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Re: “Naked and Unafraid

I have been a member of Cedar Creek Resort for 14+ years....through at least 3 changes in ownership. We thoroughly enjoyed having you visit with us and are so glad you had a good experience. The current owners are more than welcoming as have been previous owners. Throughout my time here as a member, the most consistent thing has been the members. Everyone is always welcoming, friendly and willing to help new comers adjust to the lifestyle. At Cedar Creek, there is always something to do...from reading or relaxing by the pools, playing water or sand volleyball, walking the trails, playing darts or billiards, playing petanque, floating the Creek, to dancing the night away! We invite anyone to come and try out the nudist experience. Even if it isn't for you, you will meet some of the friendliest and nicest people in the world!

Posted by Dawn Sophie on November 17, 2018 at 3:11 PM

Re: “Few women have been elected to represent South Carolinians, could Lindsey Graham, of all people, change that?

At least Lindsey is not likely to be accused of violating a lady.

Posted by pugnax on November 17, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Re: “Naked and Unafraid

The info from Cheri is NOT! The new owners are a wonderful couple and they have WORKED very hard to make Cedar Creek a better resort. They have an event every weekend (with Karaoke Friday and DJ music to dance Saturday) in the Clubhouse. There is a grill for short order lunches and Breakfast during the weekends. And not only is there outdoor pool and hot tub, but an INDOOR POOL and HOT TUB (both are in ground pools and hot tubs). And if you want to spend the nights, there the cabin, 3 RV's and 5 Huts! Also, there are showers and men and women bathrooms in the Clubhouse, and 2 other Bathhouses. We have been members at Cedar Creek for almost 9 years and had previous 2 owners. BUT M&M are the best. Even after my heart surgery, they both have contact me at least once or twice a week to see how I am doing. So if you any question about Cedar Creek, email me (, Cedar Creek Facebook, or better yet, SOME SEE US and I will be glad to help you around the grounds, introduce the new owners and other of our FAMILY AND FRIEND at THE CREEK!

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Posted by gbobbymac on November 15, 2018 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Naked and Unafraid

The Creek has new owners who are not as friendly as the ones that are mentioned in the original comment. There is an option in Hopkins, southeast and adjacent to Columbia. Travelites Nudist Retreat is very relaxing, during cooler months, there's the hot tub, a shade garden with picnic table and a metal bench near the arbor. It's a super spot to de-stress or read a book. This month we were invited by a local winery to visit. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Travelites park/retreat has been known to share adult beverages and snacks if it's a small crowd. It's a lovely place for reluctant folk or well seasoned. In warmer seasons, there is a 33x18-ft pool with a volleyball net. You can visit the website at or email for more information. Best regards, Cheri

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Posted by CheriDonna on November 15, 2018 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Is Lindsey Graham gay?

Is there people who are in the closet because there faith? So much so that they believe there hetero? And in turn have so much anger because of confusion they in turn self hate imposing severe right wing agendas to confuse others and throw us off of him clearly being ashamed of his confusion.

Posted by Elliott Phares on November 15, 2018 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Naked and Unafraid

Nice story. Wish my wife of 25 years would consider attending a clothing optional camp ground. When we lived in Ohio, I thought she was going to visit one, then she acted out in tantrums. Needle to say it didn't happen. Mind you, I joined Naturist Society in 1981, then life member. We moved to Arkansas and she said, i don't want you opening a nudist sight here.(its against the law down here). After being ill a couple times, I decided to visit Oaklake( AANR) near Depew,Okla. It was the best vacation I've ever experienced(72 years young) joined AANR also. She blew up. It was like lying but at that age, i was going to find out the facts.

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Posted by Jerry Stambaugh on November 15, 2018 at 12:21 AM

Re: “How to Rid Your House of No-See-Ums

These flying devils are the WORST! We purchased a lot in Southern Florida to build but these noseeums are eating me alive and my husband none. We got married in March, I did not get bit st all. In August we came back to look for homes or properties and I had over 100+ bites. I used several OTC benadryl, calamine no help. The I pulled out the power using bleach and nail polish. I looked horrible but it helped a bit. We are back now for 6 months in November guess what, started eating me alive. I tried everything, the is a lot of poison in those dang bites! Well this is what has worked, Wet Ones antibacterial wipes. You cannot use substitutes the active ingredient is Benzethonium Chloride 0.3% others have 0.11%, NO GOOD. Rub them aggressively until you can't handle it. The bites sorry for explanation but they ooze out, looks bad but it works! Then I bought Avon skin so soft original scent spray. Just started it today.

Posted by Tammie Cox on November 14, 2018 at 7:41 PM

Re: “PHOTOS: Behold Charleston's beautiful midterm Election Day voting lines

Wow! There has got to be a more efficient way of voting.

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Posted by eden0718 on November 7, 2018 at 8:15 AM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Wow. When will you guys stop being "offended" by everything? Being offended is your problem, not mine.

By the way, my daughter is mixed. If she applies to college, what do you think gets her "privilege"? Applying as a white woman or as a black woman? Yeah, we both know the answer. Now we know who is REALLY privileged.

If she applies as a black woman, she gets 250 points added to her score by the Harvard University Admissions Office! Talk about privilege!!! I've discussed this with her and we both agree she should refuse to identify her race and she will become successful in life based on her actual talent and ability, not as a classified and assumed "victim" by the DemoKrat party which wants to give her a handicap when she doesn't need it.

And your assumption that white people have an easier life is very racist. There's more poor white people in this nation than poor black people. For you to assume that all white people have it easy is extremely racist. The fact that you would be that bias during an application process makes me hope you are no where near a college admissions office or in a position to make hiring decisions.

Barack Obama's "My Brother's Keeper Foundation" racially disqualifies poor white children, but helps all "underprivileged" non-white children. That means a poor white child could live next door to a poor black child, and Barack Hussein Obama's very racist Foundation would RACIALLY DISCRIMINATE and only help one of them based on race, and disqualify the other based on race, even though they are both in poor families in the same poor neighborhood. That is identity politics and a perfect example of the kind of racism that is most prevalent today. Barack Hussein Obama's Foundation is, by itself, more racist than anything you claim President Trump has ever done. So DemoKrats don't want to REALLY talk about race. Because I can point out the racist, hypocritical policies of DemoKrats all day.

I welcome more debate. I don't get my politics from Saturday Night Live or the Comedian pseudo-intellectuals on your late night talk shows. So come prepared.

5 of 7 people like this.
Posted by Sense A on November 6, 2018 at 4:47 PM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Chuck Towner,

How about DemoKrats show some respect and decency for the democratically elected president of the United States? Every time my elected president is attacked it is an attack on me and my values. You either believe in democracy or you don't. DemoKrats clearly showed in 2016 that they lack the class and dignity in losing an election by behaving like petulant children for the last two years.

You either believe in discrimination based upon race or you don't. You have clearly indicated that you believe RACE should be factored in the decision process in accepting a student into a college, not actual merit or intellectual ability. You basically admitted you are racist and believe in discrimination based upon race. Making assumptions about someone's upbringing or challenges in life has no bearing on their intellectual ability and qualification for going to college. You are either capable or you aren't.

80% of the migrants in the caravan are men. If they are "fearful for their lives" then why did they leave their women and children behind? They are not fearful for their lives. There is no genocide taking place in Honduras in 2018. America takes in more immigrants than any other nation in the world. 80% of the nations in the world have restrictions against birthright citizenship. America is one of the mere 20% that has no restrictions. Every single nation in Europe has some kind of restriction on birthright citizenship. In matter of fact, most of the nations that do not have any restrictions on birthright citizenship are......central and South American nations which are in turmoil. The people in these nations are responsible for voting in Socialists and buying the same kind of policies and voting for the same kind of politicians with radical views similar to the policies the DemoKrat party in America is embracing today. I am all for immigration. LEGAL immigration. If you support illegal immigration than you support lawlessness. Please leave your doors and windows and car open for anyone to illegally enter, otherwise you are a hypocrite.

You are not honest. President Trump did not inherit a strong economy from Obama. Let's use data and metrics, not opinions. Obama's average annual GDP growth was only 1.52% which is the lowest GDP growth of any presidency as far back as my data goes (1960). And it wasn't getting better as his presidency went on. The GDP only grew 1.49% in 2016! Contrast that to the 3.5% GDP growth Trump is managing. DATA matters. Your opinion doesn't. Employment? The average monthly U-3 unemployment rate under Obama was 7.42%!!! The average monthly U-3 unemployment rate under Trump is only 4.13%! It's only 3.7% now which is the lowest it has been since 1969! Then I can get into deeper numbers, such as the quality of the jobs being better. A higher ratio of those jobs are full-time instead of part-time. The average length of time in unemployment under Trump is much shorter. Tax revenues are at record highs (despite lower tax rates) which means business profits are way up. During Obama's presidency, median household income only grew by an average 0.83% per year!!! that's pathetic! In Trump's first year median household income grew by over 1%. You claim Trump inherited a great economy, but median household income only grew 0.32% in 2016! (Sources BLS, Census, World Bank Group, FRED)

I can name you many policies of Trump's that improved economic conditions. But I want to be entertained and listen to you list Obama's economic policies that you claim made it a "strong economy" despite data not backing you up.

The tax cuts already pay for themselves. You believe in the fallacy that ever increasing tax rates always produce higher tax revenues. You forget that a tax rate must be multiplied by a tax base. That means you need higher incomes and profits. This tax cut, as well as both George W. Bush's tax cuts, were immediately followed by large increases in tax revenues. Democrats (and in your case some Republicans) really don't understand how this works and only look at one factor of the equation. According to your logic, a 100% tax rate yields the optimal tax revenue. In real life, a model similar to the laffer curve is at play.

Democrats have no policies that suggest they'd cut spending. Democrats just increased the national debt by a record amount. In matter of fact, Obama grew the national debt by an average $1.16 TRILLION per year. President Trump has actually lowered that growth to $980B per year despite having to pay higher interest rates on outstanding debt which costs many billions. So again, President Trump is outperforming his predecessor. (Source

Identity politics is what Democrats play. The conservative faction of the Republican party stands for Individual Freedom and Liberty which is about the rights of the INDIVIDUAL, regardless of race color or creed. That is great contrast to the identity politics of the COLLECTIVIST Democrats who do not believe in rights of the individual, but of an imaginary "collective" at the discretion of the corrupt statist governmental regime.

Bring decency back to politics by halting the attacks on the American people's elected President, respecting the presidency, and acknowledging real data and results which OBJECTIVELY indicate his presidency is successful. Hillary Clinton is the one suggesting that Democrats will not be civil until they get power back. Power is all that matters to DemoKrats. Your stance on using RACE as a factor for college admissions is proof that you are the one who believes in IDENTITY POLITICS. In other words, you are falsely accusing me of what you yourself admitted you are guilty of.

6 of 10 people like this.
Posted by Sense A on November 6, 2018 at 3:46 PM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Sense A,

As a republican, I am offended by the lack of respect and decency you have shown in your comments. And as a republican, these are my thoughts on your comments:

Not considering race and discrimination someone may have faced as a part of their application is not considering what may be a large part of their identity and the challenges they may have had to overcome to reach where they are. I am a white male. I'm not going to pretend certain things haven't been easier for me because of that. Job applications, finding an apartment, not being discriminated against on the street as a danger when I have dark cloths on, you name it. To think of it any other way is to close your eyes to reality and cultural context simply because you don't like to admit it.

I agree that border control is important, it is our right and privilege as a sovereign nation to maintain our border. I just think that compared to all the other issues on the table, such as the economy and foreign relations, it is much less critical than it has been made out to be. And on the topic of illegal immigrants from South America, you have to consider these are people leaving their homes because they fear for their lives. Do you just tell them to go back home and die? Who are we to say that human life isn't important and should not be protected?

Lets be honest, Trump inherited a strong economy produced by the Obama administration. He calls it "broken" to try to convince his base that he needs to pass tax cuts. In a surplus, absolutely, but when we already have large deficit spending, there is no way these cuts will will ever pay for themselves, and to suggest it in the first place is offensively misleading. This creates even a larger deficit, and then when the economy takes a downturn (not his fault, just the economy, happens eventually) there will be less tools available to his administration to lessen the impact. The way Trump and his administration have handled the whole conversation is nothing short of manipulative and short sighted.

When did the Republican party stop being the party of common sense and responsibility, and instead turn into this identity-politics bullshit. If you want to bring a sense of decency back to politics, start by acting like an adult when you want to discuss politics instead of calling people names. Politics isn't about finding a team and rooting against the other side, it's about running a country and working together.

5 of 9 people like this.
Posted by Chuck Towner on November 6, 2018 at 2:58 PM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Mark Sanford failed in his primary bid because he pretty much phoned it in. Arrington's partisanship is no different than Cunningham's he just hides it better. Constance Anastopoulo is one candidate who is on the ballot twice with two different parties. No one bothers to mention the integrity of that. Lets vote no on Amendment 1, and keep the status quo even though the education system is corrupt, failing and reform resistant. ??? Bill Crosby has done a good job but lets get rid of him anyway?

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Posted by Allen Bergstrazer on November 6, 2018 at 11:18 AM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Typical of this paper. I get it online for the calendar because it's strictly a liberal rag when it come to politics and culture. There isn't a surprise endorsement in the bunch. You could have saved a lot of white space and just printed, Vote the DNC ticket.

7 of 13 people like this.
Posted by bjburnett1 on November 6, 2018 at 9:27 AM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Gary Brown1,

Your emotionally pathetic response contains no facts or data. Sure, we get the sense that you hate white people. Check. That makes the DemoKrat party a safe haven for racists like you. You don't hate white people because they are failures. You hate white people because they are successful in the world. Apartheid? LOL you don't even know what apartheid is. Apartheid is discrimination on grounds of race. Guess who practices that? The DemoKrat party. For example, you discriminate in the admissions offices of practically every college university in America, curving college applications based on race. You also just expressed a hatred of white people which is discrimination based upon race. You lack the self awareness to realize what a hypocrite you are. I don't make villains out of Central American women and children. I make villains out of people who ILLEGALLY enter this country. We do have immigration laws, you know. Do you believe in LAW and ORDER or not? If you don't believe in the law, then what are you? An anarchist? Why do you vilify people who respect the law and want the laws upheld and enforced? And no one is suppressing the minority vote. Democrats were the ones who passed Jim Crow laws. Let me vote Democrat. So you voted for the party of Jim Crow. Again, a hypocrite.

And don't pretend that you have a grip on facts and data and truth. I'll debate anyone of you Democrats on any political topic and destroy you with evidence, reason, and logic. Don't pretend your political party has an appreciation for facts and truth. You're just an emotional, hyper-sensitive bunch that lets CNN manipulate your emotions. Turn on CNN and hate Trump for two minutes for your daily dosage of irrational hate. The truth is that the GDP is growing over 3.5% and unemployment is at a record 50 year low and Trump has reduced the rate of growth in the debt and Trump's tax cuts are bringing in a record amount of tax revenue and foreign nations are now removing their tariffs on U.S. manufactured goods. The truth is that we do indeed have immigration laws on the books which the executive branch of Federal Government is supposed to enforce. The truth is that those Central and South Americans made very poor choices in what kind of governments they chose and what kind of leaders they chose in their native countries. So when you stop being emotional like a two year old girl who didn't get a popsicle, then we can talk about actual political policies. The problem is the DemoKrat party doesn't really stand for anything other than hatred and anger so talking about actual policy positions is difficult for you.

To quote Gary "yo I'm out" Peace laterz dudes.....Try harder not to play into the bong sucking stereotype I placed you in, Gary. You got your "I voted" sticker, so now you can get a discount on your beer today because we all know you're going to be at the bar after you get high today.

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Posted by Sense A on November 6, 2018 at 8:51 AM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

How very disappointing, as a life long Christian S.Carolinian, to see such weakness and negative influence in our community. The City Paper now represents the same concept of evil deception and negativity as does P&C. But we are a strong God loving state and will not be defeated with hate, separation, and division.
Love one another! or else..

8 of 17 people like this.
Posted by Kaye Shaffer on November 6, 2018 at 8:31 AM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

Sense A and Brad, just because something is your opinion, doesn't make it "the truth".

If you can't have a political conversation without spouting venom, then you are what is wrong with this country.

10 of 18 people like this.
Posted by Kickapoodude on November 6, 2018 at 8:06 AM

Re: “Guide to 2018 S.C. statewide races

The two posters above me have 38 dislikes, yet not one person has tried to debate or argue against them. That's a regular occurence with Sense A, he/she drops the hammer on here daily and no one steps up to the plate for a rebuttal. But tons of dislikes, it's pretty funny that no one will debate either because you can't debate cold hard facts with feeeeeeelings, which is the only thing the Dems have these days. Personified Patheticness

5 of 10 people like this.
Posted by Brad 1 on November 5, 2018 at 11:01 PM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

He's right on with everything he said Gary. The truth sometimes blisters and burns the ears, but it is still the truth. The CCCP has been a partisan paper for years now. It was enjoyable to read and not so political many years ago, now it's basically a Dem rallying paper written by a bunch of ideologues. Pretentious snobs as Sense A said, personifies what this paper has become and to an extent, many of the newer residents of this city.

14 of 25 people like this.
Posted by Brad 1 on November 5, 2018 at 10:51 PM

Re: “A handy-dandy cheat sheet for City Paper endorsements

The irony in your vitriolic, venom-spewing diatribe is that it precisely mimics the attitudes of the Bannon/Trump-inspired faction that is attempting to transform American politics from the far-from-perfect republican form to a truly dangerous apartheid form. How else to describe it? Paranoid, elitist white males know full well that they will soon be in the minority. Why else would they make villains out of Central American women and children? Why else would they suppress minority voting? You probably don't even understand what I'm talking about. I'm out.

14 of 25 people like this.
Posted by Gary Brown1 on November 5, 2018 at 8:03 PM

Re: “Guide to 2018 Charleston-area congressional races

Watch all the weakling zombies who believe they are just fine living in their lost world that is lead by manipulation, lies, and disruption.(satan) Supporting a class that is all negative with bad intentions and influence. Watch them in their next display that will no doubt be tomorrow. Shameful.

2 of 2 people like this.
Posted by Kaye Shaffer on November 5, 2018 at 5:21 PM
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