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Spoleto SCENE kicked things off with humidity, codfish fritters, rum, and more rum

Welcome to Spoleto season 2018

Caroline Enten May 25, 2018 10:09 AM
Caroline Enten
Scenesters braved the humidity and partied hard at Cane Rhum bar last night.
Something otherworldly charged the air over last night’s SCENEsters as they descended upon Cane Rhum Bar to pregame for the dress rehearsal of the Miami City Ballet at the Gaillard.

Allow me to elaborate.

Any mere mortal out and about on city streets last night surely found themselves adversely affected by the 100 percent humidity hanging dense and low between buildings. It was the kind of weather that causes feet to swell and bulge; trick knees click and moan in meteorological warning; hair, once painstakingly smoothed and scorched with hot tools in the comfort of air conditioning, instantly coaxed into frizzy chaos upon first contact with the outdoors. Yet the SCENE crowd is seemingly immune to these universal afflictions of nature. Tagging along to jot down names and what not, my out-of-town friend Colleen bore witness to this physics-defying phenomenon. An NYC dweller, herself not unfamiliar with the effects of “Pea Soup Syndrome,” she marveled at the sight. Each perfectly coiffed, made-up and attired person introduced seemed blissfully untouched by the unfavorable conditions of the evening. Coincidence, or something altogether darker? 
Caroline Enten

Next, let’s talk about the real SCENE-stealer of the event: Gordian Knot rum. Stationed by the entrance of the room, partners and creators Mitchell Nicks and Tom Bruce poured samples of their 84 proof reserve for anyone smart enough to peel away from the throngs of Banana Daiquiris and Cuba Libres at the bar. Was it simply sleight of hand, or a more complex form of transfiguration that turned rum into bourbon when it hit the tongue? Frankly, I’m not sure if these gentlemen magicians were part of our event or not, but we should all be running to Bottles to pick up a case of this tasty elixir before it vanishes into thin air.
Caroline Enten

On the topic of libations, Cane Rhum Bar knocks “happiest hour” out of the park. Colleen and I bopped our heads along to a catchy, Cuban remix of Lorde’s “Royals,” socked as many salted codfish fritters into our mouths as is acceptable in polite company, and mitigated our self-consciousness over not being quite as pulled together as our SCENEy counterparts with Pain Killers so strong, they actually made the hair on my legs grow. 
Caroline Enten

The event pressed on fast and furious, with the majority of the attendees preparing to see the ballet or another show, like second-year member Cassie Cole who held tickets to see last night’s performance of The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk.
Caroline Enten
We’ll never know exactly what kind of forces were at play last night, but it seems like the SCENE crowd is out for good — not evil — and planning to make those most of the season this year.
Caroline Enten

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