Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Terrace Theater presents screening, panel of All Eyez on Me this Thurs. June 15

Going deeper

Posted by Connelly Hardaway on Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 10:09 AM

The Terrace screens All Eyez on Me, the true story of the late (or, so they say) rapper Tupac Shakur, this Thurs. at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. After the film, viewers will hear from a panel, presented by The Terrace, Black Collective (a Charleston-based news/entertainment platform), Monster Music, and local radio station, Star 99.7. You can buy tickets online.

The panel discussion following All Eyez on Me explores "artistry in the era of activism." In addition to his music career, Shakur was an activist, born to parents Afeni Shakur Davis (born Alice Williams) and Billy Garland, members of the Black Panthers. His social consciousness often came through in his songs, at least according to Billboard, which lists 10 times Shakur was "at his most woke."

This Thursday's panelists include Star 99.7's Sheila "Savannah" Johnson; hip-hop artist, Port Baby; rapper, singer-songwriter Dkay the Artist; and hip-hop and rap artist Mossy B 4 Prez.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Orange is the New Black evokes the Charleston shooting, but fails to follow its own message

‘Doing a Charleston, South Carolina’

Posted by Dustin Waters on Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 3:48 PM

After a lengthy list of references to other mass shootings, Charleston is mentioned in the season five premiere of Netflix's Orange is the New Black - SCREENSHOT/NETFLIX
  • screenshot/Netflix
  • After a lengthy list of references to other mass shootings, Charleston is mentioned in the season five premiere of Netflix's Orange is the New Black
There is a running gag in the season five premiere of Orange is the New Black wherein several guards and inmates in the midst of a prison riot casually allude to the nation’s most high-profile mass shootings. With confusion swirling over whether a sadistic armed guard has set out on a rampage through Litchfield Penitentiary, various members of the cast reference the massacres at Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech. The episode is about 22 minutes in by the time they finally make it to Charleston.

Of course, the audience already knows that the rumors aren’t true. The prison uprising is set off when a guard (Humps) responsible for an inmate’s death is disarmed after sneaking a handgun into the prison. An inmate stops short of executing the guard, instead opting to fire a round into his leg.

From the safety of a secured office, a guard looks out at the chaos of the riot and radios his fellow guards to ask if the rumors of the shooter are true. Is one of their fellow guards “out there really doing a Charleston, South Carolina?”

Despite the clumsy nature of the phrasing, it’s difficult to not be struck by the line. While it’s easy to argue that the reference is in poor taste, it’s also clear to see what the writers of the show intended. Dropped into the middle of an active-shooter situation, the references to mass shootings pile up. Whether spoken by a guard or an inmate, each mention is intentionally informal. A guard says someone has “gone all Virginia Tech.” An inmate smears menstrual blood on her face in an effort to trick a guard into allowing her into a locked room.

“It’s Aurora, Colorado, out here, and we’re all in the movie theater,” she shouts in a fake panic.

Then there is the aforementioned line, which questions if the guard is “doing a Charleston, South Carolina.”

On the eve of the anniversary of the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church that claimed the lives of nine parishioners, it’s difficult to dismiss the true effect the tragedy had on the Charleston community when watching this episode of Orange is the New Black. But with that in mind, it’s also important to consider what exactly the show’s writers are trying to say and how effective they are at communicating that point.

Clearly, the show is offering up some form of commentary on the prevalence of high-profile mass shootings in America and in some way asserting that we have become somewhat callous to these acts of violence. This can be seen by the fact that none of these lines of dialogue are given much weight, with the episode relying on the accumulation of references to tragedies to drive the point home.

This train of thought runs through an episode that focuses on the fallout of the death of a female inmate at the hands of the very same guard who is incorrectly suspected to be carrying out the mass shooting and spends most of the episode bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Orange is the New Black has always deftly maneuvered between comedy and drama, and this episode makes it clear that there are repercussions to death and violence.

While inmates comically scramble across the prison to round up supplies, drugs, and, in one case, carved soaps, one group focuses on getting some form of justice for their murdered friend, Poussey Washington. They want her name to be remembered, her story to be told. Meanwhile, another inmate rushes to save the life of the wounded guard — if only to prevent the addition of a murder charge for the young woman she’s chosen to protect. With that in mind, it’s difficult to say that Orange is the New Black fails to recognize the pain of losing a loved one or handles violence carelessly. What does become apparent over the course of this episode is that the heavy-handed commentary on mass shootings is left as merely a side note rather than permeating the story.

With many of the characters believing there is an active gunman on the loose, no one ever looks truly afraid for their life. What pleas for help we do hear serve as just further opportunities for the characters to namedrop the scene of another attack. By choosing not to show the fear associated with an active-shooter scenario, the episode undercuts the point that it tries so hard to make. It points out that there is something wrong with how the nation acknowledges mass shootings, but becomes guilty of this very crime. This becomes apparent in one short scene.

As a group of guards fight to round up a few escaped inmates, two women find themselves face to face on the ground after being seized. One woman, clearly belonging to a gang of skinheads, looks up at the other woman who was just pulled down to the ground by her long hair. She tells the woman that she probably wishes she would have shaved her head to show where her loyalties lie. The other woman snipes back, “I’m not a fucking Nazi skinhead. I’m a white nationalist.” With the prisoners subdued, two guards high-five overhead.

Played for comedic effect, this scene comes just seconds before a guard evokes the Charleston mass shooting where nine black parishioners were murdered by a white nationalist bent on starting a race war. Had these two scenes been set further apart, this off connection may have gone unnoticed, but occurring right next to each other, it’s hard to ignore. And with that, the episode loses whatever leverage it may have had in trying to expose the way people respond to mass shootings.

It’s easy to say that people often fail to really acknowledge the true roots of these shootings. But it’s even easier to make that point without having a white nationalist deliver punchlines in the same breath.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: The Nadir of Beer Dong

Season 4, Episode 10

Posted by Dustin Waters on Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Just lean into the turmoil - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • Just lean into the turmoil

Hey everybody. Usually, when I try to decide on a theme for these recaps, I randomly decide on a topic I feel like discussing and clumsily try to reshape that week’s episode to fit. This is because most episodes of Southern Charm fail to conform to any unified idea. They are all just a series of random glances into the lives of the cast, all leading up to a party that collects everyone in the same place so they can yell at each other. Up to this point, I thought I knew better than whatever the show was trying to say. But not this week. This week the show was as clear as it has ever been — because this week is about giving up.

Ya see, throughout this season, I’ve viewed each episode through the advanced screeners sent to reviewers by the nice people at Bravo and NBC Universal. But last night, as time began to run out on writing my recap, I opened my laptop and realized my viewing window had expired. This forced me to go back to the old ways.

Since I don’t have cable, in the past I’ve used a friends online account to stream episodes of Southern Charm through a TV at another friend’s house across the state. This elaborate network of favors and technology got me through the first season and it saved me this week, but it also places me at the mercy of Bravo’s late-night schedule. This means that I got to see what plays on television right before the 11:31 p.m. replay of Southern Charm. This is what I saw.

Beer Dong, not to be confused with Penis Pong or Table Wang - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • Beer Dong, not to be confused with Penis Pong or Table Wang

That’s it guys. We’ve reached the mountaintop. No need to keep pushing. With that image in mind, let’s dive into this week’s episode of Southern Charm, with a strong reminder that maybe we could all just go to sleep — just lie down in our beds and watch Netflix until the heat death of the universe.

We start out this week as everyone gathers to celebrate the first birthday of Thomas and Kathryn’s son. Everyone is gearing up for the party. Naomie is putting a nice clear coat on Craig’s toenails. She snaps at him a bit after he criticizes the job she is doing, which brings me to this: There is nothing wrong with a man painting his toenails. But maybe learn to do it yourself? I believe this is one of the main points that Thoreau tried to argue for during his time at Walden Pond, wondering if he should go with matte or shimmer finish.

Anyway, Landon calls Thomas to say she can’t make it to the party, which sounds like a great decision. While en route to the birthday celebration, Patricia asks Cameran if they can expect anything other than a petting zoo, her question dripping with disdain. Petting zoos make no sense to Patricia. For her, animals are either for eating or wearing. There is no need to comfort the meat.

Kathryn arrives at the party, and she and Thomas suffer through a bit of strained small talk, while Thomas crushes a LaCroix like some sparkling water He-Man. Somewhere at LaCroix headquarters, a marketing exec begins pitching a commercial idea where a shirtless Thomas Ravenel dismounts a horse after a heated polo match and a young child offers him an ice-cold LaCroix. Thomas downs the can, looks at the wide-eyed young boy, and says, “Hey kid, catch” before whipping the empty can back into the kid’s face and calling security.

“LaCroix. It’s French. For Something” flashes across the screen as the sounds of a small child being beaten play in the background.

‘You got the right one, baby’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘You got the right one, baby’

Skipping ahead to something that actually happened, Landon joins Jennifer(?) on a rooftop bar to catch up. I know I have seen this woman before many times, but I’m still going to qualify her name with a question mark because she feels like some half-remembered dream. She has all the familiarity of an aunt you only see at funerals. Someone could tell me that this is her first appearance on the show, and I would be afraid to correct them.

Before fading away, the shared hallucination that is Jennifer(?) shares a glass of champagne with Landon before telling her to enter into a relationship with Thomas. She couches this advice in the tired cliché that you “regret the things you don’t do.” That doesn’t really make a lot of sense because while you may regret the missed opportunities in your life, you will live with your mistakes. These mistakes will go on to burp LaCroix in your face on a daily basis and ask you to shave their back before every polo match.

Meanwhile, we find Thomas paying a visit to Patricia. Patricia continues her efforts to push Thomas and Landon together, and Thomas confesses that the two recently went to dinner together. Thomas says there was a time when he could see Landon as a future “Mrs. Thomas Ravenel” because when you marry Thomas, your identity is subsumed completely. Patricia then recounts the time when men “really knew how to court women,” and would call on young damsels and bring flowers. Yep, women used to have it much better back in the days when men were welcome to randomly appear and demand that they leave the safety of their homes.

Following this, we meet up with Cameran as she visits her therapist. She asks Cameran what has been going on in her life lately, and Cameran responds with the phrase that every mental health professions fears: “A psychic told me...”

It turns out that Cameran, a fan of the mystic arts, has taken the psychic’s comments about her having a child to heart. Also, she followed her husband out to the dock one day, and he was apparently just staring at the water, looking sad, and saying he wished he had a child with which to enjoy the view. After all her struggles against deciding to be a parent, Cameran finally gives in. She says she is going to have a baby. I mean, her husband needs a dock buddy. That complete stranger who claimed to predict the future said it was going to happen. Why not just resign yourself to becoming a parent?

The face your therapist makes when you mention the psychic - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • The face your therapist makes when you mention the psychic

Skipping ahead to someone else who is ready to give up, Landon gets a call from her business partner, who says she’s been up since 2 a.m. It turns out they still haven’t settled upon a new name for ROAM, their travel website, after it was revealed that at least one other business in the world has decided to call itself Roam. Landon tells her business partner that she’s been up for days as well. It’s probably been hours since she drank any champagne on a rooftop, but Landon has a short list of replacement names for the business. Possible replacement names include Starbound, Gallivant, and Hitchhiker, because there is no better branding idea than to name your business after the preferred method of travel for escaped mental patients in the 1960s. Helpful articles on the website can include “Top 10 Ways to Not Leave Your Hook Hand on a Young Lover’s Car” and “Take this Quiz to Learn If You Are the Zodiac Killer.”

The face of sympathy - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • The face of sympathy

Seriously though, if they don’t nail down a brand for this website soon, the only available domain names left will be www.ingrownhairfacts.net and ru.wenis.gov.

Anyway, Landon decides to ignore the cries for help from her business partner because Thomas arrives unannounced with a rose. The two go on a short walk, after which Landon finally gives in and agrees to pursue a relationship with Thomas. Like a weary triceratops struggling in vain as it sinks into a tar pit, Landon stops fighting against her better sense. This is the romantic equivalent of drinking a beer in the shower. You haven’t completely given up on solving all your problems, but you have acknowledged that you won’t be fixing anything today.

Leaving behind these two love birds, we join Naomie as Craig drives her toward a surprise. While the two chat about the inevitability of death, their cat Gizmo roams around the interior of the vehicle. They hit up the drive-thru at McDonald’s and receive all of the ketchup packets, before ultimately arriving at the surprise Craig promised — his new rental house.

‘We’ve inherited a tragedy with these catsups’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘We’ve inherited a tragedy with these catsups’

Proud of his new property that Cameran sold him, Craig immediately lets his cat rub itself against every surface in the home, ensuring that future renters always wonder why their eyes won’t stop itching.

Later that evening, Shep continues the theme of men showing up on women’s doorsteps as he arrives at Chelsea’s. Saying he was just “in the neighborhood,” Shep helps himself to a beer and some wine and the entire contents of Chelsea’s refrigerator. Asked about her relationship with Austen, Chelsea says they are just keeping things casual, which stokes a fire under Shep.

The following morning, Cameran arrives at the beach house Shep is supposed to buy, but he never arrives. Quick question: Does Cameran only sell homes to her friends? I mean, it would make sense. They buy a lot of homes.

Anyway, Cameran enters detective mode to track down Shep. She calls Chelsea, who informs her that Shep left her house last night after a few glasses of wine and took an Uber downtown to meet his cousins. If ever there were a shorthand for making a series of bad decisions, it is “He took an Uber downtown to meet his cousins.”

Hey, what ever happened to Kirk Cameron? He sure was great on Growing Pains.”

“Oh, he took an Uber downtown to meet his cousins, if you know what I mean.”

We soon find Cameran arriving at Shep’s home. After a series of unanswered knocks, she pushes open the door. As I wrote during the preview for this season, Shep’s kitchen counter looks like the contents of a shark’s stomach. There are beer cans and ashtrays and probably a license plate or two scattered around.

For some reason, as I watch Cameran slowly creep through Shep’s darkened apartment, I imagine that when Shep gets drunk he places elaborate networks of Home Alone-style booby traps around his home. Like, Cameran has to dodge paint cans as she climbs the stairs to check on her friend.

Cameran finally reaches Shep’s bedroom door. You know how if someone calls and wakes you up, you’ll pretend you weren’t sleeping. They can tell from the sound of your voice that they woke you up, but you insist that they are wrong. Shep goes in the opposite direction as Cameran enters his room and adopts the posture of someone who has just been born.

‘I have melded with the bed. We are now one.’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘I have melded with the bed. We are now one.’

Freshly ripped from the Matrix, Shep asks Cameran how she made her way into his apartment. The door was unlocked, Cameran tells him, concerned about his lifestyle choices and the state of his home.

As the two talk, a stray coyote wanders across the bottom of the frame, chewing on a rotten jack-o’-lantern. Two raccoons can be seen fighting over the remains of a rotisserie chicken suspended from the ceiling fan. The camera pulls back and it is revealed that Shep’s apartment is an elaborate, thriving ecosystem of garbage animals subsisting on discarded wedding cakes and off-brand energy drinks. Outside the home, a buzzard perches atop Shep’s mailbox, awaiting the inevitable.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: We can all just get along

Season 4, Episode 9

Posted by Dustin Waters on Tue, May 30, 2017 at 2:25 PM

Nothing says relaxation like sitting in a nursery - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • Nothing says relaxation like sitting in a nursery

Hey everybody. Hope you all had a fun long weekend. There really is nothing like having an extra day to sober up after church, but now it’s back to the grind so let’s get right into this week’s episode.

Now, there is a lot you can do with the opening of a TV episode. You can establish the stakes of the show or highlight what will set the plot in motion. This is the discovery of Laura Palmer’s body wrapped in plastic in the original run of Twin Peaks or the glance north of the wall in Game of Thrones. You can encapsulate the circumstances of your main character like Walter White’s Winnebago crash in Breaking Bad or the Twilight Zone’s peek at an astronaut’s complete isolation in the series pilot. Or, like this week’s episode of Southern Charm, you can just go pick out lamps with two of your main characters.

Turns out, Cameran is hoping to fix up a spare room in her home and turn it into a bit of a sanctuary for herself. There’s nothing wrong with this. We all deserve a place where we can go to escape the stresses of everyday life. What is a little bit concerning is her husband’s suggestion that this “Zen Room” as Cameran calls it also doubles as a nursery or room for a child. Appearing on the show only as a disembodied voice — like some modern-day Charlie addressing his Angels — Cameran’s husband takes the idea of her carving out a piece of their home for herself and recommends that she also put a baby in there. Cameran’s husband seems like the type of guy who would have a lot of opinions about maternity leave and refer to Lamaze classes as “pregnant yoga.”

Anyway, Cameran announces that she is going to Home Goods to create her escape room. Chelsea will be joining her. What follows is a five-minute commercial for Home Goods, where their motto is “Home Goods: If it didn’t fit on the truck to another store, it’s Home Good enough for you.”

Leaving behind the unapologetic product placement, we find Craig in his home office as he receives a letter from the dean saying that he completed his work for law school. To celebrate, he prints out a copy of the email to hang on the fridge and gives his cat a treat. Craig also calls up his parents to tell them the good news. Since this is TV, his parents forego the usual method of communication wherein your mother takes the phone call and loudly interrupts you to relay every other statement to your disinterested father in the next room.

Unfortunately, Craig’s parents are trapped in the Negative Zone - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • Unfortunately, Craig’s parents are trapped in the Negative Zone

To celebrate completing law school, Craig invites Naomie out to dinner. Upon hearing the good news, Naomie reminds Craig that it feels good to do what you are supposed to do. This meal is not going as planned for Craig, who covertly waives off the line of waiters he had enlisted to sing “I Fought the Law.”

Over at Shep’s house, we are treated to a few brief shots of empty beer cans lying around to remind us that he is no longer living the sober life. Shep gives Cameran a call to apologize for shouting in front of the fortune teller in last week’s episode. In all honesty, she should have seen it coming. Anyway, Shep invites Cameran to the big lunch he’s planning for Kathryn. Cameran is reluctant to accept Kathryn back into her life. Meanwhile, Shep looks across the room at the weird penis doll that Cameran bought him from the voodoo man. The love doll is sitting upright and watching Shep as he makes his phone calls. Shep hasn’t slept in days, afraid at what the doll will do when he isn’t watching.

“You must be tired,” the doll says. Shep has tried to throw the doll away repeatedly, but each time it just reappears on his couch. Reconciling himself to his fate, Shep sits quietly across the room, dry-clicking his revolver at the doll, and longing for sweet release.

Over at Thomas’ house, we find him telling his nanny about his big date with Landon that evening. Thomas also says that his son took a “power nap” earlier in the day, which are really just regular naps when you are an infant.

Meanwhile, Landon is preparing for the date when she receives a call from her sister. Landon explains that if she did agree to pursue a relationship with Thomas, the wedding would happen pretty quickly and she would have “all the horses she ever wanted” because middle school dreams do come true.

We skip ahead to dinner to find Thomas ordering wine. He casually says he ordered the most expensive bottle because he is very cool. Thomas’ Uber rating is so low, he can’t even ride in an ambulance. Thomas is to capitalism what Jared Fogle is to fast-food spokesmen.

‘I just want to make sure everyone heard that. Most expensive. Money.’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘I just want to make sure everyone heard that. Most expensive. Money.’

After making sure everyone in the restaurant knows which bottle of wine he bought, Thomas then listens to Landon explain that Patricia declared him to be an adequate suitor.

Succumbing to the power of suggestion like a hypnotized chicken, Landon invited Thomas out to dinner, but she is reluctant to pursue a serious relationship with Thomas, no matter how many horses she could get. Landon ultimately decides that if Thomas were 20 years younger, had no kids, and no past relationships that could cause any friction, they would be perfect together. He would also be an entirely different person.

Landon says she is too concerned with what other people think. Luckily, she is speaking to the patron saint of DGAF, Thomas Ravenel. Very casually, Thomas explains that there are things about him that some people could criticize: Having kids out of wedlock (not so much), the felony (Bingo), but he just lets it all wash down his back like a shameless duck in the rain. Then things get interesting.

A crazy woman sitting at the next table interrupts Thomas and Landon’s dinner to explain that they are meant for each other. She has been married for over 30 years and listening to these two for about 20 minutes, and she knows they are meant to be together. It is, of course, best practice to take relationship advice from the loudest person in the restaurant. This woman seems like the type of person who’s been thrown out of a Chili’s. Every email from this woman begins “FW:FW:FW:FW: Obama Lizard Person” and ends with “Forward this prayer chain to everyone in your address book and all your dreams will come true.” This woman’s bucket list just says Panama City over and over again. Bravo has already signed this woman to a three-season deal for a show called “Dinner Date Ambush” where she accosts hungry people before their appetizers arrive and offers terrible advice.

‘Put me in your TV show. I’ll wait.’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘Put me in your TV show. I’ll wait.’

Skipping ahead to the big lunch with Shep, Kathryn, Craig, and Cameran, we find that Cameran is nervous about the reunion and has invited Whitney to tag along. Whitney is, of course, dressed like Marlon Brando from The Wild One.

For all the hell we give Whitney, he does offer to get the door for Cameran as she enters the restaurant, which is great to see. Anyway, Cameran and Whitney meet up with the rest of the crew at lunch, and the show acts like Kathryn is about to go off the rails because of Whitney’s unannounced visit. Things are quickly smoothed over, and we are treated to a rarity in reality TV — an actual pleasant conversation. Everyone is just catching up and this is probably the most human this show has ever been. Cameran announces that Whitney is in a serious relationship. Kathryn jokes “With what?” Craig announces that he graduated law school. It’s actually a nice scene of a group of people catching up, and it was nice to watch.

We then find Austen and Craig at the golf course. This seems like a casual event until they decide to bet $20 a hole, which seems pretty intense. I don’t think any of my friendships could survive me owing the other person $360 from a day of golf, and I have actually had my friend report my death to the Tybee Island police. Needless to say, it took some convincing, but eventually I tricked the authorities into believing I was a ghost and they let us go with a warning.

Jumping over to Chelsea’s salon, we find Shep showing up without an appointment, but he gets a haircut anyway. Chelsea says that she just recently cut Shep’s hair, but he acts like he was caught by surprise at its growth. Shep is lucky that Chelsea cuts hair, so he can easily work up an excuse to visit her and talk. Things would be a bit more complicated if she were a proctologist, but at least we’d know he really cared.

Also, these haircut conversations between Shep and Chelsea more and more take on the tone from those dramatic scenes in shows where someone is shaving a mob boss’s throat with a straight razor. You keep waiting for the double cross and then it comes. After discussing the casual nature of her relationship with Austen, Shep invites Chelsea out for wine. This does not bode well.

Jumping over to Thomas’ house, we find him and the nanny planning his son’s first birthday party. Thomas calls his father to invite him to the festivities. Arthur Ravenel explains that he is going to the dentists at 2:30 p.m., which is the same time that you go see the dentists when you live inside a bad joke. Arthur says he may not make it to his grandson’s birthday, and Thomas quietly resigns himself to this fate.

‘But I have these paintbrushes. Surely, the lawyers will understand.’ - BRAVO SCREENSHOT
  • Bravo Screenshot
  • ‘But I have these paintbrushes. Surely, the lawyers will understand.’

Later in the episode, Landon meets up with her boyfriend-type person Drew. She quickly goes through all the emotions, from crying and saying she just wants a man who will walk her dog with her, to comparing herself to an old hen whose eggs are all dried up. Landon then perfectly describes Southern misery — “Look at me. I’m crying into a chicken wing.”

The major revelation from this meal is that Landon’s website, “ROAM,” can’t be called ROAM anymore. It turns out the name is already taken, and Landon didn’t consider that another business may exist with the name ROAM. This is amazing. Why is the entire show not scenes of Landon calling the other companies named ROAM and asking that they “Just be cool” and give her the trademark?

Closing out this week’s episode, we find Kathryn meeting up with Liz for lunch. Kathryn says it’s her son’s birthday, but she can’t be with him due to custody restrictions. This is sad. Kathryn and Liz then sadly eat a massive chunk of birthday cake as Kathryn reads a letter from Thomas. Through their correspondence, the two have agreed to focus on their children. Kathryn gets invited to her son’s birthday party, which may or may not feature Arthur Ravenel depending on how things go at the dentist. A true cliffhanger if there ever was one.

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Bill Murray delivered Ashley Hall's commencement address on Sunday

No Kidding

Posted by Sam Spence on Tue, May 30, 2017 at 2:11 PM

  • Anne Jervey Rhett Photography
  • Anne Jervey Rhett Photography
It's safe to say that of all the graduation ceremonies in Charleston this year, Ashley Hall's had the best keynote speaker.

None other than Bill Murray stepped up to the mic at the private all-female school on Sunday afternoon. Usually an off-the-wall dresser, Murray must have gotten the memo ahead of his trip to the buttoned-up prep school and opted to for a gold sportcoat, light blue shirt, gray slacks, and a Panther purple tie.

Ashley Hall seniors actually chose to ask Murray to speak on their big day and the comic obliged, the school says, because of friends he has who are close to the school.

The consummate people-pleaser, communications director Paula Harrell says that Murray did an "excellent job" addressing the Class of 2017 with the "right amount of poignancy because of the occasion, mixed in with spot-on improvisational humor."

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