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Southern Charm S3E7: Weekend at Shep's

And the curse of Moncks Corner

Posted by Stephanie Barna on Fri, May 20, 2016 at 11:40 AM

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Let's all go to Shep's happy place and make a mess. Everyone on the party bus! 

But first, let's frame the story. Shep wants to invite everyone to his family's mountain house, but he's worried about including Kathryn because Whitney and Cameran said they wouldn't go if she was going. When Shep tells Craig this news, he insists that Shep's got to include Kathryn. "Whitney is the evil one," he says. Shep, being the consummate gentleman, calls Kathryn and invites her. Luckily, she's on modified bedrest and can't go. Whew. That was close.  

While T-Rav is putting together an invisible crib at Kathryn's house, he tells her that he isn't going if she isn't going. Cue smug look. Kathryn is back in control of Thomas. As he says, "I'm T-Rav, but she's T-Rex. One wrong move and the building is destroyed." He can't take the chance that she'll destroy some buildings while she's carrying this latest baby.  
Craig is determined to prove that Whitney's irrational hatred of Kathryn is rooted in deep feelings. Whitney and Kathryn had a relationship, he contends, so he heads over to Kathryn's to prove his theory. And, of course, we all saw this on the first season of Southern Charm. Kathryn showed up at a party and pretty much slept her way around until she landed her a rich man. As Landon tells her sister: "She does some pretty good work on her back." 

Kathryn matter-of-factly describes what happened: Thomas and I hooked up and a week later I started spending a lot of time with Whitney at his house. Craig characterizes this as "living together," but it was like five days worth of hooking up rather than one night of hooking up, so probably not quite relationship status.

Kathryn drops a nugget about her Machiavellian machinations: Whitney and I went to a pool party and I knew Thomas was going to be there and what better way to get revenge than show up with his best friend? And that's who I really liked, Thomas, so I left with him that night.

Hold up. She's a real piece of work, this one. No wonder Whitney thinks she's a scheming, manipulative gold digger. She had designs on landing a rich man from the beginning. She slept with Shep, Whitney, and Thomas. Shep and Whitney, despite being rich playboy types, are pretty normal, rational human beings. Thomas, on the other hand, is an aging drunkard. Who better to sink her claws into than a guy who she can have the upper hand with? All she has to do is act a fool, and he'll do anything to avoid conflict. And this girl ain't no fool. These babies and this show are her golden tickets.  

Of course, she has some self awareness. "It does sort of seem screwed up what I did." Uh, ya think.

Whitney refers to her as the curse of Moncks Corner. "You just can't escape it," he says. Oh, you don't know how right you are, sir, because Craig is going to make you 'fess up to being head over heels in love with Kathryn. But first, let's take a break and party it up in Asheville, the Charleston of the mountains. 

The party bus crew — Shep, Whitney, Cam, Dani, Landon, Craig, and Naomie — are joined in Asheville by Thomas, JD, and Elizabeth. Partying ensues. They play giant Jenga, make lots of pulling-out jokes to T-Rav, and end up at a music show where T-Rav leers at all the ladies.  Ugh. Drunk T-Rav. He's the worst. Dancing, stumbling, slurring, leering. 

The next day, T-Rav and his bloated face head back to Charleston so as not to upset the T-Rex, and the rest of the group makes it to Linville, N.C., where Shep's family has multiple homes, including a beautiful chalet with an incredible view. "I love that you're not poor," says Craig. 

Naps, wine, and steak are on the menu and so is a showdown with Whitney. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next week to see Whitney's meltdown.

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