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  • Celebrating the Saint in North Chuck

    No Funnels Please
      On Saturday, a very green gathering of Irish revelers took to the streets of Park Circle to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Anchoring the party was City Paper's readers' pick for most authentic pub, Madra Rua, which was packed to the brim with folks trying to grab a quick bite.
  • Fashion Week kick-off party shows off new Line Street restaurant

    Shine On
      Art enthusiasts and fashionistas packed into not-yet-open Shine on Saturday night to kick off the third annual Charleston Fashion Week. The eatery's austere facade hid any evidence of a party as guests lined up outside the back door.
  • Sprinting in stilettos for a cause (and cash)

    Another One Bites the Dust
      Anyone who's ever worn high heels has probably found themselves running in them. Whether racing to make a dinner reservation or chasing after a drunk friend, the slow-paced saunter that makes high heels so sexy is not always real-world practical.
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  • Guerrilla Cuisine throws a party in our mouths

    You Be Trippin'
      Saturday night's Guerrilla Cuisine Flavor Trippin' event was quite the psychedelic experience. The party was only open to 50 people on a first-come basis, but the evening's harsh rains further diminished the crowd that assembled at a West Ashley abode.
  • KK4 seems to have forgotten its roots

    Klash and Burn
      Kulture Klash 4, though a valiant effort, amounted to little more than a replay of the previous three KKs. The new expansive location was touted as a huge step up, yet there was no noticeable increase in the amount or types of artwork featured. After stumbling upon a room that featured musicians performing next to a slideshow of images, it became clear that this was as close to "mixed-media" as KK4 was going to get.
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  • Uno de Mayo at the Bus Shed

      The Battle of Puebla was properly commemorated at the Charleston Cinco de Mayo Festival on Friday night at the Visitor's Center Bus Shed. Guests enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine from El Dorado and Los Reyes and washed it all down with Cuervo margaritas and Dos Equis drafts.
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  • Bike to Work Day gets a makeover

    Stylish Cyclistas
      For some, the thought of Bike to Work day conjured up images of sweaty, spandex clad co-workers leaning against the office water cooler. The organizers of Charleston Cycle Chic sensed the need for a better endorsement for biking around town.
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  • Beverly "Guitar" Watkins after-party

    Legare Street party honors the living legend
      When you first see Beverly Watkins in person, you’re left to wonder how she can even pick up a guitar, let alone riff away. Her petite frame and bifocals disguise the blues guitar legend as a sweet church lady. Hand her a guitar, however, and her true identity and unique musical talent shine through.
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  • Dogugaeshi pre-party

    Barefoot yacht schmoozin' before Dogugaeshi
      On Monday night, Spoleto SCENE held a party for patrons before the performance of Dogugaeshi. The event was hosted aboard the 64-foot yacht Empyrean, part of the Coastal Yacht Charters fleet, as well as on its Ashely River dock.
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  • A wet and random noche

    Noche Flamenca after-party
      The rain that forced the cancellation of Thursday night's performance of Noche Flamenca again reared its ugly head to abruptly end the Flamenca after-party on Saturday night. The party was a curiuos mish-mash of Spanish themes, party music classics and special guests.
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