Prepare to say “Arrivederci” to La Morra Pizzeria

Unbreak our hearts

It was a fast and furious love affair. For what seems like just a season, La Morra Pizzeria, the roving wood burning oven, stole our hearts and sated our hunger. Alas, now they’ve crushed our dreams.

La Morra’s owners Marlee Blodgett and Zach Swemle have announced that they’re moving to Los Angeles.

“It is with much gratitude that we pass this note along to the community to announce our departure from Charleston come June,” the couples writes in an email. “While a brick and mortar establishment is certainly next on our list and on the horizon, we have decided to put the wheels we built our Neapolitan oven on to use as we make the decision to head West. If we hadn’t given up our tiny Brooklyn apartment one year ago, however, for a house with a backyard in Charleston-La Morra Pizzeria may not exist, so we will always cherish our time spent in this lovely city, watching a little idea we came up with after moving come to fruition. We hope you’ll follow our journey on @LaMorraPizzeria as we pack up and head to Los Angeles, making several stops for pop-ups with friends along the way. Stay tuned for details.”

As a going away gift, the couple has sent us their April schedule and you have 10 more opportunities to enjoy a bite in April with more coming in May. Farewell sweet Neapolitan pies. 

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