Larry Carter Center 
Member since Sep 27, 2012 I stand for repealing all anti-union laws to save lives, living wages and protect workers from @ will firing from employment, I stand for term limits to keep crooks such as Bobby Harrell from amassing millions of dollar$ in slush funds to buy a luxury million dollar airplane and bill his corporation bribing buddies 900 dollara a trip to Columbia, I stand for growing our S Carolina economy with green jobs building trains, trams, hydrogen engines, transitional bio fuels from local sweet potatos and restoring all teachers fired BY ELIMINATING ALL TAX EXEMPTIONS for the rich, lowering taxes for all 843-926-1750 I'm 60 and will not serve more than 8 years,it's good for the Governor and good for all elected posts so we can restore our Democracy, ending corporations ANY RIGHTS OF PERSONS and restricted to property, product & services @Greens926_1750

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