Round One

April 26- May 6 Popular Vote Begins on CCP online Platform (all bands will be separated by Category, and will include a song or video)// Artists will also need to send in EPK and song for review to is the ONLY time that popular vote will come into play!!)

May 7- May 13 (Judges: COFC rep, Local venue rep, Music industry rep & CCP rep will review and score each artist: 25% popularity, 50%song, 25% press kit) May 14 Top 5 notified and Contracts signed in the event of a win. Confidentiality agreements. Scoring starts from scratch for Round 2.

Round Two

May 16 Top 5 Announced (One winner from each category)
May 16- 29 (5-7 Industry experts) review top 5’s song and press kit. (this will count for 25% of final vote)
May 16- 29 Date TBD (Industry Panel Day: artist perform in front of 5-7 industry professionals during the day at The Royal American. Artists will also conduct a media interview.). Panelists will vote on the performance (counts for 50% of final vote). COFC rep, Local venue rep, Music industry rep & CCP rep will conduct business interview (this will comprise 25% of final vote).
May 30 Votes Tallied & Winner selected. June 1 All bands notified. June 7 Piccolo Spoleto unveiling

Scoring: How does it work?

Nominees submit: Press kit, song & lyric sheet, video for website
Popular vote is 25%. The number of votes each artist received from the CCP website will be tallied and multiplied by 0.25 to get final popular vote score.
Press Kit is 25%. Each artist will submit an electronic press kit.The highest possible score is 20. This score will be multiplied by 0.25 to get the final press kit score.
Song is 50%. Artists will submit one song with a lyric sheet. Song & Lyric Sheet will be submitted anonymously to the judges. Possible high score per judge is 25 points for a possible 100 points. This score will be multiplied by 0.5 to get final song score.
Final popular vote, press kit, and song scores will be added together.
The highest score in each category will move to Round 2.

Sorry, Band Swap voting has ended!

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