Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DebateWrap: "That One" Edition

Posted by Greg Hambrick on Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 7:41 AM

We've already noted the highlight from the night, but here are our other observations:

1. Among uncommited Ohio voters, men thought less of Tom Brokaw's opening remarks. Thanks, CNN!

2. McCain was running from the cameras all night and will not appoint Tom Brokaw to be Treasury Secretary. This is obviously a man who hates the media.

3. McCain mentioned "Frannie" and Freddie. While Frannie is not a Wall Street failure, she certainly did not do the American economy any favors with her failed WB show, "Life With Fran."

4. McCain is a cheerleader for the American worker. "They're the best." Except for that lady at McDonalds who can NEVER get my order right!

5. McCain said, twice, that he reached across the aisle to Joe Lieberman. If only these debates had a laugh track.

6. McCain: Against overhead projectors from day one.

7. "Clean coal" sounds silly, no matter who says it.

8. McCain says Obama's tax plan is "like nailing Jello to the wall." Obviously, that was a saying from the '40s.

9. Tom Brokaw tries to cram a years worth of Nightly News into 90 minutes and he's pissed off that John McCain can't see the flashing lights telling him to shut up.

10. There's a kid in the front row who looked like he needed to make water about five minutes in.

11. McCain is desperate to know how much he'll have to pay under Obama's administration for not having health insurance for his kids.

12. If Obama loses this election, it'll be because he didn't call voters "my friends" every three minutes.  

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