From our annual Literary Issue, published Dec. 25, 2019, featuring original compositions and illustrations from local writers and artists.

Where ever my pen goes

We'll just go with the flow

She's ready to deliver

I just got word from my soul

The message isn't clear yet and the purpose isn't known

My higher self is looking down on me so I nick named her drone

It's so much I wanna do

And so much I want to say

So much that I should have right now

Somebody needs to pay

But ain't nobody gonna give me nothin so it's mines for the taking

U thought they gave a shit my dude your sadly mistaken

Your first breath equals ya first taste a death

U intake life and exhale opposite with every breath

So when I realized I die everyday I'm alive

I couldn't fear them taking something that ain't even mines

I got no enemy within so I fear nothing out

I'm the greatest since Ali no shadow of a doubt I changed my name so when They boom bayay Ali I'm the reason why they shout it's me that they talking bout

If u talking law be sure in front u put an out

Don't come talking cash if u looking for hand outs

I got a family to feed what I look like clocking out

Rocking out if

I aint got a couple bands

That's just in my pants and milky rocking in my bank account

I damn fool and I ain't tryna be one of dem

I succeeded more when I let go of old friends

They had me looking at myself like I ain't good enough

Like I'm the bad guy and I ain't being true enough

Like I'm an idiot who settled cause of heart break

When they the ones that made my heart ache

Niggaz is fake

And it be the main ones claiming to be the realist create enigmas to excuse betrayal so idealist

U disagree just walk away don't try to find a reason

U wanna go

Go head and go don't put my name in treason

Why you got a lie to me just be a man about it

Tell me how u really feel and don't tip toe around it

It's all good really dude I'm really really good

Succeeded tho the route I took you ain't think I should

My success isn't defined by no one else but me

Dog And I just gotta be free

Everyday I'm pulling back layers of skin to find out what's beneath

Today I face the boogie man no more hiding underneath the sheets

I had more demons when I lived a lie

I found my truth when I gave up they lies

I said

I had more demons when I lived a lie

I found my truth when I gave up they lies

And they both came from the same book

It's just my understanding began to over-stood

That both evil and good were created from the same source

And that source put them both in us

So I am God and i am the devil

Understand me

don't think I'm a rebel

Follow me

Who you worship and who u despise

Is the reflection reflecting from the same eyes

Don't let your fear bring you to your demise

It's bullshit they false advertised

I ain't gotta die to get to heaven

The gates is open pp

Eleven Eleven

When the student is ready the teacher appears

Kween Katt is a rapper and author from the Lowcountry. In 2019, she released her first book, #NoReligion.


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