fan of the Surge, but, as far as making Baghdad a safer place, the surge has been successful. I have seen complete reversals in many neighborhoods where once abandoned lots were turned into parks that families now frequent on a regular basis. There is definite improvement here but once American troops leave all that progress will go to waste. Primarily because the Iraqi Army, National Police, and local Police are for the most part ineffective and/or corrupt. It is a scene that has played out since the beginning of the war. American troops come in and fix the problem and subsequently turn it over to the Iraqis who let it fall into disrepair. I would love nothing more than for all US troops to return home but the reality of the situation is that it takes time. The sheer amount of "stuff" in Iraq is literally incomprehensible and it all has to be packed and either flown out or shipped out via Kuwait. We're talking at least a year for a full withdrawal. As far as Iran is concerned, how do you feel about France's new stance on Iranian nukes? You must be cursing Sarkozy. Your contempt for the American soldier is disgusting. Your hate is similar to that of a Neo-Nazi's against the Jews or the KKK's against well everyone. I challenge you to find an Iraq/Afghanistan vet and read to him/her your posts over the last few days. Use your accumulated "wealth" and get on a radio or tv station and say it loud and proud. This hate is a relic of the 60's that I am glad that the vast majority of people, including most anti-war protesters, don't believe. Your comment about Israel was also interesting.

Posted by DocSmith on September 22, 2007 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Did "Blowback" Cause 9/11?

Dear Frank, I have nothing against France. They make excellent fries and toast. Honestly Frank I had some great stuff I was going to write but why continue to zing each other. The original reason I posted on here was to point out several things you were wrong about, such as it is the Shia militia's (the mahdi army and others) who are trying to exterminate the Sunni. This is especially true in Baghdad. Another thing that I had meant to mention was about your treatment of Gen. Petraus. Gen Petraus gave an honest assessment of the conditions here in Iraq, which came as somewhat of a surprise to most of us here. We had assumed that he would have toed Bush's party line. I disagree with him in the fact that we do need to substantially withdraw troops from here because that will force the Iraqi security forces to step up and start doing their jobs. The money that we are throwing into this country is creating nothing more than a welfare state. The Iraqi's attitude for the most part has been "why should I do it, the Americans will take care of it." As far as you hatred for the Citadel. It's understandable. We're good looking and women can't get enough of us. It's you contempt for people in uniform that really upsets me. You have assumed these negative generalizations that are by and large not true. The only people in this world that want to go to war are the ones who have never been. Just curious, what have you designed and built in the Charleston area? With undying affection, Doc

Posted by DocSmith on September 22, 2007 at 12:02 AM

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