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Comment Archives: Events: Get Involved

Re: “Alzheimer's Association S.C. Chapter

To those who may have missed the annual Forget-Me-Not Ball on May 15, 2009, you still have a chance to support your local Charleston Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk on October 24, 2009. The "Forget-Me-Not" Ball is a beautiful party, with wonderful food and drink, and a live and silent auction, which gives everyone a chance to bid on donated items from many local businesses. Don't miss the next one in 2010!!! Alzheimer's needs your support for the walk on October 24!!! See you there and don't forget to wear purple!! Carol Banner, Florence, SC

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Posted by Carol Banner on August 21, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Re: “Abortion Recovery Group

My Grandmother was a midwife and told me horror stories of women in her time, having baby after baby, year after year, until they died. One that I remember, of a woman that gave birth to breach babies. How she had tried to turn them and failed as much as not. The woman died giving birth. I believe in abortion, in a woman's right to it. I have three daughters and I've had an abortion. My daughters have this right and they should. I don't regret it, nor do I mourn. Life can be hard and it can teach you the right decisions to make. It was right for me.

Posted by Jake's Girl on August 1, 2009 at 7:05 PM

Re: “Abortion Recovery Group

obsession with zygotes, embryonic & two inch long "babies" is what you get from this dangerous cult masquerading as a "recovery group." Sepsis, raging infections, urinary retention and being forced to wait many months for a dead or dying fetus is "born" is the ultimate cruelties this group promotes... abortion is therapeutic, is safe by pill or d&c in 1st trimester unwanted pregnancies and "sponteneous" in nature so that no woman need feel "guilty" or "shamed" for not being a perfect baby slave maker for these evil cultists running loose here in Charleston

Posted by AmericanAtheistFORMERClinicEscort on July 30, 2009 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Abortion Recovery Group

This group is causing the problem, not healing anyone. Instilling guilt upon women who have wisely chosen to end an unwanted pregnancy is reprehensible. This group is often found represented by "counselors" who hold signs in front of the local women's clinic reading: "I regret my abortion." These same terrorists scream at women "don't kill your baby" and: "abortion is black genocide" to all people who have darker skin colors. This so called "recovery group" is better labled "KKK" imagery transformed. Instead of burning crosses & white hoods, it is the giant photo of a dismembered 14 week fetus FALSELY LABELED "3rd Trimester" held by a 9 year old female and "nurses" parading in their hospital uniforms. It is time that decent people shame these gangsters from the Vatican & Baptist bible thumpers who exaggerate one millimeter wide "babies" equal to 20 inch long wanted children. If this listing for "recovery group" is legitimate, so would "pedophile priest support group" or "incest was fun" advocacy groups. If this group were not abusive, then what they say is implicitly true: "menstruation is murder" since all sexually active women have a duty to keep every fertilized human ovum alive & well in every possible pregnancy. These same "life begins at conception" ilk oppose condom distribution to prevent fertilization or spermacides to kill the wigglers before a "soul" can be instilled by alleged deities. Lastly these scum were behind the Bush Crime Family denying stem cell research funds to find cures for real born people with horrible diseases & injuries. It is the gynecologist who provides real abortion recovery at the cliinc and during rare follow up care. Abortion is safe, legal & something perhaps 40 million American women have chosen since the US Sup Ct got theocracy out of the condom & doctor shops. Beware too the "fake clinics" funded by the boy Bush for "free ultrasounds" and "free pregnancy tests" as both places in Charleston along with "Birthright" will not give out the full facts of women needing the complete range of information on pre-natal health and life threatening conditions of pregnancy. ONE THING FOR SURE, this "group" does not provide "gestational diabetes support" instead promote unhealthy choices. Lastly, the gov't ordered propaganda all women "must hold for one hour" does not include the word "ectopic" describing pregnancy. It does read women might "die" but will not say why. Get the facts from real women's clinics not fanatic religious cults.

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Posted by AmericanAtheistFORMERClinicEscort on July 30, 2009 at 3:41 PM

Re: “American Singles Golf Association

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Posted by crazygolfer on June 6, 2009 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Volleyball

I had called the number above for the JCC and they said that this was actually being organized through the Charleston Sports and Social Club and that it was already started up (a friend of mine made the same call the day before and got the same response). Went there last night and it turns out that it is actually kickball that is being run by the CSSC on the JCC's side fields. Although I remember playing several times at the JCC about 4 years ago on Tuesday nights, volleyball is no longer being played, nor is there any intention for it to be run at the JCC by CSSC because of the small space and lack of indoor A/C in the gym. I think that this ad needs to be reviewed.

Posted by illzoey on April 29, 2009 at 6:49 AM
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