Friday, October 20, 2017

Terrace Theater's late night 'Rocky Horror' screenings encourage bawdy behavior

Three cheers for the peanut gallery

Posted by Kevin Young on Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 3:10 PM

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It was a late Friday night at the Terrace Theater a few weeks ago. Considering the time, 11 p.m., there was a lot of movement and sound. A song from the Talking Heads blared through the speakers while people milled about the lobby. Usually around now is when people are quietly leaving their movie of choice while the staff is closing down concessions. Not tonight. Tonight the theater is filled with sluts, assholes, and virgins. One Kinda Virgin was in a unique position: "Dude, I've been before but that was so many years ago that I'm sure I've regrown my cherry. I'm sure I need to get it popped again!"

Well, hell, that was verbal gold she just spit at me. Within seconds, in between sips from a fountain Coke, I was awkwardly entering autocorrected typos into my phone in a vain attempt at taking notes. While one theater was opening up for another screening of It, the hullabaloo in the lobby was all about Tim Curry's (a.k.a. The Original Pennywise) other seminal role as Dr. Frank N. Furter — the sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania of The Rocky Horror Picture Show — gracing the screen. On it's own, the film is a decent time to be had but if ever there was a film that had to be seen with an audience — this is it.

A few minutes later, I found myself in the theater's office sitting across from a seemingly unassuming man in glasses sporting a shirt emblazoned with, in Star Wars font, "The Sarcasm Is Strong With This One." Jody Carter grinned, recalling his love affair with The Rocky Horror Picture Show while the upbeat chaos was reduced to but a low rumble thanks to a closed door.

It all began in 1982 when Carter was a junior in high school. As a Rocky Horror virgin, he was wowed by the misfit musical. Along with his brother and a host of others, he began to take part in many screenings of the film, eventually becoming a part of the live shadow cast that normally accompanies the late night screenings. Having been in many of the shadow casts that have occurred in Charleston, Carter's mission is simple,
"We've had people of all stripes here. I don't care who you are. I want you to have fun. That's the whole point of what we're doing here."

As the ringleader of the shadow cast, Carter's passion for creating the ultimate interactive show is a labor of love. What money — if any — has been made is made from sales of survival kits (aka "shit to throw at the screen") to virgins. That money is usually put back into the props and sets created to enhance the overall experience. Carter sees a cross-section of people brought together through vulgarity and debauchery, "I think if we took what we have in that audience, the world would be a better place."

With showtime getting closer, he steps out to get into ringleader mode with the rest of the cast.

Upon entry, I was greeted by visuals from Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! spilling from the screen. I would have continued watching the black-and-white misadventures of Billia, Varla, and Rosie if it weren't for the damn audience. The Kinda Virgin was sitting upfront waiting to get re-deflowered. This audience of seemingly normal humans were like gremlins waiting for Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs to start. Normally when people file into a theater, they find their seat and do so relatively quietly. This was a packed, clamorous house. So packed that I eventually stood in a corner to watch it all go down. So clamorous that I had to lean in just to hear someone speak to me.

Whereas a loud packed house for a film like, say, everyone's favorite mope-fest Manchester By The Sea, would be obnoxious, a loud packed house for Rocky Horror Picture Show was a lot more apropos. It was borderline heartwarming to see people this excited to watch a 42-year-old movie.

Soon, Jody, the man with the Star Wars font shirt and a friendly demeanor, emerged, with a seemingly more vulgar persona handing out a simple trigger warning that he will likely offend you with the off-color commentary he will yell during the screening.

With that, the cast pulled some virgins from the audience to the front. A moment later the virgin rituals were getting their lewd on — simulating missionary, doggy, one way, three way, any way but no way sex.

The lights soon dimmed as the film's famous disembodied red lips sang of anticipation while audience members made dental hygiene jokes. Not long after the first appearance of the film's protagonists Brad ("Asshole!") and Janet ("Slut!") I heard someone in the row beside me whisper, "Hey take your pants off." Sure enough someone was in the process of getting pantsless while Jody continued with his commentary.

Right around this point, a skeleton popped up on screen with its hands hovering over the crotch. Jody blurts, "Holy shit it's Hugh Hefner!" He leaned over and grinned, "You know you gotta keep it current. I would've gone with Ralphie May but the skeleton wasn't big enough."

Event Details Terrace Theater Halloween Film Fest
@ Terrace Theater
1956 Maybank Highway
James Island
Charleston, SC
When: Fri., Oct. 27, 11:30 p.m. and Sat., Oct. 28, 11:30 p.m.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

From lawsuits to leg warmers, the guys behind Found Footage Festival head to Theatre 99 next month

Finders keepers

Posted by Connelly Hardaway on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 3:31 PM

Former satanist John Anderson eats a lightbulb and washes it down with water to prove ... something in a 1989 video "New Age Miracles." - PROVIDED
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  • Former satanist John Anderson eats a lightbulb and washes it down with water to prove ... something in a 1989 video "New Age Miracles."

The concept is simple: find weird, funny, old (by their nature, they must be old, right?) VHS tapes, and bring them on a showcase around the country. That's exactly what Found Footage Festival is. The brainchild of Nick Prueher and Joe Prickett, the idea for the show was born way back in 1991, when the pair first began collecting found videotapes. Found Footage heads to Charleston for the third time next month on Thurs. Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. at Theatre 99.

The Theatre 99 show features all new material including a collection of satanic panic videos from the 1980s; outtakes and on-air bloopers of North Dakota local news; and exclusive selections from David Letterman's VHS Collection, donated to the Found Footage Festival when Letterman retired.

In addition to bringing found footage to locations around the country, Prueher and Prickett are also pretty busy dealing with a lawsuit. Yep, the funny pair was sued earlier this year for a prank they pulled on TV. Dressing in ridiculous outfits and dubbing themselves strongman duo Chop & Steele, Prueher and Prickett went on local TV stations to promote themselves — and TV stations fell for it. During their segment, Chop & Steele perform acts of strength such as crushing straw baskets and throwing sticks at each other.

A parent company of one of those news stations, Grey Television, filed a federal lawsuit against Prueher and Prickett claiming copyright infringement, fraud, and conspiracy.

While Prueher and Prickett say that they're confident they'll win this lawsuit on the grounds of fair use, they're still taking donations to the cause on GoFundMe. On the site the two explain the reasoning behind Chop & Steele (other than the prank being hilarious). "In March, we posted short snippets from some of these segments online, hoping to entertain and make a point about how easy it is to get on certain news programs who aren't doing basic fact checking."

Tickets are $13 and on sale now at
Event Details Found Footage Festival
@ Theatre 99
280 Meeting St.
Charleston, South Carolina
When: Thu., Nov. 16, 8 p.m.
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Tomorrow: Terrace Theater screens Only the Brave, offers discounts to firefighters and first responders

Fighting fire with fire

Posted by Mary Scott Hardaway on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 10:33 AM

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The Terrace screens Only the Brave, a film about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite group of 20 Arizona-based firefighters who fought to contain the Yarnell Mountain fire in Prescott, AZ in 2013 — with deadly results.

The film stars Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, Miles Teller, and James Badge Dale, and is a comprehensive retelling, with a run time of over 2 hours.

The theater will be offering a $3 discount on all adult tickets for firefighters and first responders. There will be an advance screening this Thurs. Oct. 19 at 7 and 9:35 p.m. To purchase tickets, visit or call (843) 762-4247.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

South Carolina Underground Film Festival kicks off in North Charleston on Nov. 11

Diggin' holes

Posted by Connelly Hardaway on Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 1:32 PM

Fly into the South Carolina Underground Film Festival next month. - PRESS KIT/ FAGS IN THE FAST LANE
  • Press kit/ Fags In the Fast Lane
  • Fly into the South Carolina Underground Film Festival next month.
Go underground next month with the South Carolina Underground Film Festival (SCUFF), held Nov. 11-12 at Park Circle's Olde Village Community building. The festival is all-inclusive, screening indie films made by both novice and professional filmmakers. SCUFF says that if your film is obscure, pushes boundaries, and has the chance of being laughed at by Sundance (in a bad way), then this is the festival for you.

One of this year's feature films is the North American premiere of Fags in the Fast Lane, directed by the UK's Josh Sinbad Collins. The flick synopsis reads like an Austin Powers flick meets ... RuPaul's Drag Race? Decide for yourself: "When Beau and his herculean sidekick set off to avenge a spree of violent attacks on his fellow gays, he is waylaid on a vital mission for his beloved mama, Kitten, when her GILF bordello is robbed the by the giantess leader of a grotesque burlesque show."

Another feature film hitting SCUFF is South Carolina-produced The Theta Girl. With a tagline that reads, "She brought the pills. He brought the kills," we are intrigued by this production, directed by Christopher Bickel. The project was funded on Indiegogo, where it's described as "an original psychedelic existentploitation horror film." Just watch the trailer, OK?

If watching a normal-length movie is so not your thing, don't worry, SCUFF is loaded with short films. We're tickled by the premise of Jeffrey Lamont Brown's American Sock, in which a girl finds her soul mate online, only to discover that he's a sock puppet (been there). Another relatable short flick? Crass, directed by Micah Troublefield, about a new couple trying to have sex in a parked car.

American Sock from Jason K. Allen on Vimeo.

As far as S.C.-produced fare, there's the very short (3 min. 45 sec.) film, Veterans in Blue, a documentary, directed by Andrew Fox, on local comedian Brian T. Shirley, who served in the Air Force before going into comedy. 300 Years of Good features nine nuns interviewed around the Carolinas, directed by Julie McElmurry. And then there's The Last Filmmaker, directed by Tony Flynn di Resta, which features Charleston area talent set against familiar CHS locations.

For a full list of films, and to buy tickets, head to

Event Details South Carolina Underground Film Festival
@ Olde Village Community Center
4820 Jenkins Ave.
North Charleston
Charleston, SC
When: Nov. 11-12
Film + Radio

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Locally filmed 'Mr. Mercedes' gets the greenlight for season two

Season one ends tonight

Posted by Connelly Hardaway on Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 11:26 AM

Harry Treadaway plays Brady Hartsfield a.k.a. Mr. Mercedes. - AUDIENCE NETWORK
  • Audience Network
  • Harry Treadaway plays Brady Hartsfield a.k.a. Mr. Mercedes.
If you're like us, you're eagerly awaiting tonight's final episode of Mr. Mercedes, airing on AT&T's Audience Network. Good news folks — after tonight's episode we can rest assured that the locally filmed Stephen King series will be back for season two, according to Variety.
The TV show based on King's best-selling detective Bill Hodges trilogy (which includes Finders Keepers and End of Watch) was filmed in Charleston earlier this year. From our eagle-eye viewing we've seen cameos of North Charleston Coliseum, Prohibition, Little Jack's Tavern, Blo Dry Bar, the American College of the Building Arts, the International Longshoremen's building on Morrison, Wagener Terrace, the Mill, and the Ravenel Bridge (hard to miss). Oh, and be sure to check out local artist Patrick Prickett's set designs, featured in episodes 9 and 10.

Patrick Prickett's work is featured in episodes 9 and 10 of 'Mr. Mercedes.' He was discovered by a set a designer on Instagram. - PROVIDED
  • Provided
  • Patrick Prickett's work is featured in episodes 9 and 10 of 'Mr. Mercedes.' He was discovered by a set a designer on Instagram.

In case you haven't been following the series, Mr. Mercedes is a thriller about a killer deemed "Mr. Mercedes," who mows down a large group of people waiting in line for a job fair, in a stolen Mercedes. The story twists and turns, bringing in everyone from the owner of the Mercedes, to the killer, played by Harry Treadaway (we see life from his perspective, and it ain't pretty), to the detective, Bill Hodges (played by Brendan Gleeson), who has stayed on the case even in retirement. The characters are quirky and the storyline is pretty fast-paced, even if it strays from the book (so says our resident Stephen King expert).
Head of the Audience Network, Christopher Long, said, "We're thrilled that the first installment of Mr. Mercedes resonated with such a wide audience." Director Jack Bender doesn't explicitly tell Variety that season two will be filmed in Charleston, but he certainly suggests as much. "With Sonar and AT&T, along with great scripts and our talented team in Charleston, I am thrilled to keep telling this story."

The first season had a call for extras, so stay tuned for calls for the second season. Until then, happy viewing.

Mr. Mercedes may need extras for season two — stay tuned. - STAFF
  • Staff
  • Mr. Mercedes may need extras for season two — stay tuned.

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