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Walter Brown breaks down new LP 'IMOW,' song by song

Doin' his own thing

Posted by Walter Brown on Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 4:30 PM

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One year after the release of Saturdaze, Walter Brown is back with IMOW, a very personal nine-song LP that is about being depressed, getting fed up, and doing his own thing. Here's a break down of IMOW, song by song, in Brown's own words.

1. "New Holiday": New Holiday was/is a very hopeful song for me. It is a glimpse into the current state of my life but also a prayer/dream of what I believe and want to come in the near future. It was a very personal song to write and I was adamant about the lyrical content. I wanted to put a certain energy out into the world and watch it manifest itself.

2. "19xx": This song was difficult to construct at first because the beat had so many different melody changes in it that I had to write the song in sections and not the typical verse, chorus, verse arrangement. Every time I hear it I get such a rush of energy and emotions. It's like the awakening of my inner beast. The aggression, anger, arrogance came out in that song. It represents that part of me. The title 19xx, that's another story lol.

3. "Cry Baby": This song is where I try to understand depression and how it has and is affecting my life. The confusion of it all and dealing with so many different emotions and not knowing the direction to healing — I had to dig deep to really express myself. Even the beat sounds emotional to me. Chaotic but also cohesive — my life at times.

4. "Do My Own Thing": My mantra. I feel like this is the overall theme of the album. The realization that life has its difficulties but being able to enjoy it all. The love/the hate, the happiness/the sadness, the friends/the enemies. This song is like my coping mechanism. The attitude that drives me ... I just do my own thing, in my own world.

5. "Stay Sober": "Stay Sober" is actually an unreleased track from Saturdaze. MAT who recorded, mixed, and exec.-produced the album and also featured on the song had it and worked on it for like a year. After he added his verses and we added the bridge it became complete. This was definitely more MAT then me, shout out the bro. And this is just a reminder not to overdose on the fame or clout. "Stay Sober."

6. "Big Watts": Simple ... This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine.

7. "Watch Your Step": With this song I wanted to put a message out but also have melodies and cadences that made people want to move. I wanted to represent Charleston and speak to people while at the same time making them want to dance. I honored people who had passed away in the song but also spoke to those who were still living. It's a motto for me ... Like be safe, "Watch Your Step."

8. "Down": Down is the most aggressive song on the record to me. It's a feeling of being fed up. A complete expression without apology. Calling a spade a spade and standing on it. That is the emotion behind the song. Fearlessness, that's "Down."

9. "Young & Restless": This song is nostalgic for me. It takes me back to being young and in high school — having all these dreams and aspirations but not knowing how to manifest them. Still trying to figure out who you are and the process, which is exactly that. Being misunderstood as a teenager and seeing how that cycle is repeated and how we have trouble understanding the younger generation at times. I'm reflecting on my teenage years to now, but also tapping into the mindset of a teenager today. Pray for the "Young & Restless."

You can stream IMOW here and buy it here.

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