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Comment Archives: Locations: Restaurants: American

Re: “Buffalo Wild Wings

great wings, perfect staff, awsome service, fun happy hour drinks and food

Posted by Amanda Hill on December 29, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Re: “California Dreaming

Went for lunch. Music was way too loud and 80's pop music just isn't my thing to listen to by the "relaxing" water. Of course, the louder the music, the louder the restaurant as everyone has to speak up louder just to be heard. I would call the ambiance "early mess hall". Ordered Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Chicken wasn't blackened at all. Just chicken with some kind of "blackenish" spice festooned up on it. Salad came with a croissant (bit odd, but ok) that was "drizzled with honey". Why? Blue Cheese dressing was a color not of this earth and inexplicably sweet. I can't take enough Tums to kill the heartburn (not sure if from the food or the amazing amount of money I paid for the pleasure of dining there).

Posted by gooseslapper on December 17, 2011 at 3:28 PM

Re: “King Street Grille

Food is great, its the only reason I come back. Buffalo shrimp are awesome, and love the waffle cheese fries.

The service though is ATROCIOUS. One time I just had to leave, my group (3 people) got seated and we never could find anybody to take orders, drinks, anything. Crazy.

The rest of the times, service has just been super slow, Takes probably 15 minutes just to get drinks. Its a shame too because the food is great.

Posted by shocksplicer on December 11, 2011 at 12:58 AM

Re: “Early Bird Diner

The chicken and waffles are my favorite and that's usually what I order. I have also had the french toast, fried green tomato BLT and cheeseburger. The food and service are always incredibly good and is always a great value for what you get. I love the local art that decorates the walls!

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Posted by Michele Vetter on November 14, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Re: “Montreux Bar and Grill

I love Montreux, and drive from Mt. Pleasant just to go there. Been going for 2 years, and the staff is friendly and the food is better than any other bar I can think of. The bartenders are awesome! Always something new to try. If you have a problem with the staff or bouncers, it's because you started a problem first.... Great bands and standing room only most weekends. Go see it for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

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Posted by red1 on October 5, 2011 at 7:16 PM

Re: “Montreux Bar and Grill

This is the best bar in Summerville. Hands down. Usually people that complain about watered down drinks are the same people that never tip. Nothing's ever good enough. You are a sad breed of human. If you can't tip, stay home. If you don't like Montreux, no one asked you to go there anyway. There are plenty of loyal patrons that will continue to frequent this place because they are good people and serve quality food along with a great selection of beers and liquors. If you have a problem with any of the security there, it's because you're probably a drunk idiot. And I like to see you call them that to their faces.

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Posted by unbiasedfact on October 4, 2011 at 5:23 AM

Re: “Montreux Bar and Grill

I have been to the bar and will return again tonight for the second time. I loved it and am looking forward to another great night!

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Posted by Jinnett on October 1, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Re: “Stack's Coastal Kitchen

My family and I tried them out for dinner, and was not disappointed! The food was awesome, I had the fried flounder, my brother had a ribeye, and my sister had a huge double cut pork chop! Cooked perfectly on all of them, the service was great and prices were very reasonable! Can't wait to go back again soon! Try it out, you will not be disappointed!!!

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Posted by heymiss on September 30, 2011 at 8:13 PM

Re: “Hatchell's American Tapas Tavern

Terrible service, terrible food, horribly LOUD club music in the middle of the day and terrible TV coverage. (They "offer" MLB package but only show 1 or 2 games because they have 1 or 2 receivers and lots of splitters.) Appears the only way to get good service is to be buddy-buddy with the owner who is usually behind the bar making drinks for himself and his friends (not helping out with any of the other drink orders).

Posted by SEC on September 13, 2011 at 11:17 AM

Re: “Hatchell's American Tapas Tavern

We used to go to Hatchells all the time. Then they upped their "tappas" sized portions to meal size so you have to pay more and can't possibly order several to share, and got rid of Harp. We ate at Hatchells BECAUSE of the small portions and equivalently sized prices, oh yeah, and for the Harp, but don't see much reason anymore. I can get an average tasting too-big meal and no Harp just about anywhere in MtP

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Posted by echo on September 8, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Re: “Hatchell's American Tapas Tavern

My experience last night at Hatchell's was horrible. My fiance were going to the movies last night and wanted to eat somewhere close to the theatre. Even though we had been to Hatchell's before and hadn't been super impressed, we decided to give it another try. When we got there, we told our waiter that we were trying to make a 7:40 movie (this was around 6:50), and he said it shouldn't be a problem. However, he made no attempt to speed up our service at all throughout the meal. When asking about the beer menu, we found out that most of the beers were no longer available, and the prices listed on the menu were not accurate. Once ordered, it took about 10 minutes just to get our beers. I could understand if the place was packed, but we were the only ones sitting outside, and there were about 4 seated tables inside. We then ordered the grilled chicken sliders and the sirloin quesadilla with no mushrooms. The sliders came out in about 15 minutes and were decent. The bread was chewier than it should have been, but, overall, they were edible. Then the waiter came out about 10 minutes later to inform us that the quesadilla somehow didn't make it into the computer. Ok, things happen. Again, my fiance asked for it to not have mushrooms. When it came out, it was full of mushrooms, and the "sirloin" looked more like a cross between roast beef and turky lunch meat. I wouldn't even touch it. My fiance said something to the waiter about it having mushrooms, but he made no attempt to right the wrong. Around 7:30, I went over to the theatre by myself and left my fiance to pay the bill. He ended up having to go to the bar to pay it, because the waiter never came back to pick it up. Overall, the food was sub-par and the service was abysmal. With so many delicious places to eat in this area, I'm surprised this one stays in business.

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Posted by Colleen on September 1, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Re: “Toast of Charleston

As anyone knows who has been to Toast, the service seriously lacks

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Posted by redblood on August 29, 2011 at 9:23 AM

Re: “Plan B

Much improved. Better stage, better bar, cheaper beer...awesome!!!

Posted by luvindisgig on August 24, 2011 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Plan B

amazing venue. best in Charleston by far. The sounds, lights, and staff are simply amazing. Would not want to go anywhere else.

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Posted by scarngmp on August 23, 2011 at 2:15 PM

Re: “Long Point Grill

Last Saturday night I was with a friend and wanted to go to the Long Point Grill. It was a significant birthday for him and I wanted some place nice but not too stuffy. I've always had a good meal there which may have been 3-4 times before and this place had kudos from a piece in Charleston magazine a short time ago. This night I ordered the Encrusted chicken cutlet which is recommended. Unfortunately when it was served it had not been cooked through thoroughly and on the first cut I came up with glassy, uncooked chicken-a bit of a turnoff. The wait staff swiftly removed the plate to "start again". The owner offered me apologies and soup to idle my time while my dinner companion ate the main course but I declined as my appetite was quickly waning. When my meal did arrive it was good and I finished one chicken cutlet and took the other home. I was going to try for a candle in a cupcake but I guess the moment had passed so the bill came in full, I paid it, and we left.

Posted by xkitone on August 21, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Re: “Wild Wing - Oakland Market

I have dined here two or three times. The first time I went by myself and was just cathcing a bite to eat. The other time I went with my father and he paid so I imagine I only have positive things to say. It is in a quiet part of town. I had to wait for a good seat. The place is pretty nice and like any Wild Wings it has interesting decor. The food was alright. I would recommend this
restaurant to anyone.

Posted by Myron Steed on August 6, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Re: “Philly's Cheesesteaks

If your a fan of Cheesesteaks and you have not tried this place. Make the trek. It is well worth the trip. It really is about as close to a real philly as ur gonna get in the lowcountry unless u make the hike to Pa.
I miss the ol Sonny's sub shop on 61. I remember well the Pastrami cheeseburger sub..I know it sounds like a heart attack on a bun but oh man was it good!!

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Posted by artrogue on August 5, 2011 at 7:53 PM

Re: “Montreux Bar and Grill

This place is absolutely horrible. This is a definite do not go. I asked for a rum an coke and the bartender actually asked me "what's in it?". The drinks are overpriced as others have mentioned and the food is even worst. I ate the shrimp and was practically out of commission. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. The 'relatively' new owners have run this place into the ground.

7 of 8 people like this.
Posted by George K. on August 2, 2011 at 11:26 PM

Re: “Philly's Cheesesteaks

This is by far one of the best places to get sub in Charleston. This place is faaaaar from sucking! Big portions that satisfy and have you going back for more.

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Posted by Shawn Weldon on August 1, 2011 at 6:31 AM

Re: “King Street Grille

I have never writen a review on establishment before, but I feel I have to after this past Sunday. So you call yourself a sports bar and your not prepared for a NATIONAL sporting event like the Woman's World Cup!!!!! I could not understand why you would not have enough wait staff on hand for an event such as this so that my friends and I, that are sitting at a table, did not have to order two beers at a time or even go to the bar and order a drink due to your wait staff being slow and under staffed. What's sad is that a few of my friends that I was sitting with kept stating that this is "typical JI King Street Grille" Also folks in my party had to litterally leave the table and look for our server to get our check once the game was over. Truly have some major concerns for this King Street Grill and its patrons come this upcoming football season. TV's great, food good, beer good if its not the second of the two you had to order at the same time thats a little warm now, and service well...... SUCKS!!!!!

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Posted by lowkey on July 19, 2011 at 4:09 PM
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