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  1. Video: A Crack in Everything will challenge dance audiences

  2. VIDEO: Shen Wei Dance Arts rehearsal

  3. VIDEO: Sarah Jarosz at the Cistern

  4. VIDEO: Run-through for 13 most Beautiful...

  5. VIDEO: Local kids in The Magic Flute

    Three Mt. Pleasant kids, Abby Stroud, 11, Tate Fowler, 12, and Ben Hall, 11, are currently performing as "spirits" in The Magic Flute. In addition to singing parts, they have a variety of scenes where they fly in and out on wire systems.

  6. VIDEO: An accordion lesson from Toninho Ferragutti

  7. VIDEO: Karrin Allyson stays cool at the Cistern

  8. VIDEO: Lemon Andersen keeps it real in County of Kings

  9. VIDEO: Corella Ballet flying high at the Gaillard

  10. VIDEO: Emilie

  11. VIDEO: Khmeropedies

  12. VIDEO: The Medium dress rehearsal

    Photos and video from Wednesday's dress rehearsal of The Medium.

  13. VIDEO: The Magic Flute dress rehearsal

    Video and some pics from Tuesday's dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute.

  14. VIDEO: Gospel at Colonus choir rehearsal

  15. Flash mob in Marion Square

    Around 60 people got together for a flash mob dance performance at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square on Saturday. Organized by Jenny Broe, director of the Dancefx studio, the "mob" performed a well rehearsed routine to "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge.

  16. VIDEO: Highrollers resist the URGE with a 206-93 win

    The Lowcountry Highrollers picked up their 4th win of the season on Saturday with a 206-93 win over URGE (Upstate Roller Girl Evolution). It was a pretty rowdy bout and URGE put up a fight the whole time.

  17. VIDEO: Circa balances tradition and experimentation

  18. VIDEO: Gospel at Colonus dress rehearsal

    Wednesday afternoon, we got a chance to sit in on a full dress rehearsal of The Gospel at Colonus. The music alone, featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Steeles, and Charleston's own Royal Missionary Baptist Church, is enough to get you to the Gaillard. But if you aren't up-to-date on your knowledge of Oedipus, you may want to take a little CliffsNotes refresher course.

  19. VIDEO: Edgar Oliver and the bizarre people he shared East 10th Street with

  20. Video: The high flying acrobatics of Traces

  21. Video: Jake Shimabukuro's ukulele

  22. Video: The Radio Show

  23. Video: Joy Kills Sorrow

  24. Video: Meeting Street Academy visits Leo

  25. Video: Double bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons combines modern electronics with classic technique

  26. Video: The velvety sounds of Virginia Rodrigues

  27. Video: A look at The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

    An informal survey of the first performance of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets brought the words macabre, bleak, hilarious, Amelie, Burton, and dystopian.

  28. Video: Spoleto opening ceremony

  29. Video: Ketch and Critter perform Whitney Houston's "I wanna dance with somebody"

  30. Video: Feng Yi Ting blends classic and modern operatic technique

  31. Video: Kepler preview

  32. A photographic look at some of the Holy City’s master craftsmen

    Born from flame-belching furnaces and hammered into shape, Charleston's architectural future is being forged from the past. A new generation is carrying on the ancient arts of blacksmithing, wood carving, and glassmaking.

  33. Protesters glitter-bomb Santorum rally

    On the east bank of the Cooper River, in the chilly shade of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Santorum appeared alongside Tony Perkins, president of the conservative thinktank Family Research Council. The former Pennsylvania senator was making a clear appeal to conservative values voters, talking about “striking a blow for family and freedom” and upholding nuclear families as “the pillars of society.”

  34. VIDEO: Park Circle celebrates the life of "Burk with a K"

    Friends and family of William "Burk" Prysock gathered at the Felix Davis Community Center on Saturday to celebrate the memory of a beloved Park Circle resident.

  35. VIDEO: Flying with Tora! Tora! Tora! at the Charleston Air Expo

    I got to hitch a ride on one of the T-6 Texans used in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora for a flight over Charleston and the USS Yorktown. The plane is owned by a group also called Tora! Tora! Tora!. Largely made up of volunteers from the Commemorative Air Force, the group will be re-creating the attack on Pearl Harbor, Doolittle's Raid, and the Battle of Midway during the Charleston Air Expo.

  36. VIDEO: The Apers at The Tin Roof

    Dutch punk band The Apers came though town on Monday. Currently on tour with the Queers, they had a short break so local punk veteran Johnny Puke set them up with the gig at The Tin Roof. The Apers are no stranger to Charleston and played the now defunct Cumberland's many times. A die-hard crowd of Cumberland's alumni cheered them on.

  37. PHOTOS: Jack Passion visits the Holy City Beard & Moustache Society

    The Holy City Beard & Moustache Society welcomed a visit from two-time world beard champion Jack Passion at the Recovery Room on Monday night. Passion is the first American to win the title and is a celebrity among bewhiskered locals.

  38. VIDEO: Proserpina

    Heather Buck is a powerhouse of a singer. For well over an hour she sustained a delicate but forceful vocal gymnastics routine that had the preview audience riveted. This one minute clip can't do justice to the range and resonance of her performance.

  39. VIDEO: Behind the scenes with Colla Marionette Company

    We had a rare chance to do some backstage filming with the Colla Marionette Company, right before the last dress rehearsal today. Well hidden by a large stage curtain, you might never expect the complex dance that puppeteers go through on the bridge above the performance.

  40. VIDEO: Flora - dress rehearsal

    Here's a quick video and some photos from Wednesday afternoon's dress rehearsal for the opera Flora.

  41. VIDEO: Friday night highlights from Comedy Fest

    Here's a few clips from Friday night's performances at the Charleston Comedy Festival.

  42. Video: Hypnosis, bouncing balls, and the return of The Dangerous Strangers

    Thursday night at the Ballet Theatre was all about the homecoming of the Dangerous Strangers of Cabaret Kiki. Yes, it's Comedy Fest, and yes, the band was joined by one of Chicago's best improv/sketch acts (Cook County Social Club), but there was no doubt that everyone in that room was there to see the Bivins brothers and their spooky crew. The mustache-, fishnet-, and suspender-clad band settled in before Jonny Panik (Matt Bivins) crept out of the darkness of the backstage area with a huge smile on his face -- the crowd erupted.

  43. Rosie Hellfire rescues West Ashley from the flood

    Not even the flood of the year could stop rockabilly fans from showing up for Friday night’s One Man Show/Rebelettes get-together at the Tin Roof.

  44. VIDEO: Standup Competition winners

    This past Saturday night, Theatre 99 hosted the first preliminary round of competition for the upcoming Charleston Comedy Festival Stand Up Competition. Fifteen prospective yucksters gave their best 5 minutes for a packed house. The crowd voted and picked four winners and an alternate to appear at The Music Farm on Wednesday, January 20 (the first night of The 7th Annual Charleston Comedy Festival). Here are some clips of the winners.

  45. Video: Joe Buck invades the Pour House

    The weren't any sandals at the Pour House on Tuesday night. The normally laid-back venue was invaded by rowdy Joe Buck fans, intent on summoning the feral spirit of his brand of hellbilly rock. It was a small crowd, but made up of die-hards.

  46. VIDEO: ANTiSEEN at the Oasis

    Chucktown punk fans got a chance to visit with an old friend last night when Charlotte-based ANTiSEEN came by the Oasis.

  47. VIDEO: Guttermouth in control

    The Oasis has become one of the last venues in Charleston to bring consistently good punk and metal bands to town. Last Friday, they hosted a showcase of punk bands headlined by Guttermouth.

  48. Unknown Hinson: the king of hillbilly vampires

    Unknown Hinson helps the Lowcountry Highrollers raise some dough at the Music Farm.

  49. Art and Artists of Kulture Klash 4

  50. COMEDY FEST VIDEO: God's Pottery, KennyZ, J. Reid

  51. COMEDY FEST VIDEO: Hot Sauce and The Pushers

  52. COMEDY FEST VIDEO: Big Dicktionary, Full Love Throttle, 3 Play

  53. VIDEO: Geoff Nuttall gets in gear

    Geoff Nuttall is the new director of chamber music for Spoleto Festival USA. In this clip he leads a rehearsal at the Dock Street Theatre.

  54. VIDEO: Gallim Dance rehearsal

    Gallim Dance has been getting a lot of buzz since last night's debut. Our reviewer, Gervase Caycedo, gave it our highest rating. This video is from a rehearsal yesterday afternoon.

  55. VIDEO: Backstage with Robert Carter

    Robert Carter took a few minutes to talk with us while getting ready for Friday night's performance.

  56. VIDEO: The Duncan Storm

    Local theater company Deuce Theatre is in the middle of their latest production called The Duncan Storm. It's a provocative interpretation of a 100-year-old story of a black man who was convicted of of murdering a Jewish merchant in downtown Charleston. The resulting hanging was a racially charged circus that included houses of prostitution selling porch tickets to watch the spectacle.

  57. VIDEO: Lowcountry High Rollers vs Soul City Sirens

    The High Rollers found redemption with a 97-80 win of the Soul City Sirens on Saturday. They took an early lead with a strong offense and held it despite a last minute surge from the Sirens. The win was especially sweet because the High Rollers had lost their last three bouts against the Sirens. Check out this video for some action footage and extended time lapse sequences.

  58. VIDEO: The Roast of Jason Groce

    The local stand-up community got together to roast local comedian Jason Groce at the Tin Roof on Sunday night.

  59. VIDEO: An interview with Vanilla Ice

    You probably already know about the hair, the Queen baseline, and the Surreal Life. What you might not know is that he's been flipping houses in South Florida for the past 10 years and even has a home improvement reality show coming up on the DIY network. "Ice Ice Baby" was mashed up (along with a guest appearance by him) by Irish pop stars Jedward earlier this year and entered the Irish singles chart at #1 and in UK at #2. Nearly twenty years later, he had a hit again. He talked about this and more before his show at the Dive on Thursday night.

  60. VIDEO: Local metal bands battle to open for Otep

    Last Friday night, local metal bands got together at the Oasis to bang heads for the chance to open for nationally touring band Otep. It was a good chance to see what the Charleston metal scene has to offer.

  61. VIDEO: Oyster

    A preview of the strange and beautiful dance performance Oyster.

  62. VIDEO: Julian Lage

  63. VIDEO: Nina Ananiashvili directing Giselle

  64. VIDEO: How to tune an Ngoni

    Bassekou Kouyate gave us a few minutes to talk about playing and tuning an Ngoni, a distinctive african banjo. He also gets funky with a wah-wah pedal and shares some love for Jimi Hendrix.

  65. VIDEO: Brooklyn Rider

    A little montage of Brooklyn Rider rehearsing before Tuesday night's performance at Simons Center for the Arts.

  66. VIDEO: Die Roten Punkte do leaps now

    Otto and Astrid find themselves where they are and crank some Rock Bang.

  67. VIDEO: Dance preview

    Watching Dance is a mind expanding exercise in ego surrender. The rhythmic cadence of repeated dance forms and cyclical music phrasings create a trance-like atmosphere that is sustained for the full hour's performance. At it's most basic, the piece is a continuous flow of dancers across the stage, regularly punctuated by screen projected dancers over a story high.

  68. VIDEO: The Ebony Hillbillies bring some Sexual Healing to Spoleto

    If you missed their show last night, here's a chance to see the Ebony Hillbillies during their soundcheck yesterday. Check out the shotgun shells that the washboard player uses, and yes, the last part of the video is indeed "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye.

  69. VIDEO: Erik Friedlander's road trip meditation

  70. VIDEO: The right hand of Leszek Mozdzer

  71. COMEDY FEST VIDEO: This is Chucktown! and Doppleganger

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