Monday, February 13, 2012

Frugal wife gets pump love

Posted on Monday, February 13

Do you have one of those cards that gives you cents off on gas? My wife does and uses it a lot. The card would not work at the gas pump and she has been going inside to get her discount. Until... she went to the Sunoco on Hy 61. The clerk went out to the punp and showed her how to use the card. When was last time you got help at a gas station? Good service is alive and well. (at least in West Ashley)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saint Francis squeezebox is salve for stress

Posted on Wednesday, February 8

I'm a jaded middle aged man who served in the Navy, have travelled the world, worked in law enforcement and in the day even worked alongside federal agencies, and I thought I was a tough hard boiled person. A funny thing happened to me last week. I was at Saint Francis Hospital for a procedure and happened to notice, of all things someone was hired to entertain with an accordian. It has been years since I was moved by something so beautiful. The music took me away from the moment.
I do not know who the musician was, and do not know if you will ever read this, but should you, I want to thank you for the momentary respite from the stress of the world your beautiful music brought me. You are truly gifted and please know that your talent was truly appreciated. Thank you, who ever you are!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life loving lane leaper leaves lucky

Posted on Wednesday, December 7

I was in a potentially horrible accident on I-26 westbound around 9:40 p.m. last night. I came over a rise and saw a slow moving vehicle, and had to break hard and swerve left to avoid him.
My breaks locked up and I wound up spinning across all 3 westbound lanes, my front bumper scraped the concrete dividing wall, and I think I might have hit the guard rail as well. I'm not sure what really happened.
All I know is when it was done, the other vehicle had some of my car's paint on their bumper, my front and rear bumpers were scraped up, my driver's fender was dinted, but other than that, my car was undamaged and functioning fine. All I have is a bruise on my knee and one on my shoulder from my seatbelt. Even the trooper that showed up was baffled as to what happened and how my car wasn't totaled.
I feel like the luckiest woman in the world today, because for about 90 seconds last night, I thought I was going to die or go to the emergency room.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mumford bumping truck chick gets new beer buddy

Posted on Thursday, October 6

This is to the gorgeous lady in the pick up on Rutledge Ave, Wednesday afternoon (10/05/11) who turned me on to Mumford & Sons which she had jamming as I pulled my bike along side her at the light. THANK YOU!!
I've been kickin' their tunes ever since and if we ever cross paths again, there's a cold beer in it for you, just to say "Thanks!".


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Curious commenter seeks longer love

Posted on Thursday, September 29

So sad that all the "Hate" comments are so long. Some of the "Love" comments seem to be on the wrong side. Do we love to hate?

- Al U. Need

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something for the belly, something for the eyes, and something for the nose

Posted on Tuesday, August 16

The beaches, the iced tea, downtown, carriage horses, local beer and vegetables, shrimp and grits, oysters, Christmas lights on boats, parades for everything, Lowcountry boil, hoppin john, chefs, culinary and art colleges, the diversity, bridges, Riverdogs, rivers, Firefly tea, the only tea farm in America, Rainbow Row, and even some Ohioans. Did mention shrimp and grits/oyster roasts? Man, I love this place!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A big ol' wine jug of love

Posted on Tuesday, August 2

Wisdom the wine of understanding is best tasted in the presence of our Creator taking time to learn how to receive wisdom is key. The key to life is the gift of charity we must give to his creation to experience his love for us.The light of understanding shines on his creation continuous . Our ability to receive this light is only limited by the effort we put forth to love his creation. True Love comes to the surface of our conciseness when we understand we work for the creator serving his creation and Loving them unconditionally.

-Mr Peacock

Friday, July 8, 2011

No nude dudes for this pizza person

Posted on Friday, July 8

I think it's high time someone tells everyone what it's like to work in a pizza shop, what we deal with on a day to day basis, why we do what we do, and how you can get the most exceptional service from your local pizza chain.
1. Drivers work for tips. They are paid less than minimum wage per hour and they do not get the delivery charge. About half of the delivery charge goes to reimburse the driver for gas, the other half goes to the store. The delivery charge is there to dissuade you from ordering for delivery. The store's labor costs are lower if you pick it up.
2.I am amazed at the number of people who do not know to tip, and drivers remember everyone who doesn't. I have heard drivers plotting against repeat offender stiffs. I wouldn't waste my time doing that, but sometimes immature people do immature things to stiffs to get back at them. I've seen houses and cars egged, a collection of lawn ornaments stolen from various stiffs houses, and unfortunately I have heard of people tainting the food with things you don't want to know.
3. Driver's do not stand around and wait to deliver pizzas. We also take orders, run the register, man the oven, prep food, clean the store, wash dishes, fold boxes, door-hang coupons, put away trucks, and we even make the pizzas.
4. Pizza delivery drivers are the #3 most murdered on the job in America. We have to take many precautions to prevent getting robbed.
5. Please turn on your porch light at night, and make sure you have visible address numbers on your house. No driver likes squinting in the dark for numbers and we get paranoid when there are no lights on, sometimes we will not deliver it.
6. If we sometimes seem tired or stressed, it's because drivers work as long as they are needed. It is not uncommon to pull an 11 hour shift. That's sometimes equivalent to an 11-hour drive.
7. We deal with bad drivers, drunk drivers, crazy drivers, cell phone drivers ,teenage drivers, ambulances, trains, stalled trains, accidents, stalled traffic, traffic light outages, funeral processions, snow, ice, rain, thunderstorms, lightning, hail and many other road hazards and time delays on a daily basis. We see a lot of accidents!
8. Please stay home until I deliver your pizza. Time is money, so don't get mad at me if I don't wait for you to come back from your beer run. I have other deliveries in my car.
9. Turn the music down so you can hear us knocking/the doorbell.
10.Don't let your dog jump all over me.
11. Please don't say keep the change when you are giving me less than a dollar. It's insulting.
12. Don't have your kid pay for it. The pizza is usually hot and or heavy and a lot of times they keep the tip. Please don't let your child place the order. 9 times out of 10 the child tells the parent the wrong price or tells us the wrong pizzas and you get angry with us at the door. Just order it yourself, please. This is a business and we don't like wondering if we are being pranked by kids.
13. Don't take it out on us if your order is late. A lot of the time it is because the store is understaffed. They should quote accurate times. If you order online, the quote will not be accurate. You can ask for a credit or gift certificate or free item when your order is late. If you're polite, we will be more likely to do our best to make you happy. And believe it or not, we want you to get your food on time.
14. Answer your phone if you do not recognize the number. It's us calling to make sure we bring the right condiments, drinks or we may be calling to figure out why we can't find your house. Sometimes we call to let you know we are on the way.
15. Please keep your clothes on. Nobody likes delivering to someone who is naked or half-naked. Spouses and boyfriends and girlfriends of the drivers do not appreciate it either. What the hell is with this phenomenon? What are you thinking!!??
16. We drive our own cars and we do not get reimbursed for parts that wear out quickly, oil changes, tire changes, ect.. we also pay a higher insurance premium.
17. You can find coupons on our website, in the paper, and in the phone book. You could always ask about or specials or if we have a coupon for what you want to order. We aren't allowed to give a discount if you don't ask for please ask!! I like helping people out, because I know pizza is expensive. Oh and please tip on the amount before the discounted price. I deliver so many free or 1/2 price pizzas without ever seeing a tip that it's starting to make me want to stop offering discounts.
19. We are not a bunch of stoners and drop-outs. My store drug tests, performs background checks, and requires a clean driving record. Some of us have other jobs. One of the guys I work with is also a cop. So think about that next time you try to rob us, sell us your drugs or answer your door naked.
18. Please tip a little more if it's nasty weather. For some reason, I make the worst tips on miserable weather days, and I'm starting to wonder if the people who order and stiff when it's pummeling icicles or is hotter than satan's kitchen out are just mean @ssholes sent to ruin my day.
19. Before you complain about prices, think about this. How much does it usually cost to feed your family in a restaurant? Can you feed your whole family for $20-$40 bucks?
19. Sometimes people get upset when we tell them we don't offer dirt cheap ready-to-go pizzas. Why not? Because we prefer to serve freshly baked pizzas instead of ones that have sat under a heat lamp all day. Quality and freshness is our forte.
20. We know if you are calling and complaining to us to try to get something for free when we did not screw your order up, and we keep track of everyone who does. We know if you really did order last night or not. We know how many times you have done this. We keep records of these things, and we have caller ID and we keep addresses on file.
21. Lastly some people wonder why in the heck we like our jobs. It's one of the few entry-level jobs where you can make a decent living, provided people tip decently. I am a college student working 4 days a week and making more than most full time cashiers and retail workers. We don't do as well as most servers or bartenders but our job is not easier or more difficult. (A common argument) Our jobs are dangerous and challenging sometimes. I enjoy driving, listening to music and the freedom my job offers, I like working with people and being able to escape them in the comfort of my car when I want to. I can enjoy the nice weather when it's nice.
Although a lot of this is ranting, I made this a love message because I do love my customers. I just want them to know what we go through to deliver you a hot, fresh, delicious pizza.

-Pizza Slinger

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Driver dangerous because of summer silicone stares

Posted on Wednesday, June 8

I just can't take the stress of driving downtown anymore - it's bad enough with small streets, bad park-jobs, bike-riding idiots, tourists looking up, fools who text and walk, and morons who dart out between parked cars, but now that summer is here, massive breast implants seem to be popping up everywhere.
These ladies (getting younger every year in their minds), have no regard for traffic flow and literally risk getting mowed down by drivers like me who just can't take our eyes off those pert, rock-hard, glistening, throat-high jugs as they saunter down the sidewalk with reckless abandon. If a small child or elderly man steps out in front of me, they have no chance because they surely will not break my stare. I guess it's time to increase my insurance coverage.

-tempted to rub one out on King St.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scrubby rider has a knack for Racks

Posted on Thursday, May 19

I'll admit it, drivers. I really like riding my bike because I live and work downtown. As a result of my riding, I get to see things that people in cars wouldn't experience. Like my ride home from work last night. I pulled up to the intersection of George and Meeting and was about to cross over Meeting when I heard the VW Passat in front of me blasting Racks on Racks on Racks (great song, btw). Naturally, I started singing along and the people in the car must have noticed. One of them turned off the radio and stuck his hand out of the roof in what I assume was an attempt to wave at me to acknowledge our similar taste in music. To the driver and passenger in the car, you are both awesome and I apologize that I looked like such a scrub otherwise I would definitely have said hi.
Love from your friendly neighborhood girl that loves her bike

-Bike rider

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old man gets a helping hand

Posted on Sunday, April 17

I was going into the ladies room of a large discount store on Dorchester Rd. in Summerville today when I saw a feeble old man trying to get off the store's motorized cart to go into the men's rest room. A (lady)store employee helped him off the cart and to the door. When I came back by there about 5 minutes later, I saw the cart was still by the door. I waited for about 5 minutes because I was worried he might have fallen, or maybe lacked the strength to open the heavy door. I was wondering what I could do when a big guy in a white shirt came out of the restroom. I asked him if the old man was O.K. and explained why I was worried about him. He said he would check on the man and make sure he got out alright. Relieved, I went about my shopping. About 15 minutes later I saw the old man in the grocery section and the big guy was helping him get his groceries.
Thank you big guy. A thousand atta boy points for you.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Ohio Jeep Greek should stick around for free ride

Posted on Friday, February 18

This is to the guy with the body of an Greek god driving a lifted, light blue Jeep downtown. Standing on the corner of King and Calhoun the other day, I gazed upon you driving the most glorious Jeep Wrangler I had ever laid eyes on. I would ride with you anytime, and you can read into that statement as much as you want. Even if you are from Ohio, please don't go back.
CofC girl with a new crush

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sack packer brings a big smile

Posted on Thursday, February 3

There is a cashier at a certain large discount department store on Dorchester Road who is the sweetest person ever. She makes me happier when I'm tired and sad. She smiles big and means it. She gives sincere compliments to every customer and coworker. No one is a stranger. Always charming and cheerful. I wish there were more like her.

-Sad Sack Shopper

So easy, a caveman could do it

Posted on Thursday, February 3

Al U Need Is love. Don't you just love it when someone does something nice for no apparent reason? Random act of kindness or maybe an insurance company commercial? Either way if it makes you smile, pass it on.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sidewalk walker is now hot, dirty, and wet

Posted on Tuesday, January 25

To the good-looking guy standing on the sidewalk on King Street this morning: I am so sorry to have rudely splashed dirty soapy water on you. I did not realize that the road was wet (from the sidewalk cleaning, I suppose) until I had splashed you. You were standing in front of the only wet spot on King Street. I went back to try to apologize, but you were gone. Anyway, you're quite hot. I hope the splashing didn't ruin your day. If I can make it up to you...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blindside blocker is a rude dude

Posted on Thursday, December 15

This is another one about rude drivers.
Sometimes we have to turn onto another road at a place where there is no traffic light. To do this, we have to look left and right for an opening, so we can pull out into the traffic. What's rude is when someone comes up from behind us, they are turning in the opposite direction, and they pull right up beside us, blocking our view of the traffic on that side. The other vehicle is often taller than ours, so the driver may not be aware of their offense.
Well, now you know. Spread the word.

-Etta Kett

Monday, October 10, 2011

The gospel according to the Driver's License Manual

Posted on Monday, October 10

This is to the brother in the light green Lexus on late Sunday morning in Hamton park who failed to understand that when two people are riding bikes and taking the left hand turn nearest the Citadel entrance YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN THEM OVER!!
I don't care if you own a Lexus, I don't give a shit whether or not you were going to or coming from meeting up with Jesus, I don't care how damn bug a rush you were in going where ever.
We had the right of way and all you had to do was wait two stinking seconds to let us clear the turn and we could have all been on our merry way. BUT NOOOOO...that was just so beneath you to have to wait for a couple of whities on bikes to get out of your precious way.
TWO SECONDS!! That's it! But no, it made more sense to you to come within 6 inches of running our asses over so you could go see JC or whatever other mindless pursuit you had in planned for the rest of your day.
Instead of reading religious rhetoric day in and day out and patting your self on the back with your self righteous arrogance, all the while failing miserably to recognize your flagrant hypocrisy, you might want to read the driver's hand book and learn the rules of the road!
Yes, the rules of the road. The ones I told you you should read and you in your infinite mental acuity replied, "What rules?"
I guess your reply explains all the aforementioned ignorance on your behalf.
Enough said.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harrowing halloween highways on a three dog night

Posted on Thursday, October 6

Halloween is not for adults.I suspect that the death of my brother while trying to drive and text, stone drunk, on a Friday Night in 2008 dressed up like something the coroners could not identify to me will garner little sympathy- but it ain't him I'm ranting for. Traffic fatalities go up astronomically when Halloween happens on a weekend and this year we have got a three dog night .And your Lady Ga-Ga costumes will probably fit you awkwardly or if you are Jack Sparrow you'll have a patch over one eye which won't help your navigational skills not-at-all.More than 50 million people will be wearing cheap polyester and trying to be cool while inebriated meanwhile 37 million kids 5-13 will be collecting candy and hopefully not getting plowed by fake Rock Stars and counterfeit pirates.DO YOU HAVE TO DRIVE ? I work Part-Time for a company that among other things hires out Designated Drivers. They are dropping their price 15% for the weekend and increasing the force. You might think about that. I wish they had been around for my brother.But I will be around for you.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheater critique brings karmic butt bite

Posted on Friday, September 30

Your affair with my husband was almost 2 years ago now. You don't live in Charleston anymore but I know you go back to Charleston to visit your parents so maybe your sorry ass will actually see this letter. From what I hear, since the affair ended, you've slept your way through the bar where you two met.
(Speaking of the bar, it's funny to me that you were in the bar trash-talking my husband's sexual ability that one night. First of all, what 30-year-old woman does that? Isn't that really more fitting of teenagers? Second of all, I laughed out loud when I heard that because clearly he wasn't having the same kind of sex with you that he has with me! Because I can assure you, he is actually quite talented in that area.)
Back to my point...
You've slept your way through the bar. From all accounts, you've moved on. And this is one more reason I HATE YOU with a passion. I hate you because you are a sorry asshole bitch slut who walked away apparently unscathed. You never paid the price for what you did. I guess when you have no conscience whatsoever, that's easy to do. My husband has a conscience and has paid the price. In fact both of us are still paying the price.
But if there ever was any pain on your part, you have been able to drown it out with alcohol and some new stranger, so you don't feel it. I, on the other hand, have had to feel it all — and I have had to hold it all in, so that I could hold my marriage together, be a good mom, keep my job, and maintain some sense of respectability. On top of it all, I had to move to a new city, I had to start a new job, and my kids had to start at new schools, in large part because of you. Your affair turned my life upside down and you don't even give a shit. My husband has apologized profusely, in word and deed, for everything he did. You, on the other hand, aren't the least bit sorry. You probably don't ever even think about either of us anymore. And yet I think about you every single goddamn day. I hate you more than I've ever hated anyone.
People say the other woman doesn't owe the wife anything. Bullshit. You owed me something as one human being to another human being. You should never have slept with another woman's husband. You have no idea of the pain you've caused in my life. I am not sure you are emotionally capable of understanding. And I don't think you ever will, unless one day you fall in love, you're married for nearly 20 years, and you truly believe that you can trust him with your life...and then some slut (like yourself) comes along and does to you what you did to me. At 6 am on the morning after I found out, I sent you a message saying that I hope karma bites you in the ass one day. I hope she bites you hard.
By the way, if you ever want to apologize for YOUR part in this, feel free. My phone number and email address are still the same, and we know enough people in common that you could find me if you wanted to. But I won't hold my breath while I wait.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

No road nannies needed for lightnin' quick lefty

Posted on Sunday, September 4

This is an age-old rant, something EVERYONE complains about. But I'm going to say it anyway because I've just about ripped all my hair out.
GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE! Please, for the love of all things sacred and beautiful, get out of the left lane!
Doing the speed limit, or 5 over, doesn't entitle you to lingering in the left lane. Believe me, there will always be someone moving faster than you. Me.
Just because you're moving 1 mile an hour faster than the car to the right of you does not mean you need to take 10 minutes to pass them. Either speed up and get over, or slow down and get over. Let traffic get by you.
There is no difference between a multi-lane interstate (like I-26 for example) and a four lane highway (like Hwy 17). The left lane is for passing, and the right lane is for travel. If someone is turning in front of you, get to the left, THEN GET BACK OVER.
Check your mirrors! If you're cruising along in the left lane and think, "Wow, there's no one on the road today...," it's probably because they're all stuck behind you waiting for you to stop texting, talking, eating, whatever and get the hell out of the left lane.
You may not have anywhere to be, or you may be one of those self-righteous assholes who think they're doing the world a favor by making it difficult for people to travel faster than the posted speed limit, but I DO have somewhere to be and I DON'T need a nanny on the road. I can assure you I'm a far safer driver than you could ever be in your sluggish consciousness.
I don't want to be the bitch in the car behind you, so please...PLEASE!...get out of the left lane and let me get by.

-A Person With Somewhere To Be

Monday, August 15, 2011

Craptastic chatters streamed from space

Posted on Monday, August 15

Why am i paying for xm/sirius radio when between every song the DJ comes on and talks for up to a minute. I'm not paying to hear that crap come out of their mouths. Charleston for some reason doesn't have an oldies station, so I like to listen to the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's XM station. They have gotten really bad about useless DJ garble, i think I might cancel along with my netflix this month.

-john dough

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bleeding heart dreamland gets a mouth full of tea bags

Posted on Tuesday, August 9

I love to hear educated people I know talk about how much they hate the Tea Party, and yet they know zero about it and what it stands for. They get there news from the daily show and actually believe everything John Stewart says is correct. It's just funny how threatened everyone is of the Tea Party, they try to write them off as extremist idiots. If that were true then I don't think there would be so much attention given to them in the first place. Dems spend a lot of time and money trying to degrade the Tea Party and what it stands for, in my opinion they stand for preserving our union. The Liberal utopia people want and thought they were voting for with Obama is not realistic and could never work in America or anywhere else for very long. I don't see how people can use Europe as a model for the government we need here. Europe has and always be in turmoil and that's just a realistic opinion by me. By the way I am not a Tea Party member and barely a conservative, but I am convinced the Democrat utopia can never happen.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little rubber chickens in bomb sauce

Posted on Tuesday, August 2

Went to an uptown King Street Pizza Joint Sunday night (July 17, 2011) to pick up an order for 50 wings using a $25.00 Borders gift certificate. Order came to $40.12. They were supposed to charge $15.12 to card but charged whole $40.12. Then to top that off, chicken was nasty, rubbery, nasty sauce. Called and talked to someone who said he was the manager. Told him we would return the order and just wanted our money back. He said don't bother bringing food (which we tossed) he would reverse the charge, credit the money back to the card. He didn't. In fact, the charge went through on Tuesday. I have left messages without response, also talked with a guy who said "I only make pizzas, I can't give you your money back but I will make you some more wings or give you some credits." I sweetly said I don't want any more wings or a store credit, I would like to have the charges reversed. He proceeded to cuss me out using the "F" bomb and telling me he didn't care. I said I would contact Borders and the Better Business Bureau. He cussed at me some more telling me I was threatening him and he didn't care. Said I was trying to scam him because they're in a "poor" neighborhood with a bunch of college students and other people who try to scam them. I told him I worked at King and Broad and was not trying to scam him and just wanted to get my money refunded. Needless to say he said he didn't care and hung up the phone on me. GEE THANKS FOR NOTHING. WOW!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Bring big tips and a pocket full of shame

Posted on Monday, July 18

I find this hard to believe, but get it confirmed again and again: people tip their waitstaff much less, with great pride, when they find fault with their food at a restaurant. The waiter, of course, has nothing to do with the food. The waiter cannot control the chefs and will likely get heat from the cooks for even putting in your customized order. People who can't deal with restaurant menus should stay home, to stiff a waiter who has given up his life, is away from his kids, who could be doing something other than running around for you doing your bidding is so hateful. 20% people. Or stay home. And please shame your friends who don't.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

27 days of noodles in the pokey

Posted on Thursday, April 21

Going to jail sucks. Going to jail for stupid shit like expired tags sucks even more. Not many are raising their hand stuntin' that they went to jail cause they didnt pay tickets for violating driving regulations. Whatever, your in. Now your trying to figure out how the hell to get out...
Day 1) "All right, what they hell do I need to do get out of here. Lets see. I got x amount of tickets, and owe x amount of dollars. Oh, I know..Ill ask the boys in blue (and women too) what to do, who to pay..YEAH YEAH!"
Day 2) hmm....Ive asked 4 people who to pay and what to do, but no one seems to have a clue. Ramen Noodles cast $3 a pack? What the fuck...
Day 3-8) All right, Finally, after stewing for 5 days and mastering Spades, I found out how much I owe. They must know the right amount right? Ill tell my people to pay it when they call so I can get the hell out of this crapshack. Dont they serve any solid foods up in this joint....?
Day 9) Ok.they've paid. Its 4 in the afternoon. I cant wait to get out of here.. waiting waiting waiting...2am rolls around. The boy in blue who cant see his feet comes wobbling over to me.."So I know I told you if you paid $700 you could get out of here? Well...ACTUALLY its $400 more." WHAT?! "Yeah, youve been misinformed. Sorry. Want me to tell the person whose been in the waiting area for 3 hours your not getting out?" Dick.
Day 10) My people mustered up another $400 and paid it. Man, Im fortunate. FINALLY I can go home and stop watching Lockdown on tv every fuckin day. You wanna watch Lockdown WHILE your on lockdown? Really? waiting...waiting...waiting..4am rolls around. What is taking so long? The hamburglar walks in again..."So you know i told you if you paid $400 more you would get out? yeah...well..(sounding like the boss from Office Space), actually its $200 more. Hmm..someones waiting out there in the waiting room for you probably. Ill go ahead and tell them they can leave without you."
17 days later people...17 FUCKIN DAYS LATER, they figure out they had the paperwork and amount owed all wrong. Yeah, people go to jail. Some deserve it, some people were at the wrong place and the wrong time, and some were just lazy with payin tickets, but that doesnt give these assholes the right to sit on their asses collecting unmerited money and treating anyone like shit because you dont make shit in salary. 27 days spent in jail. My people went back and forth back and forth between court houses, judges, town halls, everywhere, day in and out, talking to who knows how many blank faces, just to be told in the end "well actually you have to go BACK to that place and do this or that," EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST LEFT THERE AND THEY TOLD YOU TO COME HERE!!
27 days, back and forth between brick building after brick building, talking to dozens, honestly..dozens of people trying to figure out A) HOW MUCH IS OWED B) WHERE DO DO YOU PAY IT C) WHY IS IT THIS AMOUNT WHEN YOUR PARTNER OVER HERE TOLD ME IT WAS THAT AMOUNT!?!?
We rely on law enforcement, they do their thing, I mind my business..whatever. Not until now, when I realized, the majority of those people behind that bulletproof glass, do not give a shit about what they do. People who are bound in jail, realizing they screwed up, just wanting to do the right thing; pay their fine and move on with their life, cant even do that. Backs are turned, hands thrown up in the air. Regardless of the charge, they all look down upon you and see you as an inmate. Not even worth their $9 per hour time..
27 days spent in jail for suspended license tickets because no one would take the time to figure out what was wrong with the paperwork and why the amount owed kept changing. In 27 days over $600 was paid that didnt have to be paid because it takes DAYS for paperwork to get to one office to another. DONT THEY HAVE EMAIL??! 27 days, an No one would take the time to figure out why the courthouse didnt even have a record of even BEING in jail. Something's gotta change.
In 27 days, I have lost all respect for this local institution.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thanks for the infection, we're breaking up again

Posted on Friday, March 25

Dear Pollen,
I thought I broke up with you last year? Why are you here again, turning an otherwise greatly anticipated Lowcountry spring into a less than wonderful experience?
Please take back your crappy gift - I really didn't need yet ANOTHER fucking sinus infection, thanks.
Oh and making everything look as if a bunch of rogue tree-trolls went nuts and spray-painted everything yellow-green is not cute - it's annoying. No, I don't like getting my car washed only to find it covered with your shit by the time I pull into my driveway.
If I never see you again, it will be too soon. You are the only blemish of an otherwise perfect place.
I'd think by now you'd know when you're not wanted, but apparently not. Please go away and never come back!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trumpet tooting locavores wear parachute pants

Posted on Thursday, March 10

Locavores. O.K., hate may be a little too strong. Mildly annoyed is probably more accurate. I grew up in the 80's (yep, I'm old) in the midst of ugly clothes, bad haircuts, and eating fresh and local. Yep, I said it. The vegetables were more likely than not grown on James Island. Not because Mom eschewed vegetables that had traveled 1000 miles in a truck, but because we had a small garden in the backyard. When we ate fish, it was pulled from local waters. Not as a statement against farm raised fish from Vietnam, but because Dad caught, cleaned, and cooked it, so you better clean your damn plate. And while the current "movement" toward eating local is commendable, the question on my mind is: what took so long? So maybe we can tone down the trumpets an octave or two.
Call yourself a locavore if you insist, but I'm pretty sure my folks just called it practical. More practical than lime green parachute pants, for sure.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Driving woes yield nasty note prose

Posted on Wednesday, February 23

The person who felt compelled to leave an ugly note on my windshield critiquing my driving skills should examine their own behavior. Taking the time to troll a vast parking lot, looking for my car to leave your nasty piece prose, really makes you the stupid one after all.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Uptown, downtown, people say keep it down

Posted on Friday, February 11

Just read where the poor little rich kids downtown won't let trains use their horns as a safety measure at crossings. In a related note, North Charleston is asking for the installation of mufflers on C-17s. Seems they're a little noisy, and folks need more quiet.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I know what you did last Winter

Posted on Thursday, February 3

I saw you hit that kid walking his bike with your ugly Toyota at the corner of Crosstown and Ashley. Are you completely unaware of the fact that you must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk when making that right turn? Were you running so incredibly late that letting him pass the bumper of your car unscathed was just impossible? Good thing you can hide behind your steering wheel, huh? You sir, deserve the greatest ass kicking of all time; so does your sour, wrinkled cow of a wife that was with you. Had you, for whatever reason, stopped your car, I'm sure there would have been at least a dozen people ready to administer said ass kicking. You're lucky that kid was okay. Cause we all got your plate, bitch...

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