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Gov. Haley claims political consultant pulled 'dirty trick' in 2010 election

Haley refuses to identify website builder

Posted by Chris Haire on Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 8:47 AM

I spent most of the evening drinking and reading Nikki Haley's just released memoir, Can't is Not an Option, and in it the good guv is not afraid to attack her enemies, perceived or otherwise. Not that she is always willing to name them.

And in the case of Wesley Donehue, the man behind high-tech political consultant group Donehue Direct and the co-host of the Columbia-based Pub Politics, she's not. Haley pusses out.

In Can't is Not an Option, Haley writes:

I had set up a Web site where people could sign up to volunteer, get yard signs, or make donations. Hundreds of people were logging on. I began to allow myself to hope that we had tapped into something real in the grass roots of South Carolina.

Then I got a call. Our Web site had been taken down. People trying to log on to sign up for the campaign weren't getting in. The names of hundreds of supporters were being lost. Instantly, I knew the reason. The person who had built my Web site was also the Web site and social-media consultant of my opponent in the primary, Congressman Gresham Barrett. I had foolishly paid him to create my Web site and social-media outlets. What should have been a great day of collecting names was ruined by political dirty tricks.

It was a taste of what was to come, but there was no turning back. I was in. Just as before, the only option now was to win.

Yesterday, I got in touch with Donehue, who confirmed he built Haley's website, but beyond that he had no other comment.

As you may recall, Donehue was one of the key players in the events leading up to FITSNews blogger Will Folks' allegation that he had an "inappropriate physical relationship" with Haley. You can read the barrage of text-messages between Folks, Haley Chief of Staff Tim Pearson, and Donehue in the days before the shocking announcement here. In those exchanges, Donehue both warned Folks that the allegations were about to be made public and said that he would try to prevent them from coming out, although he doesn't exactly say by whom — the assumption being the Barrett campaign of course.

In one particular text, Donehue writes:

Now, I don’t give a fuck [if] you believe me or not. You['re] the one who screwed her. You’re the one who bragged about it. She’s the one who told BJ [Boling]. Y'all point fingers at your own damn selves and leave me the fuck out of it.

While Donehue has stated that he once believed Folks' claims, he says that he no longer does.

Prior to that, Donehue was most well-known for the controversial Fred Thompson parody site, PhoneyFred, which quite honestly was pretty damn funny. Thumbs up. Since then, Donehue has been called one of the worst people in the world by Keith Olbermann and was hosting Pub Politics the day state Sen. Jake Knotts called Nikki Haley a "raghead."

Donehue is also a devout Christian and a fan of C.S. Lewis. I personally recommended that he read The Screwtape Letters, an epistolary novel written by one of Satan's demonic minions.

Of course, Haley doesn't want you to know who she is talking about. Why? I'm not sure. I doubt it's for libel. But there must be some reason. After all, throughout Can't is Not an Option, Haley refuses to fully identify several key players in her story, including Will Folks and Larry Marchant, her other accuser. She also completely ignores others, like Free Times reporter Corey Hutchins whose year-long investigation actually forced Folks to make his apparent admission.

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