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Re: “Trump drills East Coast in midst of bomb cyclone

Let's keep it simple. Trump signed off on east coast drilling and fracking that runs from Florida all the way up the coastline. As soon as Trump was reminded that Florida, hence Mar-a-lago, could suffer an ecological and economic hit, Trump removed Florida from the list. So, now it's from Georgia, northward. He's a pig, period! His "tenets" change from minute to minute depending on what "Fox and Friends (Ha!)" broadcasts in the morning because he has no moral code. He's amoral and he proves it day in and day out by siding against the people he said he was going to serve. Alas, we now know he only serves himself and the people that make him richer - corporations and foreign governments.

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Posted by tupper29406 on January 12, 2018 at 9:02 AM

Re: “Trump drills East Coast in midst of bomb cyclone

Ali Akhyari, your article is full of misinformation. You dishonor yourself by playing partisan politics and not holding firm to facts and truth.

1. Sending billions of dollars to the UN would not have prevented a single hurricane or a single snow storm. You are gullible to believe that paying in billions of dollars of stolen tax dollars to foreign hustlers would change the weather or climate at all. Not only is it gullibility, it is arrogance for Democrats to believe that they can change the climate. A single volcanic eruption is more toxic to the atmosphere than an entire year of vehicles traveling the globe. There's been six confirmed ice ages that formed over long periods of time and then melted over long periods of time. This was long before the industrial revolution in the 18th century. This was long before man ever burned fossil fuel in an engine or fumed smoke out a factory smoke stack.

2. Trump curbed back regulations over offshore drilling at a time that it is unlikely many oil companies will engage in it. offshore drilling is one of the more expensive methods of drilling and extracting oil. At the current price per barrel, don't expect to see many big rigs getting setup off the coast.

3. The human population needs fossil fuel whether you like it or not. Despite wasting billions of dollars on fake green energy companies such as Solyndra and nearly 100 other fake green energy companies that have since gone bankrupt before ever bringing a meaningful product or service to market, every Democrat I know is still burning fossil fuel on their way to a bar or a party or a club or, even some of them, to work!

4. Man-made global warming is indeed a hoax. The climate has been changing for the last 4 billion years, as long as planet Earth has existed, and you are arrogant frauds and hoaxers to suggest that me paying more in taxes will suddenly stop the climate from changing. Conservatives such as myself are against pollution and care much about the environment. That's why I reuse practically everything, fix appliances, keep efficient vehicles over 20 years old running well, consume less, and put out far less trash each week then I see my Democrat neighbors piling on the side of the street. My recycle bin gets filled up much more than my trash bin, despite half the recycled trash ending up in a landfill anyways. Democrats are the most wasteful people I know. They constantly throw things away and buy new things to try to keep up with fads. Everything in their homes needs to be color coordinated. They are materialistic people. And riddle me this. Do you have any idea how much fossil fuel must be burned in order to generate the commerce necessary for you to raise billions of dollars of taxes you intend to send off in the Paris Climate Accord agreement in which the U.S. is held to a higher, unequal standard and held responsible for far more money than other nations? By embezzling billions of dollars of taxes, you are taking money that the consumption of fossil fuel was necessary in generating! That makes you and the rest of the pseudo-environmentalists quite the hypocrites.

5. Most of the top one percent voted Democrat. Over 70% of the Forbes richest 100 people voted Democrat or donated to and financed Democrat campaigns. The one percent helped write the former tax code to their own benefit, using it as a barrier to competition since they have the high priced accountants and lawyers as well as the international operations and means to keep cash and resources overseas and evade the high tax rates that the smaller businesses and smaller corporations cannot afford or manipulate their finances to evade. Democrats are the party of the rich. Obama is a millionaire. sHillary is a millionaire. Bernie is a millionaire. Harry Reid is a millionaire. Nancy Pelosi is a millionaire. And most of the richest billionaires back the Democrat party. And the CEOs of the largest corporations back the Democrat party. And all the Hollywood prostitutes and sexual predators support the Democrat party. You don't represent the hard-working blue colored people in this nation who live in what you refer to as "fly over country" and who you personally refer to as "deplorables."

6. If what Musk says is true, why haven't you and all the other Democrats invested in that theory and brought it to fruition? Musk and the 1% who are mostly Democrats have plenty of capital to invest in such a fantasy. According to the EIA, less than 15% of the U.S. energy comes from renewable sources such as wind or solar or hydropower. The DOE, which you cite, claims it is just 10%. And globally, renewable energy sources make up far less than 10% of energy production. Fossil fuels still make up 2/3 of our energy source in the U.S. Solar makes up less than 1% of our energy in the U.S. You believing that solar will replace the other 99% is pure fantasy. You're either high or still asleep and dreaming.

7. The solar job numbers you cite are absolutely bogus. For example, someone who installs solar panels is more-so a construction workers than an energy sector employee. Using that same standard, an Electrician should be considered an energy sector employee. Or an auto-mechanic who fixes or installs an oil-burning fuel powered engine should be considered an "energy sector employee." Furthermore, many of the salesmen of solar panels are counted as "energy sector employees." But if a salesman sells you a fuel powered generator or a fuel/electric powered appliance or HVAC system they are not counted as "energy sector employees." Phony statisticians with an agenda have manipulated the numbers and critically thinking Americans aren't dumb enough to believe such bogus claims. Most of those precious solar panels aren't even manufactured in the United States. There's few manufacturing jobs for solar panels, but just a bunch of construction workers climbing on roofs to install them. Sadly, the DOE's report (…) seems to focus more on demographics and race than they do energy. It's further proof that Democrats obsess over race instead of real science and analytics. I had to skip over dozens of pages rambling around race and demographic make-up of work forces in the energy sector. That's pathetic. Here is a decent article that points out some of the huge discrepancies in so-called energy sector employee counts by various solar lobbyists and even between different government agencies such as the BLS and DOE:… I certainly don't take politifact as the end all say all, but they make valid points expressing some of the same suspicions that I do about how and what is being counted in these numbers.

8. If pseudo-environmentalists are so concerned about the environment, then how come they are all still driving in fossil-fuel burning vehicles and clogging up my commute and cutting me off in traffic? Many millions of our local Charleston tax dollars are confiscated to pay for the CARTA buses that no one seems to ride. When you have a large, heavy bus burning fossil fuel which is only carrying a couple people, isn't that an inefficient use of fossil fuel? I suggest the phony environmentalist Democrats stop spending tens of thousands of dollars which required fossil fuel to generate to buy fossil fuel powered vehicles that were transported by use of fossil fuel to a dealership tended by salesmen who used fossil fuel to commute there to burn fossil fuel in daily commutes to jobs which also require fossil fuel to operate. I honestly believe my green footprint to be far less than these phony Democrats' who virtue signal about how much they supposedly care about the environment. They're consuming more and using more resources than I do. As a conservative, I live conservatively, and make the most out of little, live humbly, reuse every nut and bolt and screw and extract every part I can out of something before I trash it. Heck, I even desolder electronic parts off old electronics before I scrap them. I also am more mindful of harmful materials in products before I throw them away. Democrats toss poisonous things such as microwaves containing magnatrons with beryllium oxide in them in the trash or set them on the side of the streets, then go put up a "Feel the Bern" sign in their yards, often bordered by "walls" on at least three sides, and pretend to care about the environment.

9. I agree that we should all feel an individual responsibility to be kind to the Earth, reduce our green footprints, use energy wisely, and reduce pollution as much as possible. What I disagree with is that stealing billions of tax dollars from private citizens to send off to the UN or to launder to Obama's friends at Solyndra or Beacon Power or Evergreen Solar which all go bankrupt before producing any meaningful product or service for the citizens of this nation is by any means meaningful to the cause or helpful to the environment. In matter of fact, it has the opposite impact since billions of dollars which required the consumption of fuel to produce were wasted, thereby contributing to the wasteful use of fossil fuel and energy resources. Yes to individual environmental responsibility. No to collectivist, wasteful and corrupt green energy hustles perpetrated by Al Gore and other greedy frauds who get rich off the propaganda, not off actual results or products or green energy production.

10. Trump's policies are much more than just fodder. I care about results, not the warm and fuzzy lies Obama propagated for 8 years. The evidence is in the results. Low unemployment, less need for welfare, an expanding economy, meaningful foreign policy, less government coercion, less violent crime, prevention of terrorism, keeping America safe, keeping jobs in America, putting American citizens first instead of holding up uncivilized, third world natives as some sort of virtuous, superior people. What you never did was hold Obama accountable, which was sad. Were you afraid of being called a racist if you criticized him at all? Did you racially hold him to a lower standard because he was half black (affirmative action)? Did you make excuses for his stagnant economy which never grew by a minimum 3% in any single year of his presidency? Did you make excuses why black and Hispanic unemployment was so disproportionately high during his presidency? Did you blame companies and corporations for not expanding and investing capital when Obama was telling them they didn't build their own companies, and was demonizing profits? Do you not know that you need to multiply your beloved high tax rates by .....*gasp*....those same "evil" profits you just demonized? By all objective measures, Trump's presidency has been quite successful so far. Your own prejudices, identity politics, and biases prevent you from seeing truth and facts. You're rooting for the Democrat football team instead of what is good for the nation and its economy and its citizens. You'd rather let an unvetted Muslim terrorist from a nation known for radicalization and terrorist cells into the nation out of fear of being labeled an "Islamophobe" than take reasonable precautions to keep Americans safe. Your ideology is dangerous because you have put your political party above what is best for the nation. Your blind hatred for Trump isn't founded in rationalized reason and logic. It's been molded and manipulated by a media that assaults him and his presidency on a daily basis, manipulating your feelings without rationale. You're so deranged that you are now blaming hurricanes and cold spells on Donald Trump, as if the weather outside would be nicer if Hillary were president. You're deluded.

11. You provided no logic or science in your article. You didn't scientifically prove that mankind has any meaningful impact on the climate. You didn't scientifically explain why the climate has been changing for the last 4 billion years. According to Democrat global warming fear mongering, climate change is a condition brought about by the industrial revolution of the 18th century, but you don't explain why the climate had more rapid swings and changes far before the industrial revolution. You also do not logically explain how tax dollars will be efficiently used to make any meaningful impact on the environment or climate. Individuals make a difference, not the government or some imaginary collectivist group of heroes at the UN who will magically wave a wand and make the climate comfortable outside in exchange for billions of tax dollars generated from fuel/coal consumption. Your article is merely an expression of your irrational feelings, your hatred of Trump, and your religious faith in global warming unfounded in real science and untested by the scientific method which used to be required back when I went to college.

12. What do you want? For Donald Trump or the UN to force you to stop burning fossil fuel in your vehicle in exchange for more of your tax dollars? You're the one who has to make responsible choices. Reduce your electrical usage. Reuse and recycle. Build your homes out of recycled materials. Stop dumping so much trash on the side of the road each week. Democrats don't want to accept SELF responsibility for the environment. You want some government politician to do all the hard work for you while you get to continue your own bad habits. You think that if you vote Democrat than your job is done and you are suddenly made virtuous. Out of all my friends, my Democrat friends are probably the most wasteful people who use up the most resources, who travel the most, and who live lifestyles that are most harmful to the environment, inefficient with resources, etc. Al Gore, for example, consumes more energy in his mansions than about 10 average American households combined. Americans are sick of this kind of hypocrisy from elites and those pretending to be morally superior to the rest of us.

13. Remember the BP oil spill? Who made tons of money off that disaster? The Federal government did. Obama and his crony Eric Holder repeatedly shook down BP for billions of dollars. It started with a coerced $20 billion slush fund in 2010 that Obama required BP to setup, even though there was no legal precedent for them to do so. So he used tyranical, fascist force to coerce a private sector corporation to do something they were not otherwise legally required to do. There was already a well-established legal process for remedying the economic cost of someone elses negligence. But Obama also broke well-established bankruptcy law when he screwed over the bondholders of GM debt to pay off his union cronies first. Why weren't Democrats screaming fascist? Because you don't believe in the rule of law and due process? We cannot afford to live in a society where we are subjects to an emotional Democrat's tyranny, unfounded in facts, procedures, law, or due process. $20 billion wasn't enough. Obama later went after them for another $4 billion in criminal fines and restitution. BP's Deepwater Horizon cost total came to $62B. That's a huge sum of money for what was a grossly exaggerated oil spill.
Most Democrats probably wish they had gone bankrupt and all the employees lose their jobs. And yet I still see Democrats at the BP station pumping gasoline into their vehicles.

14. Musks various ventures have sucked well over $5 billion from government coffers. If a Republican venture capitalist had taken this much money from the government treasury, you'd be screaming. But Musk does it and you celebrate him and hold him up as some kind of genius and intellectual adviser on climate issues? If this guy was intelligent, he would have raised $5 billion from private investors in lieu of the money he lobbied politicians for. Source (…)

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Posted by Neo Marcist on January 11, 2018 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Trump drills East Coast in midst of bomb cyclone

"That is technically true if you just look at the numbers and don't use logic."
This is a bigly point of a goodly argument.

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Posted by Ima Oldman on January 10, 2018 at 11:09 PM
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