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For the Record: The Munsters, Halloween, Low, Eric Lindell, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Paul Weller

A new-release radar from your local record stores

Ryan Graveface and Galen Hudson Sep 5, 2018 10:09 AM

Be on the lookout for these brand new release recommendations from Graveface Records (724 King St.) and Monster Music & Movies (946 Orleans Rd.) over the next two weeks.

Graveface Records


The Munsters, The Munsters (Sept. 7)
This is *thee best* novelty record in my collection. I own an OG but it's nice to see someone doing a reissue. The band has nothing to do with the TV show and I cannot believe they didn't get sued from the artwork alone. It's incredible. Ryan Graveface, owner


Halloween 4 & 5 Original Soundtracks (Sept. 14)
Not the best Halloween flicks but Howarth is a great composer (duh). Nice to see someone finally tackle these in the reissue world. —Graveface


Low, Double Negative (Sept. 14)
I feel obligated to buy everything they put out since I've been listening to them since high school. There are definitely some misses but fingers crossed this is a good one. At one point they had the most impactful lyrics/music on the planet (see: Things We Lost in the Fire and Secret Name). I'm optimistic this new one will be gold. —Graveface

Monster Music & Movies


Eric Lindell, Revolution in Your Heart (Sept. 7)
I've become really smitten by New Orleans music, including a lot of folkies and blues rockers, and Eric's someone that I've started to cotton to for his honest & rootsy sounds. —Galen Hudson, owner


St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Young Sick Camellia (Sept. 7)
Aside from sounding like the second coming of Al Green, Paul's just an all-around nice guy and is super supportive of record stores, always seeking them out while he's in a new city. He shopped with us and was really cool. —Hudson


Paul Weller, True Meanings (Sept. 14)
I have no idea what the Jam and Style Council founder has up his sleeve this time, but surely worth checking out. Often categorized as "blue-eyed soul," Paul's really in a category by himself, far from being the formulaic dreck that you'd expect out of that genre. —Hudson

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