We've been having nightmares about the school board.

In the darkest part of the night, we see visions of a Charleston County School District Board of Trustees plagued by infighting and spite. It’s a place where the voters have installed, as leaders of the public school system, board members who don’t particularly like public schools — who homeschool their children, call for public funding of private schools, pick fights with the superintendent, and generally do everything in their power to destroy the district from the inside. Some board members fight the good fight, it’s true, but their efforts get overshadowed or blocked by a cabal of fiends.

And then we wake up, and we realize the nightmare is reality.

Here’s the thing: The school board matters. Not only are they making decisions about a good-sized chunk of our taxes, but they’re setting the path forward for our children. Statistically speaking, your vote is far more important in a local election than in the presidential election, and the outcome will impact your quality of life more directly.

A note about the candidates: There are six seats up for grabs this year, although one is a shoo-in: Former board Chairman Chris Fraser is running unopposed for a two-year West Ashley seat. Thirteen candidates are running for five other seats — one downtown, two in West Ashley, and two in North Charleston. Voters can cast their ballot for all six open seats, regardless of where they live.

In the downtown race, all of the candidates were knocked off the ballot in a paperwork snafu earlier this year, so they’re all running as write-in candidates.

Vote wisely, because we don’t want another nightmare at 75 Calhoun St., home of the district offices. Get scared for the future.

Nightmare Scenarios and Happy Endings
Nightmare Scenarios and Happy Endings Who you gonna call to fix the school board?

The rampant dysfunction on the school board can be summed up in a single quote: "I want it on the record that I said I want it on the record." That was board member Elizabeth Kandrac, resident nitpicker, speaking at a July 24 board meeting. We don't remember what the topic at hand was, but the quote went into a little file we keep called "Sh*t Kandrac Says." It's a perfect encapsulation of the petty tyranny Kandrac wreaks on a regular basis at board meetings. — City Paper Editorial Staff

School Board candidates: Downtown
School Board candidates: Downtown Cannon, Garrett, Lewis, Smith, Weinstein

Voters will choose one candidate to represent Downtown.

Paul Bowers

School Board candidates: North Charleston
School Board candidates: North Charleston Collins, Ducker, Lecque

Voters will choose two candidates to represent North Charleston.

Paul Bowers

School Board candidates: West Ashley
School Board candidates: West Ashley Barter, Copeland, Miller, Ramich, Thomas

Voters will choose two candidates to represent West Ashley.

Paul Bowers

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