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Re: “Tattooed Moose is opening a third location at ... Citadel Mall

Tattooed Moose is outstanding, but theres little chance it will save the mall.

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Posted by Mso1 on January 11, 2018 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Bivalve! We've got your ultimate Charleston oyster roundup for Winter 2018

One more to add to the list - shucking oysters and supporting a good cause! Check out the Charleston Junior Woman's Club Annual Oyster Roast benefiting Doors to Freedom at Leon's Oyster Shed! Find out more details here:

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Posted by Charleston Junior Woman'sClub on January 11, 2018 at 10:15 AM

Re: “Has Charleston's hip-hop scene reached a plateau?

Is this the Black Dave who did "Go Big Girl Go"?

Posted by navyvet on January 11, 2018 at 9:38 AM

Re: “Garage-born blues-punk group The Wells present a six-track, rapid-fire debut

Great article and great group. Wishing you all the success in the world.

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Posted by Jennifer Stout Daugherty on January 11, 2018 at 6:18 AM

Re: “Nikki Haley: "No one questions the stability of the president"

I agree with alot of what you say. Your right, OBAMA and those Democrats were definitely ALOT WORSE (just when I thought it wouldn't get worse from Bush jr). I think I agree with you on everything up until the Nikki Haley stuff.

The U.N. is fake. Everything in it is non-binding as far as governance practically. The U.N. is NOTHING BUT FINANCIAL AID to failed welfare states. The U.N. is like the FIVE BIG WORLD POWERS leave a penny take a penny jar for the different homeless orphans they keep causing to happen while fighting each other.

Nikki Haley is nothing but a HUMAN VAMPIRE who wants to have her townhall meetings over facebook live since she doesn't have a chance to respond to emails from her constituents (she is all hollywood).... Possibly so that she won't get shot like Senator Giffords by her own people in the streets due to her streamlining our government into A BUSINESS SERVING THE 1 PERCENT.

She talks really big but it is just SABER RATTLING like the way they show Kim Jung Un on TV, It is nothing more than professional wrestling. You can believe she is real or not, but it is all a big publicity stunt for her campaigns fundraising in the future.

It is so we BELIEVE SHE HAS ANY IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON off of the runway. What a stupid Sarah Palin like concept she is, and I think the way she handled the THUNDERSTORM with state wide evacuations was doomsday prophecy enough for me to see HOW FULL OF SHIT SHE WAS, IS, and FOREVER WILL BE.

She is what most of the world would call a Hillary Clinton with BLACK HAIR and less enemies. Tell her ass to stop funding Israel if she wants to stop funding ALL of our allies EVERYWHERE BUT ISRAEL just because they have MUSLIM POPULATIONS. Well isn't that pretty TRANSPARENT and one sided? good luck!

Haley is doing NOTHING but making THE ENTIRE WORLD LAUGH at the UNITED STATES LIES through sending our businesses else where (especially the less and less they need our technology), and everyone can see how beurocratic militarism is ERODING JUDAISM into the SEA in Israel even without the terrorist attacks they keep HOPING WILL HAPPEN.

You cannot NOT be a soldier if born in Israel. Even if it is against your own branch of orthodox Judaism. TALK ABOUT THAT. IT IS NOW ILLEGAL TO BE A PACIFIST SPIRITUAL JEW IN ISRAEL to avoid DRAFT.


We all don't have 500,000 dollar savings accounts to have our voices heard by the god of Nikki Haley or Jimmy Swaggert today.

Lyndsey Graham wants to get people here in SC making WAR MACHINERY THAT KILLS as many HUMAN TARGETS AS POSSIBLE..Him and his constituents hate humanity and you. Come to SC! we got the steel mills and the televangelists in the upstate.

They wear the skins of democrats or republicans to eat the American people alive while constantly changing their clothes.

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Posted by zee on January 11, 2018 at 4:08 AM

Re: “Trump drills East Coast in midst of bomb cyclone

"That is technically true if you just look at the numbers and don't use logic."
This is a bigly point of a goodly argument.

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Posted by Ima Oldman on January 10, 2018 at 11:09 PM

Re: “P&C's Hanna Raskin says Hall family has banished her from their restaurants

I love Chef Carter. He made Peninsula Grill the incredible place it still remains. Always perfect. Always. Wherever he cooks and whatever he cooks, always great, a perfectionist who is also one of the kindest men in the business. However, today I must congratulate Hanna Raskin and offer to send her a Allen Brothers Catalog so she can order the same exact mediocre mail order steaks that are served at Halls. I think Ms. Raskin is waaaayyyyy too nice most of the time. Maybe Pete Wells can come down so we can get reviews like "The lady had dropped her napkin. More accurately, she had hurled it to the floor in a fit of disillusionment," then Halls could really feel some butt hurt. Here's my Halls Review in 3 words - Overpriced, Overrated, Underwhelming. I am hurling my napkin to the floor.

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Posted by Cia Culinarykid on January 10, 2018 at 10:16 PM

Re: “P&C's Hanna Raskin says Hall family has banished her from their restaurants

John Moock chef Carter did way more for the Charleston food scene than any food writer will. Way to show your ignorance to the situation. Im guessing you dont work in F&B. During his time at Peninsula Grill it was acknowledged consistently being one if not the top restaurants in Charleston. When it gets to a point that restaurants tell a food writer not to come in it should tell the public something. Enjoy your life in obscurity, douche.

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Posted by Jeremy Blankenship on January 10, 2018 at 9:12 PM

Re: “Plastics don't make it possible

I agree. What ever happened to glass bottles? These people in charge care more about the next rallying point on fake news than actual governance for the well being of their own country.

The fact that Senator Lyndsey Grahams government still allows asbestos to be used in construction materials is proof enough that they are pigs letting shit slide because of lobbyists and luncheons. The corporates always want the cheapest quick way to make a buck and NEVER think of long term consequences for the earth/people. Our government dances to the whims of the highest bidder in this state.

The problem is we have no ability to LEGALLY force a vote on anything in this state with petitions. Our senators pick and choose what THEY WANT to vote on in order to look good here.

I would say, "add the POWER TO PETITION VOTES to your amendments list you PORK FRIED SC politicians as opposed to adding ALL of those sexual misconduct and abortion amendments. ~how else are the SC politicians going to know what to vote on?????? Call the bank?

It an all out inbred f***fest with poiticians out in Columbia these days im telling you. They are just LAZY RICH PEOPLE who are grossly incompetant at their government jobs over in columbia), They are trying so desperately to hold on to all the money they can get to funnel through this state they don't give a damn about us at all.

This lack of POWER OF PETITION in SC is not a very progressive or inclusive way to govern people or even consumers.

Then the BRITISH BANKING CROWN OF TONY bLIAR (ALL HAIL king VISA!)convinces SC POLITICIANS to act like the world is overpopulated and start wars, because they historically have been behind every war in modern history by soreading their racist IDEOLOGIES that the Queens standard of living is the only way a CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING LIVES.

Im not down with the crown crap, and I don't think our forefathers thought to much of the "paper crown" crap either... They were rugged Americans!

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Posted by zee on January 10, 2018 at 6:31 PM

Re: “Benny Starr asks Pecha Kucha audience if they want a Charleston for black people

Wow, powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted by Alyssa R. on January 10, 2018 at 6:14 PM

Re: “P&C's Hanna Raskin says Hall family has banished her from their restaurants

Robert must be high on something more than just his own self importance. Raskin is literally a multiple James Beard award winner who has reviewed for some of the best publications in the world. Enjoy your slide into obscurity, chef.

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Posted by John Moock on January 10, 2018 at 5:14 PM

Re: “P&C's Hanna Raskin says Hall family has banished her from their restaurants

Her limited experience before P&C and Charleston did not nor does not qualify her for the job in Charleston...that combined with her negative outlook on life is not only unprofessional, but also offputting to her audience ..please find a qualified professional that willeqhual the quality of hospiality professionalism in the city

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Posted by Robert Carter on January 10, 2018 at 4:55 PM

Re: “Nikki Haley: "No one questions the stability of the president"

What does it matter whether somebody is tall? Are you prejudiced against short people? I wish somebody shorter was elected in 2016 than this tall unstable man who is our president now. Why do we keep electing tall presidents anyhow? Too much discrimination against shorter people. Obama was the only tall president who was worth anything. All other US presidents were very flawed. And they were generally very tall.

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Posted by Tom Martin on January 10, 2018 at 4:09 PM

Re: “P&C's Hanna Raskin says Hall family has banished her from their restaurants

I believe that Bill Hall makes some very valid points. I guess the "Fake News" cancer has spread to food critics as well......

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Posted by Vito Boscaino on January 10, 2018 at 4:01 PM

Re: “Nikki Haley: "No one questions the stability of the president"

Come on Zee. The Iraq War was a failure and we have nothing to show for it. But let's not pretend that Democrats weren't going to take us into that war as well. Al Gore was on the campaign trail criticizing George W. Bush's father for not finishing the job and taking out Saddam.

Frank Harvey's book, "Explaining the Iraq War," lays out a very good case that Al Gore was going to invade Iraq if elected. A summary of the book can be found here:…

Also, keep in mind that sHillary Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War as Senator in 2002. In matter of fact, most of the most powerful Democrats in office at the time voted in favor of the invasion. That included Joe Biden, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Liberal Progressive Democrat Neo-Marxists who run the party.
To his credit, George W. Bush sought out the approval of Congress. He did not solely go in there like Obama and sHillary did in Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc. Obama was dropping bombs in six countries without congressional approval. That's war mongering! It's also a violation of the War Powers Act. But as usual, Democrats believe themselves to be above the law. In matter of fact, Democrats were responsible for most of the wars in U.S. history. Democrats are responsible for the Civil War, in which racist white Democrats tried to guard slavery of the minorities they now pretend to stand for despite entrenching them in poverty the last 50 years. Democrats were in power during both World Wars, the Korean War, and Democrats are mostly responsible for the Vietnam War. In matter of fact, the Democrat establishment was so upset that Nixon finally ended the Vietnam War that they impeached him for far less spying than Obama\Loretta Lynch\FBI were doing on Trump's campaign. Some rogue in Nixon's campaign broke into one campaign office, stole some papers, and tapped a single phone. Obama and the intelligence agencies used a fake dossier as an excuse for warrants to wiretap Trump tower, monitor his phone calls and all e-mail exchanges. They then used a fraudulent dossier to launch this phony investigation led by Mueller who is a partisan hack. The only reason to even get a Special Counsel is for impartiality and unbiased investigation, which this certainly is not. Remember when Democrats used to pretend to be outraged over the Patriot Act? Eight years of Obama extending it and eventually making it permanent and we heard no more whining and fake outrage about it from the Democrat sycophants.

Nikki Haley is an excellent U.N. Ambassador and has more fortitude and demands more respect that Obama ever did. Trump merely delivered on unfulfilled promises made by the last 3 presidents. There's a video recording of Obama promising to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital on youtube. So go view it and then target your phony outrage at Obama before you whine about Trump/Haley actually fulfilling a promise previous presidents were too cowardly to live up to.

Also, kudos to Nikki Haley for cutting the funding America gives to the UN. We were paying nearly 3x what the second largest payee was paying in support to the UN. She reduced it by over $200 million. That's less of our stolen tax dollars going to the useless UN. Democrats always whine about "fair shares" but failed to acknowledge or admit that we were paying far more than our "fair share" to the U.N.

And if you don't like your tax cut, I suggest you take the extra money you'll be getting in your paycheck this year and send it to the U.S. Treasury since you believe government spending will "trickle down" to sheep like you. Democrats believe in trickle down government economics, which is laughable. The only ones receiving a trickle down benefit when government steals and spends more money are the government employees and the crony contractors in bed with Democrat procurement officers and politicians. Ask yourself how Bernie Sanders becomes a millionaire in 30 years working for government, accomplishing nothing in all that time, and then like a hypocrite blowhard pretends he's against millionaires.

Despite the false allegations made by corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel shills on tv, real doctors who have examined Trump claim he is in great shape. Obama's physical examination revealed that he struggled for years smoking tobacco and pot, which likely did much harm to his lungs. Although, no physical examination revealed just why his brain malfunctions so much that he believes neo-marxism is a sustainable ideology and basis for government when the world suffered over 100 million casualties for those very beliefs in the last century alone. I also have never, nor have any of my Christian colleagues ever accidentally referred to their own religious beliefs as "my muslim faith" no matter how tired they are. Fortunately, corporate conglomerate fake news media shillboy George Stephanopoulos was there to correct him and help him keep all his lies in order.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on January 10, 2018 at 2:34 PM

Re: “Nikki Haley: "No one questions the stability of the president"

First of all, factoryconnection must be subscribed to fake news, because Trump is 6'3" according to Dr. Harold Bornstein whose letter documenting his medical examination of Trump was published and hyperlinked by the NY Times. Former President Obama is 6'1" according to multiple sources. So, again, we have another misinformed liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist who can't even do basic research as to the height of presidents of the United States. If you were a student in my classroom and got such basic details incorrect in a paper you turned in, and failed to provide sources, I would fail you. But this is the level of intellect I have come to expect from yuppie drug addicts who pick up free copies of the Charleston City Paper at dive bars.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on January 10, 2018 at 2:22 PM

Re: “Has Charleston's hip-hop scene reached a plateau?

That was Dope I agree more work definitely has to be put in!!!!!Jan 12 ugk vs OutKast come here some new and old music myself will be performing. come catch the vibe with some dope people that are really doin some Dope things

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Posted by Salis Mac on January 10, 2018 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Plastics don't make it possible

plastic in landfills will be our future energy. We will mine the landfills

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Posted by Randall Floyd on January 10, 2018 at 11:52 AM

Re: “Regulatory corruption, sexual misconduct, opioids, and golf carts among measures to be considered in 2018 Statehouse session

I hope the Daylight Savings Time vote gives us the option to keep it year round.

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Posted by navyvet on January 10, 2018 at 9:49 AM

Re: “Regulatory corruption, sexual misconduct, opioids, and golf carts among measures to be considered in 2018 Statehouse session

H. 4396 would exempt police dash cam footage from Freedom of Information Act requests. This is purely an attempt to protect law enforcement from lying and corruption. Body cams are a waste of money if the public can't gain access. Based on recent events, cops still protect bad cops at all costs.

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Posted by tupper29406 on January 10, 2018 at 8:15 AM
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