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Comment Archives: Locations: Restaurants: Italian: 1 Star

Re: “The Red Pepper

Go Somewhere Else!

My husband and I took out his little sister for dinner. They ordered Chicken Parmigiana for $16.95 each. Both chicken breasts were BURNT and UNEATABLE. We complained to the waiter and waited for a manager to come by our table. No manager came by. We were CHARGED for both chicken dinners with two $3.25 cannolis on the house.

I couldn't believe the kitchen would serve burnt food and hide it under cheese and sauce like that. I couldn't believe the waiter didn't do more to make our dinner acceptable to eat. I couldn't believe no one cared.

They proudly put a 5 star rating on their door but don't back it up. AVOID THIS PLACE!

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Posted by MPDunaway on November 16, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Re: “Alessandra's Italian Eatery

I was looking forward to some good Italian food and had been told that this was a great place by several coworkers.
We must've caught them on a bad night or my coworkers have really bad taste. The bread was stale and the spiced oil was just some dried herbs in the oil that did nothing to improve the flavor. We ordered a Caprese salad that was tasteless and lacking any visual appeal. The lettuce was Iceberg piled in the center with nothing added to the tomatoes or the mozzarella. We asked for some olive oil or balsamic and was brought some prepared italian dressing and were told that they didn't have any balsamic.
At this point, we decided to find somewhere else to eat.
The waitress, which tried to do a good job but spoke very little english was still trying to take our orders. The owner was standing in the dining room and we asked him to come over. He seemed disinterested in our comments and told us that they had good pasta dishes and that they didn't need any balsamic. He didn't offer any other comments about the food or service.
I hope that this a bad night but given the owners attitude, I have my doubts.

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Posted by jmm1960 on August 16, 2013 at 4:51 PM

Re: “Joe Pasta

Things wrong from my visit last summer (and only visit).
1. Wait staff took over 10 minutes to say hello to the table (We, a 4 top, were 1 of 4 tables so they weren't weeded)
2. So much dust and crud on the walls that it was NASTY to look at.
3. Lack of management intervention during a scuffle between two employees. Curse words flew rampant out of one guys mouth involved in the scuffle.
4. Wait staff (all four servers), hostess and bartender stayed by the bar and talked the whole time. Drinks stayed empty and the cook had to walk the food out due to our "server" chatting at the bar.
5. Management promised gift certificates mailed due to our horrible experience to make up for the scuffled witnessed but they never came.
6. Food was marginal at best.
7. The best part was the cook who walked our food out and checked on us 2x due to our waiter loving to chat with other workers.

I've run a restaurant and I never would have allowed this lack of service to take place. I will never go there again and when friends ask, I am very honest about my experience there.

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Posted by Padget on March 13, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Re: “Joe Pasta

Nastiest do they stay open? Gross.

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Posted by comer2007 on March 13, 2013 at 10:53 AM

Re: “Massi's Wine Bar & Osteria

A disappointment. Lighting so dim made it very hard to read the menu. Brushchetta app only so-so. The antipasto tray for $16 had only a few lackluster tidbits. Place ran out of BREAD! A few hard pieces at our table, that was it.

While some at my table enjoyed their food, several did not...when a patron tried to discuss with owner, he was VERY rude to her...never, never is this acceptable, guy.

Just lost our patronage on a permanent basis.

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Posted by Mollie Katsen on September 23, 2012 at 6:50 PM

Re: “The Red Pepper

Way over priced for mediocre food. If you can open a jar and cook boxed pasta, save your money and eat at home.

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Posted by Mistweaver on December 23, 2011 at 7:43 PM

Re: “Bella Napoli

Since the reviews have been 50/50 - as an optimist (and a fan of the WA La Fontana) I had hopes. I'm writing this as I now have hopes of not being sick. The wine was passible - no liquor license. The pasta "special" - ravioli of spinach, ricotta and walnuts - $22. The pasta was probably made 2-3 days ago. The "cream" sauce was brownish-grey and as thick as mashed potatoes. The Saltimbocca was drenched in turkey gravy (Cisco have a sale?) We tried a quarter of our plates. Even though Antonio, our server, was charming and attentive, he knew the problems had no solution and advised the chef 'knew little English' and 'might be uncaring' . He was delicate about the possible encounter. We wanted to like this place and call it an off night, maybe visit again for the red gravy, our check ($22 for ravioli?) warranted a talk with the chef / cook. He started with "everyone else loves the food" to "I'm very busy (four tables in the restaurant, we were the last to enter @ 6:30 p.m.) I'll forgive a restaurant for an off night, but not a chef / cook for not caring. Full disclosure - he didn't let us pay for our meal in spite our willingness to do so, but his curse dismissal of us gave the initiative for this review so others can judge. However, if any old school restaurant is looking for a dedicated server, seek out Antonio - he's charming.

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Posted by Calhoun on December 2, 2011 at 9:40 AM

Re: “Taste of India

What happened to Gennaro's? As a former denizen of NYC of Italian extraction I found that Gennaro's was the only place that had the gravy similar to what I'm used to. I had dinner this week and I think that the economy is taking a toll on them and they are now cutting corners. Salad; outer leafs of lettuce, one olive, two tomatoe slices and an onion? Weak... The alfredo was disappointing as the sauce tasted and had the textrure of library paste with a faint cheese taste. Very disappointing. It seems that they are cutting back and trying to stretch a few ingredients. It will be a while before I consider trying them again.

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Posted by JoeMama on October 2, 2011 at 9:03 AM

Re: “Bella Napoli

Reasonably priced, mediochre italian/american fare. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The eggplant was soggy and loaded with stale bread crumbs. The table bread was dense and cubed; wonder bread wrapped in a black napkin and served in a basket is still wonder bread. The dipping oil was sour. The alfredo was like paste but the flavor was good. The service was slow. Everything about Bella Napoli is "eh" at best. BUT, the bf and I got to have lunch together which makes everything better.

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Posted by danadominata on July 14, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Re: “Joe Pasta

Terrible food, terrible service, awful experience........... This was such an unfortunate experience. This place used to have great food. What happened????

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Posted by bebem on April 9, 2011 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Bella Napoli

Horribly Overpriced!!!!
My Husband and I just finished having dinner at this establishment. The first sign that our meal was doomed to be a meal from "KITCHEN NIGHTMARES" was when our side salads came out, they consisted of lettuce a tomato and a small cup of raspberry vinegarette dressing far from "authentic Italian."
Our salads were $5 a piece for what lettuce and tomato? The bread tasted as if it was microwaved. After much disapointment we recieved our meals, my husband ordered Lasagna that had absolutely no flavor. My husband offered me a small bit and I can honestly say I've had better microwaved meals. The worst part of the dinner was my meal, I ordered a chicken Florentine dish that tasted like nothing special.. It consisted of a boiled chicken breast floating around in what tasted like campbells chicken soup and noodles with microwaved spinach. To top off the chicken breast was a microwaved slice of provolone cheese. The dish I ordered was nothing special $17 FOR WHAT? The food that we ordered tasted like something that we could have made at home, but never would. We also chose to use a coupon that we had that clearly stated "Buy one Dinner of equal or great value and recieve a second dinner of equal or Greater value for free. When Our waitress saw our coupon she said "Im sorry we cannot honor these because the coupon book that printed these for us made a typo sorry. Ok soo the typo is the customer's fault?? This was our first and last time eating at Bella Napoli. The worst part was when I recieved the bill I honestly wanted to vomit my tastless meal back up. $57.00 I WAS DISGUSTED to say the least, We ordered 3 teas, 2 meals, 2 side salads and 1 kids meal and none of it was worth $57.00. My husband and I eat out alot because we love trying new places and Charleston certantly has alot of wonderful, delicious restaurants in the area however Bella Napoli is not one of them. This meal was a total waste of money. OVER PRICED MICROWAVED DINNERS, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

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Posted by Linz on March 25, 2011 at 11:03 PM

Re: “Capriccio Restaurant

Not much to say about this restaurant, except maybe that the server tried very hard to improve our visit. It was HOT, and a table lamp put out such heat that the temperature increased by at least 10 degrees. The food was mediocre. What they call ciopinno is just pasta with bland tomato sauce, with a few pieces of seafood thrown in. No broth at all. We won't be going back.

Posted by dsharlee on September 29, 2010 at 8:02 PM

Re: “Bella Napoli

My wife and I were excited to try a new Italian restaurant.

First impressions, it has a decent atmosphere with dim lights and slightly comfortable chairs. However, the terrible experience is yet to come.

I told our waitress that this was our first time here and we would love to hear her recommendations. She recommended the Alfredo or the Spaghetti and meatballs. To this I knew I was in trouble. "Straight from Naples, Italy" and spaghetti and meatballs/alfredo is the best they can recommend?

My wife and I wanted something a bit more complex, so I ordered the lasagna, a bowl of the only soup on the menu (a spinach and egg soup in chicken broth... I had hoped for something better than what it sounded like...) and the salada caprese. My wife ordered the cheese ravioli with a spinach/ricotta cream sauce.

The wait was VERY long, during which we had to remind the waitress that everyone else has bread and perhaps we could have some, too. She brought the foccatta bread in a basket. It was incredibly dry and stale. It tasted like it came from a local grocery store and sat out all day before they served it.

The soup and salad arrived next. The salad was the ONLY good point of the meal. Though overpriced at $7 for 4 slices of tomatoes and 3 slices of mozarella, it was a typical caprese salad and had nothing wrong with it. (also nothing to rave about) The soup was a simple boxed chicken broth soup with spinach leaves and an egg dropped into it. Extremely simple, nothing unique, a little bland, and not worth paying a penny for. I can make that at home, and I don't want to go to a restaurant to get something I can make at home.

Finally came the meals... My lasagna had a plastic, freezer-burned taste to it. The cheese melted on top and the colder center relative to the sides was a dead give-away that this lasagna had been heated in a microwave. I tried ignoring the plastic taste, but it stuck with me in every single bite.

My wife's ravioli was in a heart-attack salty sauce that was borderline inedible.

When the waitress finally came over, I gave her my thoughts on the food. She apologized and brought the plates away. She came back a little later and told me why I must have been crazy in thinking that the lasagna tasted like plastic and the ravioli was in a sickeningly salty sauce - the lasagna was made on site, to which through quick questioning I was able to get it out of her that of course it is wrapped in plastic and stored in the freezer until one is ordered. (I did not even want to know how many days it is allowed to sit) and of course, she said the cheese in the ravioli sauce was the reason it was salty.

I cancelled our desert. The waitress had promised that the canoli was made on-site fresh... She had said that exact same thing about the lasagna. That was all the convincing I needed to confirm I made the right decision to cancel the canoli.

That night I suffered the worst heartburn ever from that food. And the following morning, my body decided to expel what was left of that food in my stomach.

Next time I think about going Italian and might want to try Bella Napoli, I will just stay at home and cook an alfredo or spaghetti and meatballs.

Posted by Skrymik on June 10, 2010 at 8:56 AM

Re: “Michaelangelo's Kitchen

There were very few bright spots in our families visit to this restaurant. We started with fresh mozzarella which was good and had a nice consistency. Also the homemade gnocchi wasn't bad. But the pesto sauce with it was oily and flavorless. My spaghetti and meatballs tasted like it was the worst sauce you could find out of a supermarket. They obviously don't know to use whole tomatoes and use too much tomato paste. It imparted an off/burnt flavor that they tried to cover up with too much dried spices. I'd start from scratch with a different recipe and use fresh spices. The breadsticks that they serve with every meal need to be scrapped. Why serve a flavorless/textureless strip of dough that would serve better as a squeegee. If they use the same dough to make there pizzas that is a big reason to go somewhere else too. My sons shrimp in his alfredo were well cooked, but it was bathed in a flavorless mound of overcooked pasta with no resemblence to cheese sauce. We did not try the desserts that they apparently rave about. I don't think I wanted to tempt the gods. We had a coupon for part of our meal, and I still left with the feeling that I was overcharged for a poorly prepared meal. I was equally upset that I could not get back a Saturday evening eating experience out with my family that had been wasted in this establishment. Get yourself a cheap jar sauce from the supermarket and overcook your own pasta and slap some vegetable oil on some Wonder bread and you will do a far sight better than eating here.

Posted by vcarr on May 29, 2010 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Il Cortile Del Re

I've come here for drinks more than a few times and always enjoyed myself, but after eating my first meal here this weekend I left less than impressed. My water glass was nearly always empty, the gnocchi was ok but bland (my dates ravioli was better but not great), and the tiramisu was terrible... It was somehow watery at the bottom, and I suspect it may have been frozen at one point??? The only thing I would recommend is the lemon sorbet.

Bottom line, you can find much better on the peninsula for the same price.

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Posted by dirty mck on February 1, 2010 at 2:21 PM
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