10 Charleston restaurant trends that need to end with 2016 

Make It Stop

click to enlarge What's next for bill delivery? A Saint Bernard?

Scott Suchy photo illustration

What's next for bill delivery? A Saint Bernard?

Gratuitous Restaurant Awards — no industry is more applauded in this town and it's gotten out of hand. Can anyone tell me the city's best teacher? Or best scientist? Best doctor? Nobody wants to know that, Philip. We want to know who has the best shrimp and grits. Hold your breath folks because soon I'm coming out with my 400 list, the 400 best restaurants in Charleston (spoiler alert ... everyone wins!).

The $20 glass of wine. Charleston restaurants need to rein in their gigantic mark up on vino. We all know you bought that bottle from a distributor for $17.

Say goodbye to $2.13/hour. Workers deserve way more. Let's honor our workers and institute a citywide $6.50/hour minimum wage for tipped employees and $12/hour for non-tipped.

Stop trying to reinvent every little aspect of a restaurant, like what the bill comes in. What's next, my bill arrives in that little barrel under the chin of a Saint Bernard?

Customers: Stop asking to split the bill in specific ways... "put $32 on this one and $28 on this one."You are friendly enough to have lunch together, split it equally, buy your friend an iced tea.

Over-the-top pseudo excitement to see me, pisses me off. Tap the brakes on your disingenuous hospitality, we all know you don't mean it.

The whole city needs to rein in how we view our culinary scene. The food here is good, it's not mind blowing, it doesn't make your mouth orgasm. Let's stop pretending we are the Paris of the South.

Let's stop celebrating our culinary history by eating Gullah cuisine brought to you by rich white investors. Support black-owned and operated restaurants. Get your authenticity on before they are all pushed off the peninsula.

Stop going to Starbucks! I see so many of you shuffling in there like morons. Support local businesses.

Stop asking to have your leftovers boxed up, you know you aren't going to eat it later, it's just more waste, and half the time you just leave it on the table.


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