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Re: “Bambu

Been there twice in the last two weeks, first with a big group for a business occasion, went back this week with a friend because the first visit was so good. Seems they've changed their menu, it's smaller, but I think they're focusing more on quality than on quantity of items. Both times, the service was really good - the wait staff was attentive & knowledgeable, but not in your face. Sometimes with a big group it's not as great as when you're with a smaller party, but they were good & really welcoming. They were even willing to change a few things, & all the food came out quickly. With the big group, had a bunch of appetizers, all of them were really good, especially the edamame & spinach dip. They have some great sushi, some of the best we've had, some were kind of spicy, excellent. With my friend, we shared some of the small plates, the tuna was a bit overdone, but the hanger steak was delicious, also more sushi.
We also had a few of their specialty drinks, the Thai Basil Lemonade is great - pretty creative. AND, the outdoor patio is awesome - this place will be on our list of favorite restaurants.

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Posted by marci on May 25, 2011 at 11:31 PM

Re: “Barsa Tapas Lounge & Bar

Had dinner on Friday with my fiance. Loved the interior and the very reasonably priced wine list. We had 5-6 of the tapas and the chicken and chorizo paella. The only slight disappointment was the patatas bravas, which were basically french fries with a blank sauce. However, the rest of the food items we ordered were delicious. This is the first tapas place I've gone to in Charleston that actually serves true Spanish tapas, not just anything in a small plate size. We will definitely be back!

Posted by Colleen on May 25, 2011 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Zocalo

My fiance and I have eaten at Zocalo several times and love it! The presentation is great, food's even better - the salad with jicama, pickled onions, and avacado is wonderful, as are the other dishes we've tried. I'm so glad to have an authentic Mexican place in the neighborhood, and look forward to summer margaritas on the patio with live Latin music!

Posted by rpkgal on May 19, 2011 at 1:27 PM

Re: “Laura Alberts Tasteful Options

Best lunch on DI, hands down. Reasonably priced considering the portion size (I took half of my huge $13 sandwich home!) They always have some rare beer on tap.

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Posted by ThomEvans on May 16, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Re: “Triangle Char and Bar

Definitely the burgers are awesome! I ordered two, one for there, one to take home (the yank, the hot shit) and both were awesome and juicy. I like mine pretty rare, and it was cooked wonderfully. However, another member of our party ordered a medium rare and it came out lookin fresh outta the grinder. They took it back graciously though and fixed him a new burger. I was impressed by the beer selection, though I admittably don't know much about that...It was loud and busy and the waitstaff was only okay, but it's a burger and bar joint - i expect that sort of environment. The hostess was a little flighty, and the to-go burger was plainly forgotten about - but they got it straight to me. I would def go back, and rank it as the best burger place I've tried yet in the area, though the service could use a slightly happier personality.

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Posted by clarkeypoo on May 16, 2011 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Zocalo

I've eaten at Zocalo three times since the soft opening and in general I'm impressed both with how together they were at the opening and how they've improved on any initial qualms I had. The addition of Steve Davidson (sp?) in the kitchen is noticeable. The interior decor is very adult and terrific for an evening out with friends. The patio, Like JoshL725 pointed out, is going to be awesome this summer! I look forward to them adding more in the non-meat realm but it is already pretty damn good.

Posted by factoryconnection on May 5, 2011 at 1:56 PM

Re: “Halo

One of my readers suggested that we try Halo, a restaurant on Ashley Avenue across from MUSC. My readers haven’t steered me wrong yet, so we decided to give it a go.

Parking can be a little challenging for this restaurant, but the parking gods were smiling on us and we found a metered spot a few streets down from the restaurant.

On the way to ordering we ogled the glass covered “jewel box” of fresh made pastries. I could see one of these treats was going to be in my immediate future. My husband went up to check out the upstairs seating while I stood in line to order.

Although it wasn’t very busy (we got to lunch very late), the ordering process took awhile. There was one cashier who is very helpful, but because there were a lot of options, i.e. breads, side dishes, etc. each customer was asked and given all of these options, which took some time. There could probably more efficient way of doing this that I believe would help to drive traffic and sales.

After placing our order I headed up to the great outdoor table that my husband had found. Once you place your order you’re given a small plastic number that stands on your table. Your food is then delivered to your table. We waited for lunch and watched the world go by…….

If I had one complaint it would be that our lunch took a long time. For a not-so busy restaurant it took almost 20 minutes for our lunch to arrive. BUT… when it did arrive it was well worth the wait.

The menu consists of the baked goods that we first saw, 3 soups, 8 salads and 24 sandwiches. Their breakfast menu (7:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.), looks very interesting and we can’t wait to go back and try it.

During our wait we munched on the blueberry scone that we’d ordered. I have worked with a very large bakery café chain in the past and I thought I knew scones. This was the most un-scone-like scone that I’ve ever eaten. It was moist, light, and airy and the blueberries tasted like they were picked that morning. I’d go back to Halo just for that!

I ordered the Quesadilla Salad with Chicken. I thought the item sounded interesting. I really didn’t know where the chicken was going – on the salad or in the quesadilla, and found out that it comes in the quesadilla. A large, hot quesadilla was served atop a pile of greens and fresh accompaniments – diced tomato, carrots, banana peppers, and black bean and corn salsa. All were very fresh. Although the mixed cheese and pretzel roll advertised with the salad did not make the trip upstairs to our table, I would not have known they were missing until I reread the menu this morning. The salad was very good, but I didn’t care for eating out of a plastic clam shell with plastic silverware as if we had taken the item to go. Despite these few pet peeves, the salad was a winner.

When we go back for lunch I’ll be trying the sandwich selections. My husband’s “Brickhouse” sandwich came out cut in half and stacked at least 4-5” high. The side dish was the pasta salad of the day, which was as he put it, “Not their specialty.” He didn’t seem to mind, since the sandwich was terrific.

Served on a nice, fresh Ciabatta roll (they were out of multigrain bread that the sandwich is usually served on), thinly sliced roast beef was topped with a heaping serving of crumbled bleu cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion and pesto. All I kept hearing was “You ordered the wrong thing, this is great!”

Upon leaving one of the employees (a manager perhaps?), asked how everything was and said that he was pleased that we enjoyed everything and invited us back. And back for a visit we shall go.

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Posted by susieg on May 3, 2011 at 5:17 PM

Re: “Massi's Wine Bar & Osteria

My husband and I stopped in during Design Walk. We took advantage of the special offer of a free sampler plate when we bought two glasses of wine. The wine list was fantastic and reasonably priced. Everything on the sample plate was great. The house made mozzarella was rich and delicious, the olive oil cured anchovies were surprisingly good and not overly fishy, and the cured meats were great. The Kobe meatball was a bit dry, but they are aware of the issue and are working on it. They'd only been open two days and it was free, so I'm not going to hold one it against them! By this time the torrential downpour had started so we decided to get another glass of wine and try more food. We selected the duck confit over ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce. It was unbelievably good. Also, the bartender recommended an absolutely perfect wine pairing for the dish. All in all, we were happy we had stopped in and had such a pleasant place to ride out the rain. We will definitely return.

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Posted by mle on April 28, 2011 at 9:07 AM

Re: “Hominy Grill

i disagree my food was really good and the portions were fine, the one thing i will say the host told us there were no seats available inside, only 3 tables were being used, and only had outdoor seating, it was pretty cold outside (getting caught up on my reviews), and when we left there were still tables that had not been touched, so that didnt sit well with me, but whatever still had a really good meal

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Posted by erinsloan on April 27, 2011 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Neil Jordan's Steakhouse

Neil's serves stellar steak dishes and the service is terrific. The wine list is appropriately varied and reasonably priced. Every time I've dined there, the bar area is lively - looks like a great gathering place for locals in the 17 North area. It's also really nice that Neil himself usually stops in at your table and checks on your meal.

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Posted by dsharlee on April 17, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Re: “Kim's Restaurant

i am never disappointed with Kim's. One of my favorite restaurants in Charleston. From the incredibly generous amounts of Hibachi, to the delicious Sushi at decent prices, the Korean to die for, and of course who can forget the Kimchi. I am a Sushi addict esp. in the winter,fall, and spring. If I'm at Kim's that's where you'll catch me at the Sushi Bar. They have a great variety of Sushi at wonderful prices. If you are in Downtown Charleston or even West of the Ashley. Definitely consider Kim's for A dining experience. I am pretty sure you will enjoy.?.

Posted by zoel on April 6, 2011 at 7:17 AM

Re: “Eurasia Café and Wine Bar

My wife and I ate here this week for the first time, and were very pleased overall with the experience and the food. Andy Fallen is certainly no stranger to winning restaurant concepts in Charleston, and this mini-chain has done a great job with their strip mall renovation, creating a clean, modern space with a bar and tall tables as you enter transitioning into the seated dining area with a raised ceiling.

The menu is extensive, with a nice selection of apps, salads, sandwiches, and entrees. There are many influences and fusions, as the restaurant's name would suggest. We sampled the Sweet Onion soup, the tempura shrimp, and a raw oyster special for appetizers. The soup was a very good execution and tweak of a standard, with the sweet onions giving the soup a lighter taste than many. The tempura shrimp had wonderful flavor, accompanied by a complementary Asian slaw. The tempura coating did get a bit rubbery, though. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the oysters, as well. For entrees, she had North African leg of lamb, and I kept it simple with the beef tenderloin. Her lamb was delicious, redolent with the regional spices I haven't had since the tagines at the departed Le Club Fez. A kalamata olive risotto was a perfect accompaniment. My filet was very tender and well prepared, except for just missing on the temperature (medium instead of medium rare). It is served with an excellent blue cheese bearnaise sauce, along with some tasty garlic and bacon mashed potatoes and asparagus. The dessert menu had many enticing options, but we settled on a peanut butter s'more "bomb". This was like a delicious amalgam of a Reese's cup, a mallomar, and a moon pie. Great stuff. Our waitress was pleasant and attentive without being intrusive.

We had a wonderful time, and we welcome another upscale dining option in Mount Pleasant. We will return and would recommend.

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Posted by lawdog on March 30, 2011 at 11:40 PM

Re: “Gilroy's Irish Pizza Pub

This is the one! The crust is perfect for folding and flipping. The sauce is extraordinary and the toppings are generous. New York style personified. Only four stars because the place is filthy.

Posted by Guy on March 8, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Re: “Taco Boy

Anyone who does not make me choose a Sangria or Margarita, but instead puts frozen margarita IN my Sangria, gets my vote. I love the large portion of delicious guacamole - - large enough that I don't resent sharing. The corn on the cob with the spicy sauce is just delicious. And the tacos make my inner foodie very happy.

Posted by innerfoodie on March 8, 2011 at 9:30 PM

Re: “Red Drum

Red Drum has traditionally been more of a scene than a restaurant. Recently, however, they have changed course and now offer some of the best food, if not in Charleston, at least in Mt. Pleasant, and at a reasonable price. It's important to note this change, because if you've been before, you owe it to yourself to try it again.

Old Red Drum: Whose Porsche is parked out front? Food is ok. Atmosphere a little stuffy. Check seems very expensive. No, seriously, that's a nice Porsche.

New Red Drum: The economy gets blamed for messing up a lot of good things. There are a few restaurants in town, however, that have had to really improve their quality to stay relevant now that their real estate agent clientele have left and they're having to cater to people with discerning tastes. Red Drum is a prime example of this (also Cypress). When it came time to sink or swim, they learned backstroke.

It is possible to get a great dinner here, both on the cheap or going all out. The pork tacos are bargain priced but pack a real punch of flavor. The fried local shrimp are similarly priced, and are done right. Give me those two on a plate with one of their mojitos or margaritas, and I'm happy and only out 20 bucks.

For the finer dining side, the pork chop is one of the best in town. It's better prepared than Brett McKee's 17 North chop, although it lacks 17 North's delicious smoke. I'll call it a tie, and for anyone that knows to pick a good pork chop over an OK steak, you need to try Red Drum's. Speaking of steak, the hanger with frites is a great example of meat and potatoes at its finest. The scallops are also a solid choice and well prepared. The wine list is good and, while not cheap, reasonably priced.

Even if it's only to try the pork chop, it's worth another visit to see how a bad economy can make a good restaurant.

Posted by K and B on March 4, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Re: “Mama Q's Kitchen

Really good fully loaded burgers. Great shoestring fries. Terrific veggie burrito. Neat neighborhood joint. Big promoters of the Lowcountry High Rollers.

Posted by Guy on February 24, 2011 at 6:51 PM

Re: “Barberito's

we love barberitos. better than moes - but yet so similar. tuesdays are kids eat free nights - we go often! friendly staff - they always seem to remember us. i always get the steak - whatever seasonings they use, mmmmm! prices are decent, but we will rarely go on a full price night.

Posted by Momto2boysSC on February 23, 2011 at 1:48 PM

Re: “Barsa Tapas Lounge & Bar

Had a great evening there. Loved the interior, very upscale. Food was very good and had a great time. Friendly atmosphere. Specially enjoyed the murals. Perfect touch.

Carolyn and Bob

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 7:52 AM

Re: “Patat Spot Friet & Falafel

I had the Junior Falafel and a large fry that, due to an ordering mix-up handled the best way possible, came out as a full-size falafel and jumbo fry. Score!

The owner, savvy with her condiments, comped us an additional sauce to go with our curry sauce (mayo)... curry ketchup. I'm ethically opposed to regaling ketchup, but it was a delicious addition. The fries were not super crispy like you'd find from a peanut-oil fryer, but were still irresistible based on the quantity of remains: zero.

The falafel and pita were fine... I don't have a lot of basis for comparison for falafel. However, the broad selection of toppings that you can fire-at-will (in one trip only) into your pita really made it worth the while. Baba Ghanoujj, hummus, spicy feta, Israeli salad, avocado salad, tabbouleh, and several other things made it onto our plate. All were flavorful with the right combination of tastes that were far more than just salt and/or canned boredom.

On the surface, the prices seem high, and for the fries it is true. However, the toppings bar takes the falafel value all the way up to "great." Nicely done, Patat Spot!

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Posted by factoryconnection on February 14, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Re: “Eurasia Café and Wine Bar

Went for the 1st time last weekend. There were 4 of us and everyone was pretty happy.
The fried oysters appetizer was just "ok" from one dinner companion. Nothing special about it.
The beef tenderloin carpaccio was good but not as good as the one at Ole Post House.
The Edamame was "edamame" but the lemon was a nice touch.
Two thumbs up on the Grilled Romaine Caesar Wedge. Damn good salad and the croutons were dynamite! Yes, croutons!
Two thumbs up on the Granny Smith Apple, Warm Brie & Prosciutto Salad.
Another person had the Grilled Steak & Cheese On Toasted Ciabatta and he said it was good.
Two thumbs up on the Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels with Pernod and the Chinese Vegetable Spring Rolls.
The biggest problem we had at Eurasia was the "loud factor". Granted it was a Saturday night but O_M_G it was LOUD.
We will all definitely return, just not on the weekend.
Eurasia is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

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Posted by Little Nell on February 8, 2011 at 2:29 PM
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