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Comment Archives: Locations: Restaurants: Modern American

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

tried to go there one sat at noon only to find closed. are you kidding with all the subdivisions out there? open for lunch. some older folks are not going to make a reservation in the evening to go to a roadside diner. Brett I have heard you speak and your passion for the kitchen.. lets be real and open up lunch and dinner. also 4 churches in park west. think anyone would want sunday brunch???

Posted by runner on September 8, 2010 at 1:09 PM

Re: “Saffire: A Charleston Oven

We had their breakfast buffet. All the flavors were off. Eggs, bacon, sausage all a little odd. Not reasonable prices.
We also had their desserts one evening. It was pretty good, reasonable prices.

Posted by Georgiafan on July 26, 2010 at 7:46 PM

Re: “McCrady's Restaurant

The worst food in the city-- who are they paying off!

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Posted by done on July 22, 2010 at 2:03 AM

Re: “McCrady's Restaurant

McCrady's showcases the best ingredients the lowcountry can provide at the best restaurant in town. It's not cheap, but worth every cent. If you have not been here, go now.

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Posted by elam1234 on July 21, 2010 at 4:14 PM

Re: “FIG

FIG serves some of the most incredible food in Charleston. Period. The CHICKEN LIVER PÂTÉ is one of the most balanced and delicious dishes I have ever eaten. The pork trotters are incredible. The gnocchi was a little boring, but I think it is not the same as the current one on the menu. The homemade walnut icecream was absolutely terrific. I can't say enough about the food at this place. I am excited about their commitment to local food.

One major negative for me at FIG was the atmosphere. It does not match the incredible food. We were seated all the way in the back. The first thing I noticed was that the floors were laminate squares in the same color and pattern as one would find in an elementary school cafeteria. It was atrocious, and barely a step up from carpet (which absolutely no restaurant should ever entertain that idea. gross.). The space was not cozy at all. And please repaint the tan walls and replace the handmade paintings. They need to carry over the atmosphere in the bar area to the rest of the restaurant eating space. It looks like the decorator ran out of money in the first fourth of the restaurant.

I wish that our server had a little more experience and was more attentive. It is rather tacky to ask to see IDs of a married couple clearly in their 20s dining alone. We had loads of fun digging in our purse and suit coat.

I do not want FIG in anyway to become pretentious and stuffy, but I think there is a way to be tasteful and balanced. The entire restaurant needs to be thoughtful, not just the food. But in all seriousness, FIG's food is so incredible that I can ignore the atmosphere and the service. I would go again tonight.

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Posted by gretchen'sreviews on July 9, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

Went over Memorial Day weekend and as a huge fan of Brett and OAK, I was very disappointed in the experience. We did not have reservations, so we expected to wait and were fine with that. However, when we did get seated (on the porch) it took our server an inordinate amount of time to greet us and we weren't given water or silverware until after we had placed our order. She was apologetic but said they were out of glasses and she had to wait for more to be cleaned?? Food delivery was erratic. We noticed tables that sat before us got their food before us and some that had been there longer still didn't have theirs when we got ours. The menu was appealing but pricey I thought for the portions. I went simple and got a burger which was good, but the side of mashed potatoes were cold and tasted as if they came from a box. Surely Brett would not allow add water mashed potatoes to be served in one of his restaurants??? I agree with earlier comments that this is a side project in sore need of more hands on direction from Brett.

Posted by casualcat on June 8, 2010 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Bistro 536

Charming, disciplined, tasty, and satisfying.

Despite their inauspicious location behind the Sonic on Long Point Road, the Bistro 536 folks have done a good job of creating a good atmosphere for classy eating. They've ditched the white tablecloths, which was an appropriate choice, but the quality of food remains firmly at that level.

The menu is disciplined, or limited depending on your palate. However among my several meals there I've seen 10 different entrees ordered. I've had a consistently satisfied response both personally and among my dining companions. Highlights include the mushroom crostini appetizer, the baked mahi-mahi and pork tenderloin entrees, and the sumptuous cake pictured in CCP's review. My last meal, the bouillabaise hit well on everything but slightly overcooked fish; the shellfish, broth, and vegetables were great.

The service has demonstrated consistently good timing, though certainly not the elite level that one sees at the (considerably more expensive!) hot-spots downtown like Cypress.

They do have a kids' menu, and my son (toddler) enjoyed it although he has an abnormally good openness to food. However, I enjoyed it more for adult dining with friends. If you're in the neighborhood and want quality food without the noise of the Belle Hall selections... you're in good luck with Bistro 536.

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Posted by factoryconnection on June 8, 2010 at 10:22 AM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

Great food and great service. THe place is great but as mentioned before... it is so loud. I don't know why people forget about their "inside voice" once they get in public. You don't have to shout, you are sitting at the same table.

Posted by -A on June 5, 2010 at 5:08 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

hey salandro...

So sorry I scared you away from 17N, thankfully I don't work there anymore so we wont see each other :)

FYI: Everyone from back of the house to front of the house works very hard to please every person that comes in that resturant. The Manager Jason, visits every table and makes sure things are to your satisfactory. Brett has done very well with this resturant and it's always improving.

The ONLY negative things about the resturant is the loudness (which is being worked on)and the horrendous customers that have no resturant etiquette.

Other than that, it's a comfortable and family friendly, southern environment.

They have an amazing Chef and I assure you your dining experience will be a good one.

... go back to New York.

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Posted by gucci on June 3, 2010 at 3:34 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

It's nice to have a place like 17 North way out yonder for those of us in MP looking for a good meal, after a long day, without having to drive too far. The food is good and the menu is interesting. Love the fact that they are growing their produce on property. Happen to agree about things like the utensils and tiny wine glasses. The prices certainly merit a bit better quality. Overall, food is good and service has been friendly. The outside patio with the fire pit is most inviting, especially unique touch is the marshmellows they provide for roasting!

I usually make a reservation and have not had to wait long for my table, but after reading the former hostess' comments, I'm so glad she's not working there anymore. Makes me think twice about the next time I go, what is the rest of the staff thinking? Do they share the same loathing for the patrons that this person obviously does? Hope Brett has something to add to make me feel comfortable about returning to 17 North because honestly that was quite a turnoff.

Posted by salandro on June 2, 2010 at 8:23 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

and don't comment about my spelling because i wrote that in like a minute.

Posted by gucci on June 2, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

to set the record straight.. 17NORTH had an answering service (tablemeastro) that accepted the reservations from 8am until 3:30pm.

they overbooked and it caused the long wait time and caos everyone keeps bitching about. I was the hostess at 17 for quite some time, and working in many fast paced resturants I knew how to do the job.

if you were one of the customers that waited "so long" maybe you should've put the drink down and listened to me. because I DID tell you roughy how long it would be until you were seated, and over compensated with apologies.

and yep, i would make you had to wait longer because you were either getting annoying, or just plain dumb. thank goodness i no longer work in F&B and put up with the imbecils in this city.

if you get so upset about having to wait, and you aren't treated like royalty, make your own food.


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Posted by gucci on June 2, 2010 at 12:40 PM

Re: “Charleston Grill

Dinner here is an annual birthday tradition for me, and it is always the best part. I've had fine dining experiences all over Charleston, and many in New York and Boston. This restaurant tops all others for consistency, freshness, innovative dishes, service, and an overall great experience.

It does not come cheap by any means, we'll easily drop over $200 for two people with drinks/tax/tips. But, as an annual treat it is well worth it. I recommend Charleston Grill without reservation. The local seafood is usually especially good, but I don't think you can go wrong with any menu selection. Exceptional service and exceptional food.

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Posted by emichan on May 10, 2010 at 1:26 PM

Re: “Saffire: A Charleston Oven

GREAT FOOD AND SERVICE! After reading ChristyBlanks' review and finding a certificate on, I figured we'd give Saffire Oven a try too. Me and my girlfriends totaled 8 and we all sampled each other's food because everything was so good! I had the apple and pork sausage stuffed chicken with risotto which had a fig jam on it, and it was out of this world delicious! Also ordered was the salmon with lobster ravioli, gnocchi, a lamb special, and a burger. For appetizers we had calamari and mussels, and a rosemary foccacia bread also came with the meal. The prices were very reasonable without the coupon, with the average meal being about $15-20. The portions were generous, the service and atmosphere were wonderful... truly a 5 star dining experience. We can't wait to go back!

Posted by directorv on May 7, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Re: “Circa 1886

I was surprised that there was not a review yet for Circa 1886 so here goes. It has been some time since I have been but I will tell you that it was a memorable occasion. I do not remember the specifics of the food other than great. What I do remember was the atmosphere...very cosy, romantic and a great place to celebrate a special occasion between the two of you. There are many choices of great restaurants in Charleston but this one has the quaint atmosphere lacking in some of the other popular i.e. noisy, crowded restaurants.

Posted by justmyhumbleopinion on April 23, 2010 at 3:58 PM

Re: “McCrady's Restaurant

8:00pm on 4/20: Took my sister over to try the new bar menu. She was in town on business and had not been their in several years. I’m not sure what happened but from the moment my sis ordered a house merlot, the 20 something girl bartender transformed into Dr. Jeckle. 14 years of restaurants and bars in Charleston and never have I felt the hatred aura coming from someone trying to get a tip from me. . In my should searching for what we could of done I admit we had jeans and flip flops on with a nice shirts. There is no posted dress code but maybe that’s why she treated me this way. I ordered a martini that took 10 minutes to get. She charged me $16 and it was the worst prepared drink I’ve had I had to ask for the bar menu. It was a small sheet of paper on a clip board with a pencil to make check marks. I selected 3 things, watched her wash dishes for another 10 minutes, got up, walked down to her end an politely asked her to place an order for us. At one point it was so bad I asked her, “are you ok?” hoping to confront the situation and let her know her attitude was very present in interactions. She was talking to the Manager and other patrons about us. It was clear in observing her dealing with others that it was just us who get this attitude. We were not drunk or loud, just talking. I felt like I was Jeffery Dalmer and she knew I had just eaten her child for dinner. Yea, it was that bad folks. The next Day I call Sergio the GM and asked him to call me to discuss a negative interaction. I didn’t feel I should post a comment because of 1 bad team member. 3 days later and no phone call. Now I see it comes from the top down. It’s probably was my dress, I’ll never know. I’m in the hotel business with daily direct guest contact and refer 100’s a month for dinner. I’ll never tell a guest what happened. I’ll never refer anyone and redirect others that were thinking about eating there. It’s important to note that the Wait staff seemed on point and the seated patron looked like they were enjoying the experience. Who I really feel sorry for is the incredible Chef in the back who is fantastic with all the right intentions. The front of the house is destroying his reputation. “Sorry Chef”

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Posted by cash money on April 22, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Re: “McCrady's Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in the *world*. The best chefs in other cities know it. While there are many fine restaurants in Charleston, nothing can touch McCrady's. This one isn't even close. I suspect that most who say that other restaurants in the area are better either haven't eaten at McCrady's or think a grilled piece of meat and a potato equal fine dining.

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Posted by foodtraveler on April 8, 2010 at 3:41 PM

Re: “Saffire: A Charleston Oven

After looking at Saffire's menu on, I decided to buy a coupon from the site. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with dinner at Saffire's and we couldn't be happier with our experience there. The menu at the restaurant was very different than the one listed on>, but we were pleased nonetheless. I definitely think that the Marriott Charleston could do with some more advertising of this excellent little bistro. Our server was fantastic and very knowledgeable in regards to the menu, had plenty of suggestions and answered our questions as well. The green flatbread was amazing, if you enjoy a great pesto, this is the perfect choice as a starter (or even a meal for one). I ordered the apple and sausage stuffed chicken and risotto, it was delicious and flavorful, the portion was very large and I wasn't able to finish it all! My husband had the salmon with lobster ravioli and artichoke, again a HUGE meal...he enjoyed every bite of it. Our serer suggested the key lime tart (with a gingersnap and blueberry compote) for dessert...I wish we'd ordered two of them, it was gone within a few minutes!
Beautiful restaurant, excellent service, and the food was divine. We will definitely be returning!

Posted by ChristyBlank on April 6, 2010 at 3:28 PM

Re: “FIG

FIG is an interesting place. The menu is great with lots of fresh choices. However, the portions were tiny and expensive. I was not expecting a huge plate full of food but considering that sides are extra I expected the entree to be filling. I'll probably try it again since the menu was so good but hoepfully I can find someone else to pay!

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Posted by possumjc on March 15, 2010 at 3:35 PM

Re: “17 North Roadside Kitchen

decent service. one option for pescatarians and that was salmon...not very exciting choices. we also had a reservation and was not seated until 45 minutes afterwards with no apologies from anyone about the wait. will not go back unless something changes

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Posted by scchica on March 14, 2010 at 11:55 PM
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