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Re: “Beat Juice: 11 Questions with singer-songwriter Lauren Hall

I haven't seen any of her shows. Checked for her on youtube and saw the footage from the party in the park event. Seems like this young woman has a lot of talent. I'll try to support her when I get the chance and go to one of her shows.

With strong faith in God, a great relationship with her father, talent playing the guitar, a great voice, and natural beauty; this woman is a star in the making. I also believe that this sort of country folk music is making a comeback. Sorry guys, but electronica, hip hop, DJ'ing mp3z, etc. is kind of played out. You will see country folk music and garage bands make a comeback in the coming years.

There are incredible gospel musicians and acoustic playing musicians in Nashville. Lauren Hall is on the right track. Last time I drove to the mountains I surfed the radio and heard some incredible Nashville honky tonk country songs that I'd never heard before. This is a scene worth checking out now and there's some real, raw energy.

Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 21, 2018 at 5:33 PM

Re: “We shopped at Mt. Pleasant's new ALDI grocery store so you don't have to

Aldi's is my favorite grocery, and I shop there regularly. I think the clinentele there is of a higher class than Kinsey Gidick. I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten a free buggy from someone on the way out, who refused to take my quarter. These are kind and pleasant people, unlike the arrogant writer.

Posted by David L. Green on August 21, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Stegelin: May the Farce be With You

How come Liberal DemoKKKrat Progressive Neo-Marxists weren't marketing Russia collusion conspiracy theories when Obama shutdown NASA so that our astronauts could beg Vladimir Putin for a ride to the space station?

NASA signing $490M contract with Russia…

8/5/15 "The new contract, running through 2019, means that NASA will continue to depend on Russia to get its astronauts to space even as tensions between Washington and Moscow escalate."

So back in 2015 Obama when all but shutdown our space program, American astronauts had to first take a flight to Russia before getting on a shuttle. How do DemoKKKrats pretend to be sanctioning and lecturing Russia one minute, then saying "by the way, can my astronaut hitch a ride to the space station?" LOL DemoKKKrats are a joke. Now THAT'S funny.

How Barack Obama ruined NASA space exploration…

And Obama did this too:

Russia is squeezing NASA for more than $3.3 billion and there's little anyone can do about it…

You never heard anything from the corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel (billion dollar corporate illegal PR firms for the DNC) about Hussein "Allah Akbar Islam is a Religion of Peace" Obama's failures when it came to NASA or the billions of dollars he paid Russia to take over USA space technology. You want to whine about campaign financing? Begin by investigating why the largest media companies in the United States are all in the bag and doing free PR work for the DemoKKKrats every election cycle.

Trump rebuilding our space program is more proof that he is indeed Making America Great Again! Obama really did try to destroy it. This from the DemoKKKrats who claim to be "progressive." They shut down a futuristic space program with perhaps the most intelligent bureaucrats (engineers, astrophysicists, etc.) the government has to offer and instead retry socialist insurance programs despite every existing federal insurance program having either gone bankrupt or being technically bankrupt and only operating as ponzi schemes at this point (FDIC, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, FEMA, etc. all failures). That's as regressive as it gets. Notice how DemoKKKrats are always the opposite they claim to be. They claim to be pro free speech or pro free press but they are the only ones who censor speech or press in this country. They claim to be pro civil rights but they are the ones who opposed civil rights throughout American history not only for blacks but for women and Indians and everyone else. They claim to be progressive but they regress to failed strategies and experiments of the past. They claim to be the only ones in America who are not racist but their anti-white racist sentiment is so obvious today I don't think they even bother to deny it anymore. I could write an entire book on the infinite number of ways they contradict themselves. I can present you empirical evidence that they are all FRAUDS.

Disney, another corporate conglomerate PR firm for the DNC, ruined the Star Wars series.

For really funny political cartoons, check out Ben Garrison's work.

Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 21, 2018 at 10:01 AM

Re: “Charleston Stage's Mamma Mia!

how do i buy tickets? the charlestonstage website does not work.

Posted by Jacey Pruitt on August 21, 2018 at 6:44 AM

Re: “The Agenda: Secessionists worried over "half-assed" flag display; McMaster urges patience on Trump tariffs

If union carbide is in the kkk because of the accident in India why would Byrd want this around his "kkk" constituents of west virginia? Byrd works for them to in bringing them to west virginia right?No neither hate people based on race. Both stand with this country in times of war with our government as well (since they really are branches of the us military when world wars break out and they are then used by our military in wartime production overnight)

I'm just saying that repeating Byrd was a kkk member eventually goes deep into the heart of the politics of this country itself. How can our country stand with half of it in the kkk? I mean the Democrats and Republicans are governments of the same country leading the same impressionable group of dumbasses.
I'm sure there has always been concessions to big industrialists from politicians this entire fffrom both parties (like the Iraq war has clearly shown), but no west Virginia's universities are not affiliated with the kkk just because they dedicate buildings to his fundraising abilities by putting his name on them.

Is the west virginian who invented Cisco routers and donated to my school its first computer lab in the kkk?
American industrialists are not the same group of asshholes are they? Are you saying the same American industrialists that helped us win ww2 are kkk members are you? Is the usa a country built and funded by the kkk? Or is it that Byrd was just being a politicians speaking the language and fervor of his actual constituants who were uneducated country bumpkins,? I believe that he outsmarted the idiocy,remoteness, and ignorance of his own people more than he was a kkk henchman.

I mean this was well before my lifetime the guy was like 100 years old as an active senator.

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 6:34 PM

Re: “The Agenda: Secessionists worried over "half-assed" flag display; McMaster urges patience on Trump tariffs

Well I wasn't around back then during the Vietnam war but if he supported it he is a stupid ass too.
Senator Byrd did seem a lot smarter when he was older though when I saw him on TV yelling because he did strongly try to stop this last Iraq war the same way you say he wanted segregation.
I am too young to have seen what bullshit Byrd may have been saying during Vietnam, because I wasn't alive back then. I just know west Virginians are HIGHLY patriotic, and for him to have been against the Vietnam war might have been political suicide. Otherwise people like Lindsey Graham (and all of the spineless Democrats) from the Iraq war who rolled over for Bush in invading Iraq should be called kkk members as well.
They needed to have pork bellied Bill's pased in Congress through Byrd the senator of west virginia, because where do you think they built the presidents secret bomb shelter during the cold war? The greenbriar hotel in west virginia is where. Why else do they keep the state so poor and a hotbed of chemical production from union carbide and Dupont? You act like he was giving it to the schools. I personally took my first keyboarding class on a type writer in high school because my school was poor. We all had computers at home. Byrd brought home the bacon, and other opportunities like union carbide... the same union carbide that exploded and killed all those people in india... hmmm are you saying that union carbide is now in the kkk for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of hindu people because the owners are in the kkk? No neo that is a bit ridiculous. Is that the reason the people of west virginia are so few In number? Is it the real wartime capital of this country?

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 6:09 PM

Re: “The Agenda: Secessionists worried over "half-assed" flag display; McMaster urges patience on Trump tariffs


Thanks for sharing your response and personal experiences and taking the time to read my commentary.

First of all, I love West Virginia. It is one of my favorite states. The people there are unfairly stereotyped. And the land is absolutely beautiful. I would happily move from Charleston, SC to Charleston, WV if the right opportunity presented itself.

My contempt is for Robert Byrd, not West Virginians (though West Virginian voters who kept voting for a KKK leader to represent them can be faulted). You give credit to Byrd for West Virginia's progress the last 50 years and I disagree and believe that credit is misplaced. Not only was the guy a racist, he also supported the Vietnam War. In your commentary here, which I often read, you show great disappointment in the Iraq War. I imagine that you also hold similar contempt for the USA's involvement in the Vietnamese War. It was actually the Grand dragon of his KKK branch that encouraged Robert Byrd to enter politics. The fact that the KKK automatically went to the Demokrat party reveals why I put the capital K in DemoKrat. He was referred to as the "King of Pork" because of all the pork barrel spending he snuck into legislation. That may be good for West Virginians, but it was a ripoff to taxpayers in the rest of the nation - using Federal funding for what should have been paid for with state funding. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, Byrd directed $3.3 billion in pork to West Virginia between 1991 and 2008. To be fair, the FBI complex and NASA facility had to be built in one state or the other, but those sort of projects were only a fraction of the $3.3 billion. He called Martin Luther King Jr. a ""self-seeking rabble rouser." That was while DemoKrat JFK had the FBI spying on MLK Jr. Besides filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Byrd also voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act which protected minorities' voting rights. I find it ridiculous that the NAACP, who loosely and recklessly and baselessly calls any Republican a racist just for political points, was so willing to forgive and write off a Klansman's sins just because he's a DemoKKKrat who said "sorry." It's so obvious these people put political party first and don't really, genuinely care about how DemoKKKrat's such as Robert Byrd tried to stand in the way of civil rights for black Americans. The DemoKKKrat party is party first, America last. That's why you rarely ever see any dissent within the DemoKKKrat party whereas the Republicans feud and argue all day because each of them has an individual conscience.

The Civil War is not Abraham Lincoln's fault. DemoKKKrats of the time (1860's) valued the "CHOICE" to own a slave more than the slave's freedom or life. DemoKKKrats today value the "CHOICE" to kill a baby more than the baby's freedom and life. Both are things worth going to war over in my opinion. Republicans took away your choice to own a slave and I hope Republicans take away your choice to kill babies too.

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 5:42 PM

Re: “International African American Museum reaches $75 million fundraising milestone, clearing way for groundbreaking

8I went to one of these things they allowed the "native americans" out there in Oregon to build out near their casinos. It was big, empty, and told the story.

It showed the nez perce Indians have progressed to now spend their tribe money finding environmental sustainability for the world today. That was the real secret motive behind the museum. To show their beliefs today.

They told me over and over the museum is closing go and see it before it closes!

They didn't really care if I learned anything I dont think, because they REALLY just wanted me off the poker table cause I was on fire! I made enough money to bury in the desert lol JFK
Can we get an international African American slavery casino next? That's how you pay for the museum and the point.

These native americans were awesome and cool too! We should all go. Having fun playing cards underground in old outlaw hangouts in caves.

I love oregon

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 4:14 PM

Re: “International African American Museum reaches $75 million fundraising milestone, clearing way for groundbreaking

Hi9First dont call it the first African American museum, because that is just a term coined and popularized by bill Cosby in the 80's. It should be called the slavery museum.

Black americans were born in America not africa.

I learned in college from school affirmative action department heads that the term is not correct. That just sounds ignorant and UNEDUCATED to call it the international African American museum without including "OF SLAVERY" in the title.
A more correct way to title the museum is the African American enslavement museum.
NOT the African American museum. Unless the museum is going to be about africa and all of the different tribes and cultures of africa. If that is the case you might as well call it the international Muslim museum then because black people are muslims mostly in africa and have been for thousands of years.

What do you call a person who's father comes from Kenya then? A black American? Maybe that is true, but black americans come from AMERICA and African americans are first or second generation african immigrants. TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ETHNICITIES. The people are different in spending power as well. American blacks are way wealthier than poorer hard working muslim African American immigrants.
American anything usually means RICH whether its white or black or whatever. I mean most everyone here has cars and electricity whereas they dont even have running water pumps in some countries for water.

Again if going that way with it the title at the least should be "the museum of African enslavement" unless the museum is actually about africa itself.

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 4:02 PM

Re: “International African American Museum reaches $75 million fundraising milestone, clearing way for groundbreaking

South Africa begins seizing white-owned farms…

"SOUTH Africa has targeted the first two farms for unilateral seizure after the owners refused an offer of one-tenth of the lands value."

"THE South African government has begun the process of seizing land from white farmers.

Local newspaper City Press reports two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo are the first to be targeted for unilateral seizure"

Funny. There's no affirmative action for minority whites in predominantly black African nations. Just land seizure and threats of genocide.

White minorities be warned. We will take our land. It doesn't matter how. It's coming, unavoidable. The land will be taken by whatever means necessary. - EFF Leader Julius Malema

Malema not calling for the slaughter of whites, 'for now'…

"Malema, addressing supporters after briefly appearing in the Newcastle Magistrate's Court on two charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956, also made it clear that whites were not entitled to own any land in South Africa and that for now he was not calling for the slaughter of whites, for now."

"for now"...but soon

Why do many blacks only believe in Affirmative Action in nations where they are the minority and benefit from it, but in nations where they are the majority they do not extend affirmative action to non-black minorities? Does that not seem like a self-serving double standard? So you don't really believe in affirmative action?

White nationalism is bad but black nationalism, along with the assault against property rights of all minorities, is okay? Nice, convenient double standard. Funny, I never heard anyone whine about black nationalism or refer to black nationalists as "racists." Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, the racist Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam claims that all white people are "devils." So when Jay-Z, owner of the Brooklyn Nets at the time, showed up to NBA games wearing Nation of Islam medallions, why wasn't he forced to sell his NBA team? Don Sterling didn't want his girlfriend to sleep with Magic Johnson because he had AIDs, yet he was called a racist and forced to sell his team. Jay-Z wears medallions representing a theme that white people are all "devils" and he keeps his team. Again, ridiculous double standards.

Just this weekend I heard a black man say to me that blacks cannot be racist. So EFF leader Julius Malema suggesting that the slaughter of all whites in South Africa is just beyond the horizon isn't "racism"? When racist black nationalists in South Africa turn it into the next Zimbabwe and famine spreads across the region, I'm sure you'll find a way to blame the white people you stole land from and slaughtered. Heh? Always blame white people, never accept responsibility. Nice platform. Julius Malema, along with self loathing white liberal DemoKKKrat progressive Neo-Marxists, perpetuate the lie that British people showed up in South Africa and murdered and savaged the land. The truth is that Shaka Zulu, a black warrior, went on a reign of terror in South Africa to conquer all the tribes. Shaka Zulu killed more people than any of his enemies ever did. Feared and resented by his own people (blacks) he actually allowed white people to come in and settle Port Natal (Durban) because he believed they brought with them modern luxuries. Shaka Zulu was so insane that when his mother died he banned any crops from being planted for an entire year and any woman who became pregnant was slaughtered along with her husband. All the cows that gave birth were slaughtered so that the calves would share Shaka Zulu's pain in losing a mother. Yet white people are falsely scapegoated for the treachery of Shaka Zulu. Perhaps a Shaka Zulu nation of murdering pregnant women is what they want to go back to?

I can't wait for the exhibit on this.

Despite the human rights violations occurring in South Africa in 2018 and the over six million slaves that still exist in Africa (most of them enslaved by other blacks and arabs) today, I love black culture in America and wish black Americans would drop the "African" part and just become Americans like the rest of us. Black Harlem of the 1920's was genius. The music, the art, the poetry, the literature. Black jazz musicians of the 1950's were pioneers. This is all before blacks began voting DemoKKKrat and the DemoKKKrat party destroyed the black family. Did you know that long before Lyndon Johnson corralled black Americans (and many white Americans) on to the welfare plantation that the black marriage rate was the highest in the country? It was more likely that a black man and black woman were married than it was for white men and women to be. Then the DemoKKKrat party pimped the welfare system to black mothers and the black fathers weren't needed anymore and now you have the lowest marriage rate in the country and almost 80% of black children growing up in single parent households and a ridiculous number of black women on welfare programs, beholden to the DemoKKKrat party which has them in a compromised, dependent, weak and servile position voting for the protege of a former KKK leader. "(former KKK Leader) Robert Byrd was a mentor and a friend" - Hillary Clinton. Perhaps an exhibit on how the DemoKrat welfare system destroyed the black American family should be designed to educate local Charlestonians about the true history.

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 1:07 PM

Re: “The Agenda: Secessionists worried over "half-assed" flag display; McMaster urges patience on Trump tariffs

U7I'm not a Democrat (dont insult me) I'm half west virginian. I'm just saying the man was duplicitous with a higher humanitarian agenda. Byrd turned this furor around with his ACTING and listening to the peoples underlying concerns in west virginia (which were the fuel the racist ideologues of the day used to go around organizing people), and brought education and opportunities to west virginia which nipped the racism in the bud.

Neo dont skew history by taking it out of context in order to promote your diatribe. Look at the fruits

Today west Virginiaians are some of the most kindest and most good hearted citizens in the USA. Accepting of everyone, but a little suspicious of outsiders. Once they get to know anyone of any color they are part of the community and loved.

west virginians back then in the 1920's were virtually cut off from the world as coal mine slave property themselves back then. They were very simple minded and uneducated back then. Cut off from the world. Shipped out there. Nobody read anything but the bible. Byrd helped bring them up to speed to the modern world with getting the us government to invest in their infrastructure like schools, roads, and water/electricity. For the first time the organization Byrd headed told the world it wasn't coal mine property anymore, and that the mob bosses raping west virginian people could shove the "equal opportunity" of shipping minorities in from big cities (new slaves) in to be scabs to replace them as that was unacceptable to them as well. The west Virginians of the time wanted the coal mines to stop the enslavement of all minorities brought out there including Italians and blacks. These people lived short malnourished lives and usually died from black lung within a few years (but hey what can you do if your family lives in a mining company house eating mining company store bought food with mining company money?) They didn't pay these people with money even.

The west virginians were practically slaves to the coal mines up to this point. They were coal mine property, and when they tried to protest against the mob bosses on their capital buildings they were killed (or would disappear). The blacks at the time were being brought in as their slave replacements. Read your books neo, and do some research about how the ONLY time the us air force was used against americans was when they were opening fire and killing west Virginians trying to get fair treatment from mr burns from the Simpsons and our government. I won't listen to your trash talk on my people, because the last I heard west virginia fought for the north AND west Virginians were the first ones to open fire and fight against slavery even before the civil war in harpers ferry. Lincoln used the harpers ferry space revolt as an excuse to create the highly industrialized/organized genocidal civil war.
Just to profit industrialists and mob bosses near New York who used this country for profit and power. The ny tamaney hall bosses used the country folk like virtual slaves and even caused banking crashes to further enslave them in shitty day jobs.

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Torrey Smith and Carolina Panthers join the battle to overcome by fighting mass incarceration

Why won't any of the progressive commenters debate liberal neo Marxist? This dude slices throats with the blistering truth and I hardly ever see a rebuttal. I had stopped reading and posting here due to the obvious left bias, but this dude makes it interesting again. He should have his own column here do balance out things.

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Posted by Brad 1 on August 20, 2018 at 11:41 AM
Posted by Cid95 on August 20, 2018 at 11:36 AM

Re: “The Agenda: Secessionists worried over "half-assed" flag display; McMaster urges patience on Trump tariffs


Not only was Robert Byrd a KKK member, he was a KKK leader. That isn't my opinion. That is a fact. I will not stop stating facts.

You forgot to talk about how he set a new filibuster record when he was filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That was one long-winded rant he put on to attempt to prevent the Civil Rights Act from passing. But he wasn't alone on that one. A higher percentage of Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act, yet DemoKKKrats falsely claim to be the party of Civil Rights and many unresearched black Americans don't do their due diligence to call them out on that lie.

It amazes me that DemoKKKrats defend REAL KKK members of their own political party (people who were actually registered members!) but then recklessly call anyone they disagree with a "racist." That's like having your political party's top financier being a rich Jewish former Nazi collaborator who lured Jews out of their homes during Nazi Germany, but then recklessly calling any Republican who disagrees with them a "Nazi" or "fascist." Well, before you call people Nazis or fascists, how about aligning yourself with a political party which isn't funded by one, mmm'kay? I don't think most DemoKKKrats even realize how self-contradicting and hypocritical and therefore silly they appear to most Americans.

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 11:11 AM

Re: “Stegelin: Trump's enemy of the people

Alex Perry,

Hatred is just an emotion. How about some thoughtful criticism of his policy positions?

Barack Hussein Obama was a silver tongued wordsmith. I don't care how eloquently someone speaks if they are a liar, neo-marxist, and use racial conflict to get ahead in life. Having a racist Tawana Brawley hoaxer like Al Sharpton as one of his closest, top advisers during his presidency speaks for itself. I'd rather have a president who fumbles words or speaks in laymen's terms than a smooth talking fraud.

When CNN lies and promotes complete fabrications such as "hands up don't shoot" and five police officers who were all husbands and fathers are murdered to death because of the race war CNN incited, then yes, they are enemies of the people.

President Trump is not the first president to have a sour relationship with the press. Such animosity between politicians and the press date back to the early years of this nation. I know you don't get that because you're used to the corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel putting Barack Obama on magazine covers with a photo-shopped halo on top of his head. He was the media's little darling, wasn't he? Having a media cartel that protective of a politician is more dangerous than a politician publicly defending himself against bias allegations and conspiracy theories suggesting he is a secret Russian agent spy or wants to harm and lock up children in cages. There's a reason we separate juveniles from adult detention centers. We do it hear in Charleston. Why do you think that is? There's good reason for it and it isn't as exciting or hysterical as what CNN suggests, which is tyrannical nazi fascist desires to detain children in detainment camps for eventual genocide. I think the mass hysteria of the DemoKKKrat party today might be caused by the higher potency in marijuana in 2018. Heh? Such hysterical paranoia and ridiculous fear mongering and conspiracy.

Memo to Donald Trump: Thomas Jefferson invented hating the media…

"Jefferson in turn had taken critical tone with them, at least in his personal letters, in which he often excoriated the press much as the 45th president, Donald Trump, would do more than 200 years later."

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper, Jefferson said then.

FAKE NEWS media makes up stories and 'sources,' Trump tweets now.

So it is silly to suggest that Trump is the first president to ever have an adversarial relationship with the press. Once again, Liberal DemoKrat Progressive Neo-Marxists show an ignorance of history which leads to mass hysteria. If Trump is taking cues out of "a fascist dictator's handbook" then you must believe that Thomas Jefferson was doing the same. That's silly and ridiculous. So far, no leftist liberal demoKrat bias news agency has been removed from the air or censored. However, many conservatives have been banned, shadow-banned, and their accounts deleted and removed from Fakebook, Twitter, Youtube, and multiple other social media platforms. So who is REALLY engaged in assaulting freedom of speech and freedom of press? The big government DemoKKKrat establishment, of course. What does that make you all? Hypocrites? Try to engage in political debate without comparing someone you disagree with to Adolf Hitler for once. It's juvenile. In matter of fact, comparing someone to a Nazi or Adolf Hitler is so played out it should equate to automatic forfeiture of a debate. You lose.

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 10:55 AM

Re: “International African American Museum reaches $75 million fundraising milestone, clearing way for groundbreaking

No donations from the Clinton Foundation? The protege of DemoKrat KKK leader Robert Byrd won't donate? Why not? So many black voters in Charleston voted for her despite her calling a KKK leader her mentor and her referring to young black men as "super predators."

Now that world leaders and rich businessmen can't buy influence and political favors since she's out of office, the donations have dried up. The cronyism and racketeering is over with.

Clinton Global Initiative to shut down, lays off 22 as donations dry up…

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 10:28 AM

Re: “Dick Riley, paragon of decency, shines right path

You can begin civility in politics when you take the tin foil hat off, stop promoting hatred against the President of the United States (anti-white racism?), begin reporting news objectively (sticking to core facts), give up the heretic lie and crazy conspiracy theory that he is a secret Russian agent (You call Alex Jones the conspiracy theorist? LOL), quit your racist politics against white people, quit your bigotry against Christianity, show respect to this nation's veterans and fallen police officer's by taking a moment to respect their service and sacrifice during the National Anthem, stop promoting race riots using fabricated fake news media lies such as "hands up don't shoot" or lying and saying George Zimmerman is a white guy when he's obviously Hispanic, stop tolerating terrorism and pedophilia and womanization and oppression of gays just because Muslims try to mask it with religion, stop tolerating any religion with a pedophile as a prophet since tolerance is not a virtue, and return to tests of logic and reason by testing hypothesis with scientific methods; such as determining gender based upon human anatomy, hormone balances, and chromosomes (not subjective, unscientific feelings).

But I don't expect the people who look up to Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert as the intellectuals of their political party to stop acting hysterical.

Try to engage in politics without calling someone a racist, fascist, or comparing someone you don't like to Hitler. It's laughably juvenile when you do this and it doesn't help America work out its problems.

If you were intelligent and fair then you would have already weighed individualism against collectivism and used the abundance of historical knowledge and evidence that collectivism leads to famine and tyranny. Unfortunately, both major political parties are collectivist. One, however, has rid itself of the label "communist" due to the stigma of the word and replaced it with "progressive" or "socialist" but still aims to carry out the same dangerous policies of communism. If there is any question in your mind that individualism is not preferable to communism, then let's have that debate. Next time you debate a Conservative, hear him out. Putin and boogie men Russians didn't make him vote for Trump.

And stop the double standards. For example, if you celebrate a black person moving into a white neighborhood as "diversity" then you should also celebrate a white person moving into a black neighborhood as "diversity" instead of calling it "gentrification" with a negative connotation. The double standard reeks of intellectual dishonesty and immorality and an underlying contempt for white people that is perhaps the closest thing we still have to racism in this nation in 2018.

Not all religions are equal. Some people work hard. Some are lazy. There's no such thing as equality of outcome. Some people are inherently dumb. Some people are inherently smart. Some people are productive. Some aren't. Some people will fail in life. Some people will succeed. Some people are rich and kind. Some people are poor and cruel. Not everyone fits your silly political identity/caricature. You can't make everyone equal and it only promotes tyranny by attempting to do so. Stop using the government to do charity. Charity comes from the heart. Stealing other people's earned income and redistributing it doesn't make you moral or kind or charitable. Robbing the treasury doesn't make you a good person. Deifying politicians is even more dangerous than deifying Jesus or the Christian God. You're not "informed' because you watch any tv channel. It's all garbage and misinformation. Your friends nodding and agreeing with your political views at Starbucks doesn't mean you are right.

In order to have civil debate, there has to be ground rules. We have to agree to use a dictionary to define words. Post Modernism has taken over the DemoKKKrat party which now denies the existence of absolute truth. For example, a man with male genitalia and male chromosomes and male hormones and all the physical traits and characteristics of being male is no longer a male simply because he feels like a girl on the inside. That is not truth and it is not science. Yet you can lose your job and be fired for not using female pronouns to refer to a man because DemoKKKrats have tyrannically abused what is truth and replaced it with subjective foolery. And when you begin promoting that sort of post modernism then it becomes impossible to debate with someone who doesn't accept truth and reality. This rejection of absolute truth and relegation of all truth claims to the subjective is the basic definition of relativism and is the most dangerous and nonintellectual foolery of post modernism. It makes civil debate impossible and when we can't have civil debate then it becomes civil war, and neither of us want that because in war no one wins.

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Posted by Liberal_Neo_Marxist on August 20, 2018 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Unite the Right and the price we pay to tolerate hate

HiI'm just glad that Dustin actually went up there himself, and can tell us all truthfully his account of how the media was staging the whole event(by the actual turnout and who showed up). Looks like all the Hollywood media types trying to portray this as an issue dividing the entire country drove the uber rates up they were so plentiful around the protestors. There were only thirty kkk members for this kkk demonstration to show up. They probably paid them to show up. The media corporations like CBS do this so they still have the race issue to entertain people with on nightly news.

The news anchors and crews were more showing in numbers and force than the actual protestors supporting the kkk!

Good stuff to hear and I would say I definitely believe Dustin as he says the news crews were swarming the place. I definitely believed it was staged the way the national news has been airing it and blaming trump like he anything to do with it.
I hate fake protests on my nightly news instead of more pertinent issues and that's why the American people are willing to flush fake news down the toilet.

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Posted by zee on August 20, 2018 at 8:26 AM

Re: “Terry Fox

Terry. Heyward Baker says, Hi! Its been many, many years.

Posted by Heyward Baker on August 20, 2018 at 12:08 AM
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