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Turns out that Archie Parnell's history as a Goldman Sachs banker wasn't the only thing we knew little about

"He has no business running for Congress and he never did."

Posted by Sam Spence on Tue, May 22, 2018 at 1:50 PM

Parnell greets supporters during his first run for Congress in 2017 - ARCHIE PARNELL FACEBOOK
  • Archie Parnell Facebook
  • Parnell greets supporters during his first run for Congress in 2017
As of last week, the candidates that the lucky voters in S.C.'s 5th District were choosing between included a congressman best known for recently wielding a loaded gun during a meeting, a former blue chip banker, an ex-clown.

Little did they know that former Goldman Sachs adviser Archie Parnell also has a history of domestic issues, according to a Post and Courier report Monday.

According to divorce documents obtained by the P&C, Parnell reportedly struck his ex-wife in the 1970s. In a statement responding to the paper's report, Parnell didn't refute the allegations, saying that he's regretted the incident "every single day since." Parnell said the events and subsequent divorce in 1974 marked "monumental change" in his life.

Campaign staff reportedly confronted Parnell with the documents last week. Campaign manager Yates Baroody said she "immediately" resigned upon learning their details, telling P&C's Jamie Lovegrove, "He has no business running for Congress and he never did."

Fifth Congressional District Rep. Ralph Norman - U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • Fifth Congressional District Rep. Ralph Norman
In the 2017 special election, called when Mick Mulvaney was drawn into the Trump administration, Parnell lost by just 3.2 percent to Ralph Norman, an Upstate developer and state House member. The race's tight margin came as races elsewhere got more national press but ended up not finishing as close. Politico heralded it as "the Best Democratic campaign of 2017." The rematch this year represented South Carolina Democrats' best shot at earning a second seat in the state delegation.

Parnell has resisted calls to resign from the race, saying that the campaign was "never about me."

Those who have withdrawn support and called on Parnell to step down include: State Dem Chair Trav Robertson, Former chair Jaime Harrison, former state Rep. Bakari Sellers, and Congressman Tim Ryan.

Democrats will choose who will face Norman in the November general election in the party primary on June 12. The other Democrats in the primary are: Mark Ali, Steve Lough (the clown), Sidney Moore.

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The Agenda: Medal of Honor Museum plans scrapped; Mulvaney pulling strings in plot to replace Speaker

Small number of Boeing workers could vote on union

Posted by Sam Spence on Tue, May 22, 2018 at 12:23 PM

The proposed design for the Medal of Honor Museum includes a "dramatic daylit Great Hall." - PROVIDED
  • Provided
  • The proposed design for the Medal of Honor Museum includes a "dramatic daylit Great Hall."

After $3.5 million was spent contracting a world-renowned modern architect to draw up plans for the Medal of Honor Museum in Mt. Pleasant, organizers will start over after the plans were overwhelmingly rejected by the suburb's planning commission. Source: AP

Oh now here it comes: The P&C says "The nasty part is about to begin in the 2018 South Carolina governor's election." Source: P&C

The State lede: "Phil Noble does not consider himself the Bernie Sanders of the 2018 S.C. governor's race.""

Mick Mulvaney, who is serving as both the White House budget director and director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has also reportedly talked to the House majority leader about plans to replace Speaker Paul Ryan before he retires next year. Source: WaPo

P&C headline: "Boeing's flight line workers to vote on labor union representation"

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Catherine Templeton picks Upstate Solicitor Walt Wilkins as her running mate

He recently told local law enforcement to withhold names of officers involved in fatal shootings

Posted by Adam Manno on Tue, May 22, 2018 at 11:03 AM

  • Templeton campaign Facebook
Republican candidate for governor and Mt. Pleasant attorney Catherine Templeton has named Thirteenth District Solicitor Walt Wilkins as her running mate.

Wilkins, 44, was born in Greenville and has been the top prosecutor in Greenville and Pickens counties since 2011. He previously served as Assistant U.S. Attorney, according to Templeton's campaign.

The news was first reported by the Associated Press.

In a press release Tuesday morning, the campaign highlighted Wilkins' commitment to prosecuting ethnic minorities.

"Throughout his career, Wilkins helped infiltrate and dismantle some of South Carolina’s most violent gangs including the Crips, Bloods, MS13, and the Latin Kings; prosecuted and helped deport hundreds of illegal immigrants; participated in the largest illegal immigration raid in South Carolina history; and oversaw the prosecution and imprisonment of convicted radical Islamic terrorist Abdullah al-Muhajir," according to the release.

Wilkins drew criticism from law enforcement experts earlier this year for a memo in which he directed local agencies under this jurisdiction to withhold the names of officers involved in fatal shootings while investigations are ongoing.

"While a case is under review and no charges are made, we're not going to identify a particular officer who had just had to use his service weapon," Wilkins said, according to the Greenville News. "We’re not going to subject him to scrutiny by the public until a case has been vetted and completed. They still have the same rights as everybody else."

University of South Carolina law professor and former police officer Seth Stoughton called the decision "anti-democratic."

"Particularly with the relatively extreme action of taking someone's life or attempting to by shooting at them, there's a strong public interest in knowing relevant details and that includes an officer’s name," Stoughton said.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office has yet to release the names of four officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jermaine Massey on March 19. All four officers were cleared of wrongdoing in an internal investigation.

"Two of our state’s top problems are corruption and crime," said Templeton. "Walt’s wheelhouse is all of the very important things that keep us safe in South Carolina, and we’re going to work in partnership on those things."

Templeton told AP that she hopes Wilkins' lieutenant governor position will be a "partnership," and that he would be tasked with "eliminating redundancies and finding efficiencies in state agencies such as corrections, juvenile justice, and the State Law Enforcement Division."

The office of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit declined to release the memo to CP on Tuesday, choosing to process the request under the Freedom of Information Act instead.

Primary elections for governor will be held on June 12.

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Publix fixed its cake design tool after Charleston screw up, but you still can't order a "shitty" cake

Thanks, Jacob's mom

Posted by Sam Spence on Tue, May 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM

  • Facebook / Cara Koscinski
Poor smarty pants Jacob Koscinski didn't get the cake his mom ordered after graduating from his home-school program with nearly a 5.0 GPA, but he did get a round of national press out of the deal.

For those of you who haven't seen, Cara Koscinski posted on Facebook over the weekend that her son Jacob was embarrassed over how the online Publix cake ordering tool supposedly censored the cake she ordered to omit the Latin word "cum" from "Summa Cum Laude," replacing it with three dashes. Jacob's mom went ahead and placed the order for "a $70 cake!!" even after seeing that the online tool had replaced the supposedly naughty word, hoping that special instructions would take care of things. (It's not clear how or if Publix bakery employees see special instructions when an order is submitted, so it's possible that the employee was just printing what the system saved, "Summa —- Laude.")

Checking this morning, it looks like Publix has removed "cum" from its dictionary of banned words, but don't get too excited. Everything from "crap" to "fuck" will still only get you dashes from Publix.

Jacob's mom, apparently not content with limiting her Publix grievances to the dining room table or Facebook, told the Washington Post, winner of 47 Pulitzer Prizes, that her son was "absolutely humiliated."

WaPo adds that Publix did give her a $70 refund for the cake and a store gift card.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Man who peed on the seat in front of him during flight to Charleston gets arrested upon landing

The case is being handled by the FBI

Posted by Adam Manno on Mon, May 21, 2018 at 8:05 PM

  • Instagram/iflychs
A man who harassed a woman on a flight from Denver to Charleston — and topped it all off by peeing on the seat pocket in front of him — was arrested when the flight landed Thursday night.

Michael Allen Haag, 45, is facing two federal charges, one of which carries up to 20 years in jail, according to The Post & Courier.

A woman identified as Emily witnessed the happenings on the Frontier Airlines flight and told Denver Fox 31 that Haag was "extremely intoxicated."

"I hear a woman scream, 'If this man fucking touches me one more time I’ll fucking kill him,'" Emily said. "She said that he ordered two double shots of vodka, so four drinks while they were sitting there. He was out of his mind. Like he couldn’t speak, he was mumbling."
  • Screenshot via KMGH-TV

He was escorted to the back of the plane, where he committed his urinary transgression.

Officers at the Charleston International Airport escorted Haag from the back of the plane. He was booked at Al Canon Detention Center and made a court appearance downtown on Friday.

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