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  • It doesn't seem to be getting any easier

    Life in the City
      I had a strange welcome when I arrived in Charleston more than nine years ago. The night before I moved into my apartment on Rutledge Avenue, a house three doors up the street caught fire. The heat was so intense that it ignited the adjacent house just six feet away.
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  • It's about time somebody called out Jim DeMint

    'Sen. Tea Party'
      In 2009, Sen. Jim DeMint released his book Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide Into Socialism. It was the most fatuous piece of political propaganda I have ever seen, and I devoted a week's worth of my precious words exposing DeMint's silly claptrap for what it was.
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  • MediaReformSC takes on the profit-driven media machine

    Accountability Now
      An important public deadline passed on Oct. 31. Did you notice it? No? Well, you're hardly alone. Halloween was the last day for citizens to file comments or objections with the Federal Communications Commission regarding the renewal of radio broadcasting licenses in South Carolina. You say you didn't hear anything about this deadline on any local radio stations? Neither did I. At the time I wrote this column, I had yet to read anything about it in the good old Post and Courier. Apparently, it was a pretty well kept secret.
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  • S.C. Republicans determined to disenfranchise black voters

    Stealing Democracy
      Shortly after the 2008 election, Ann Beser and Steve Chand, of Myrtle Beach, saw the notice in the local paper that there would be a big breakfast confab of Republicans in Georgetown. Beser and Chand are not Republicans, but they are white, and that was good enough. So these two retirees drove down from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown to have grits and eggs with the GOPers.
  • Let's put the 'public' back in public airwaves

    Losing Our Voice
      I was never a big fan of Rocky D. Until recently a professional talker on Charleston station 1250 AM WTMA, Rocky was cranky, xenophobic, and even delusional in some of his more extreme moments. But he was a true civic booster, he supported worthy social causes, and — most importantly — he was one of us. He walked the same streets. He breathed the same air as the rest of us. If he was a nut, he was our nut, and he had a big following for his afternoon talk program.
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  • The Republican Party has been taken over by kooks

    The Year of the Crazies
      It's that time of year when wags and pundits are supposed to gaze into their crystal ball and declare what the coming year holds. I don't have a crystal ball. Never claimed to. But I don't need one to tell you that 2012 is going to be a year of hard, mean politics in a state that is famous for bare-knuckled elections. And it all starts with the GOP primary in three weeks.
  • The War on Democracy

    Haven't we been down this road before?
      Was it coincidence or was it destiny? In this state, which is eternally reliving its past, the two seem indistinguishable. On the day that state Attorney Gen. Alan Wilson swore to defend South Carolina's new Voter ID law in federal court, the General Assembly was debating a new piece of legislation that would effectively shut down voter registration drives in the state.
  • When it comes to foreign policy, Lindsey Graham is dishonest and delusional

    Baghdad Bob
      When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Iraqi Information Minister Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf quickly became known as "Baghdad Bob" by declaring on Iraqi television that Saddam Hussein's military brigades were successfully turning back the invading forces. During the same time the U.S. was handily dominating Iraq militarily, Bob told Iraqis, "We slaughtered them and will continue to slaughter them." Bob claimed that U.S. soldiers were committing suicide by the hundreds and that American troops were "going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender. It is they who will surrender."
  • Confused White People

    On Aug. 28, ignorance looked pretty blissful
      I have lived long enough to have witnessed some important changes in American culture and the way Americans think, behave, and speak.
  • America's enemy is the War on Drugs

    Know Your Enemy
      Thinking about this poor, troubled, violent little state, I see no silver bullet to cure all its ills. But if there was one stoke of fiat law which I could perform to heal open wounds, right social wrongs, balance the state budget, and bring peace to our homes and streets, it would be the decriminalization of drugs — all drugs.
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