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Re: “First-time candidate announces Democratic challenge to Mark Sanford by standing against Nancy Pelosi

Palestinians are Semitic people too, so if Ellison/Democrats are pro Palestine, how can they be anti-Semitic? Stop throwing words around just because you hear them used on TV. Think about what they mean.

And, by the way, criticism of Israel is not defacto anti-Semitism like many want to believe. There are legitimate human rights issues that need to be addressed.

Posted by Ron Liberte on June 25, 2017 at 4:11 PM

Re: “First-time candidate announces Democratic challenge to Mark Sanford by standing against Nancy Pelosi

As much as I dislike Sanford, I'll hv to vote for him. I did not vote for him in the primary. I wanted him out. The way the Democratic Party has shifted to the Far Left shows they are no longer the Party they were 30 years ago. Even 20 years. The fact that they wanted Keith Ellison as their Committee Chair? And now is their Deputy Committee Chairman? Sorry. This man is an anti Semite. Has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Being a Jew, I have found the Democrats are much more pro Palestinian. The Left on college campus's support BDS boycotts. My parents were victims of Nazi Germany. I know what a true fascist is. Trust me, Trump is no fascist . I love how uninformed people use the term so loosely and refer to Trump as Hitler. Ivanka married an Orthodox Jew and converted. Eric and Don Jr. Both married Jewish women. Hitler took guns away from the German people immediately, once he became Chancellor. Goebbels was head of propaganda. Ya think Trump is in control of the press? Ah, don't think so. Jeff Bezos, a huge Lefty, owns THE WASHINGTON POST!! He seems to be taking over the world, and all of you think Trump is the fascist? Ha! Worry about George Soros. He owns most of the media. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN ,MSNBC , NYT, Washington Post, LA. Times. Every major newspaper is liberal, and all the liberals accuse Trump of being like Hitler. People should brush up on their history.

I used to be a democrat. But in good conscience, I can no longer vote in that party. Republicans are not much better either. It's all out of control. All of D.C. Need a good kick in the ass. And guess what? They got it. Trump was voted it. And the more the democrats continue this witch hunt, they will keep losing elections. Instead of taking accountability of running a horrible candidate, they blame Trump and the people who voted for him. All I heard for a year from CNN and MSNBC was there was no way for Trump to get 270 Electoral College votes. Like parrots, repeating the same thing. Until the day after the election. Then all of a sudden because CA had more popular votes, Trump really didn't win. Give me a break. But, that's the dem's for you.

Europe is a mess. Thank God we don't live there. I lived in London. Forget it. The worst health care. U get what u pay for. Hopefully they will work out this healthcare mess. There is tremendous fraud too. So much bureaucracy. There were 2700 pages to thing. Really? Tons of added taxes. That were not needed. Obamacare is imploding. So something needed to be done. I did read you will be able to buy insurance over state lines. That is a good thing.

Posted by lynnar on June 25, 2017 at 2:21 PM
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