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Re: “The Southern Avenger Debuts

Frank, Frank, Frank. You still don't get it my friend. Sure I can "do" illegal things in a private establishment that is patronized by the public should I choose to. My body, my right. However, given the legality of it and given our antiquated and self moralized definition of rights, I can do those things, but only if I'm willing to pay the consequence for my actions. If I'm willing to go to jail or write a check, so be it. The law and the consequence doesn't change the definition of what a "right" is. While my eating a Big Mac doesn't make you fat, your eating one does. Afterall my friend, I'm concerned about your health. One cannot use the argument of public health as it pertains to smoking then use the Big Mac argument because it is intellectually inconsistent to differentiate how the toxics are getting into ones body. The choice is to do or not do. Don't want to get fat, don't eat Big Mac's. Don't like smokers? Don't go to a smoking bar. Did you miss that part? You have a choice. The owner of a bar owns the property. His property, his right. The John Q. Public owns his body. He has the right to go or not go to a smoking establishment. The nicotine delivery system? Seriously. How about we create "snuff free" bars. We certainly don't want anyone getting toxicity from a spit cup now do we? And no Frank, my smoking a cigarette doesn't make you sick, because I know you're adult enough, and certainly smart enough to steer clear of it. Reality is, you will at some point ingest cigarette smoke, just as you will most certainly eat crappy hamburger, get in a car accident, and OH GOD, shall I say it? Die. It's inevitable. But I most certainly will not argue that I don't want you to eat Big Mac. Morally I would recommend you not, because as a person, I care about you. But I'm not willing to pass a law saying you can't eat Big Macs even though it might be in your best interest to do so. You're an adult. Your body. Your choice. Even though it's apparent we disagree, I will give you some serious props on your use of the words, whore mongering. Wow...last I knew that word was popular exactly 2 weeks prior to the Apostle Luke writing the Acts of the Apostles. I love taking a trip to retro-land. I had no idea it would be taken THAT RETRO. Memo to self: Call broker. Go long on Bell Bottoms and Lava Lamps.

Posted by Lance on August 29, 2007 at 8:34 PM

Re: “The Southern Avenger Debuts

Business has no right to engage in activity that has a negative impact on the public? Frank my friend, you can't be serious. Have you examined the nutritional content of a Big Mac? Have you seen recent statistics regarding obesity? All rights are property rights. Learn that and we're good to go. Bars and eateries do exist in public places. However, where they exist is secondary to the fact that they are owned privately. An individual put up the money, and assumes the risk both personally and economically for the venture. This ownership provides the right to do with it as the owner and risk taker sees fit.The free market is the greatest rewarder and punisher as well. My being out in public doesn't make my body public property. The next item to commit to memory is this. There is no Utopia and no legalized convenience. All the governmental involvement in the world will never change that. Don't want second hand smoke? Great. Don't breath it in. I don't want to die in an explosive car wreck, yet I drive anyway. I don't want to be fat, so I don't eat Big Macs. I don't care for smoking as a personal choice so I choose to go to non smoking establishments, but I will go if I value the company with which I'm going to the bar or smoking establishment more than I value my own moral health code. It's called Opportunity Cost. As far as public displays of affection go, I see far more fat women in short skirts engaging in the time honored tradition of "girls night out" than I see Mike and Brad making out or shooting heroin at Chili's. Want to benefit humanity? Outlaw fat chicks in skirts. That's a law I'm willing to set aside my personal beliefs in property rights for the betterment of the whole.

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Posted by Lance on August 29, 2007 at 2:54 PM
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