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Re: “With federal investigations ongoing, Charleston is not immune to anti-Semitic threats

Under the Obama administration, Jewish hate crimes were never reported by the press. Even Fox News rarely reported. I know of the hate crimes, because of the reports I read on line from Israeli newspapers, and other American Jewish organizations. Being a child of a holocaust father, I am very aware of anti-semitism in this country AND in EUROPE, which seems to be overlooked by the main stream media as well. It is not just a white supremacist problem. Anti-semitism is running rampant on college campus's. Jewish students are being attacked at their frat houses and their organizations on campus.. There are boycotts on Israel ( BDS) practically on every campus. Jewish college students have appeared before Congress to tell them how bad it has gotten. Yet no one reports this. You can Google to find the video. Very powerful to see.

I Googled to see how many Hate Crimes were committed on Jews vs. Muslims in this country. More hate crimes are committed on Jews, yet this is the first time I am reading anything on anti-semitism. So the FBI stats from 2016 says: 22.2% were hate crimes against Muslims, but 51.3 % were against Jews. It is interesting that with a new administration, we finally got press on what happened to a few Jewish cemeteries in the mid West. And it was not reported who did it. I find it hard to believe that all the Jewish attacks were done by white supremacists.

But European Jews are fleeing to Israel and Canada because it is not safe for them. They cannot even walk on the street wearing a skull cap or a Jewish star. And there are no White supremacists that live in Europe. The rise in anti-semitism is due to the increase in Muslims. And it keeps getting worse. France had the largest Jewish population of Jews. 8000 moved to Israel after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The largest migration of Jews in Israel's history since it was formed. Malmo in Sweden is in very bad shape, where the Jews are terrified to walk the streets and have police all over their neighborhood to protect them. and it is not from white supremacists.

I think Americans need to take heed as to what is going on in Europe. The DNC wanted to elect a man as their Chairman, who had ties with Louis Farrakhan and denounced Jews and Israel. That is food for thought. Anti-semitism comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn't it?

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Posted by lynnar on March 15, 2017 at 2:44 PM

Re: “Charleston City Council approves lower heat limits for carriage horses

I am so glad to hear about the change. I am from NYC and they take the horses off the street from Central Park when it hits 90 degrees. When I moved down here 9 years ago, I freaked out that the horses were driven in this heat. I did take some carriage rides when friends visited and got to talk with the drivers and went back to where the horses are kept. I am a big animal lover and give to animal and dog rescues and am an owner of a dog. I cannot deal with any animal cruelty. I will say the horses are very well taken care of and are given shifts and have fans in the stables and sprayed continuously with cool water. Yet, I still felt in the back of my mind that the heat here still takes a toll on the horses.

I am all for small business and capitalism. And for the gov't to stay out of our lives as much as they can. More times than most, they screw up things. As far as climate change or global warming, call it what you want. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Today it is very cold here, and will drop to 29 degrees tonite. My friends were calling me from NY last night in a blizzard and it's March. During the 30's, the entire Mid West had the biggest drought since they kept record, and the hottest summers. CA back in the 60's had one of the worst droughts. I remember, because i was a kid and my mom took me on a 3 week vacation there and it was all they could talk about. You had to ask for a glass of water. Now they had another one for 5 years, and then the heavens opened. Their reservoirs are now all filled to capacity. I was talking to a guy at the dog run the other day and he is from central CA and his parents own a walnut farm and he filled me in. Straight from the horses mouth. No pun intended.

As far as I am concerned, the horses should have been pulled off years ago. To me it's all about common sense. And this has to do with living beings. Politics should not enter into it, nor climate change or global warming.....

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Posted by lynnar on March 15, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Re: “Former GM of The Ordinary opening Monarch Wine Merchants in North Central

I cannot wait!!!!! I am from NYC and waiting for something like this.....have eaten at Balthazar numerous times, because I lived downtown and at The Mark. Living in NYC I had the opportunity to go to many wine tastings and there are some great wine stores to go to where the staff is extremely knowledgeable and when they get to know you, it makes it easier the next time you come in, because a new wine may come in that they will know you will like. It is much more personable than going to a place like Total Wine. I lived in the Wall street area and there was a great local Wine shop I used to go and got friendly with the owner who really knew his wines. I would go in and when he got in something he knew I would like, he would open up a bottle and let me taste it. I sometimes would be with a friend and the owner said not to worry. The wine would be drunk. I got some great wines from this guy. I also kept a wine journal. There is also a great wine store up in Westchester that delvers in the local areas . I am not sure where else they may ship. I needed to get a present for someone and I could not get from Total Wine to ship from here.. This place is very well known. If any of you are into wine, you should be aware of this store. It is called ZACHY'S. You can go on line. They hv an incredible selection and terrific prices. They are in Scarsdale, NY.

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Posted by lynnar on March 14, 2017 at 10:51 AM

Re: “Le Farfalle to host celebration of life for sous chef Drew Tursi who died Saturday night

How awful! So young. I am so sorry for your loss. I have eaten at your restaurant several times. May he rest in peace.

Posted by lynnar on March 10, 2017 at 4:44 PM

Re: “Getting a grip on real world feminism

I want to throw up. Shame on you. You don't know how great you have it here as a woman. Most women who are married, rule the roost. Have you been to Pakistan, or Afghanistan lately?? Or Somalia? Or Bahrain? Saudi Arabia. I suggest you visit those countries before mouthing off how bad women have it here.

And I guess you did not read the articles and see the pictures and videos of the people coming in from Syria into Germany. All young men. You hardly saw any women and children. You need to brush up on your current events. They are building an army. Have you any idea what is going on in the EU? Apparently not.

My parents were refugees. But came here legally. Never took a dime from the government and assimilated. Did you know that the #1 name in the U.K. Is Mohammad? Not Harry. Why is that? Do you know that Sweden has the highest incident of rape by young Muslim men? Why is that? The girls are dying their hair dark, to dissuade the men from attacking them. But I guess it's their fault. The land of the midnight sun.

You try moving to a country where they let you stay. Give you free housing. Free medical, free food and spending money. It doesn't exist. They throw u out. Why? They have borders.

You talk about justice. My goodness. You live in the greatest country in the world. Start appreciating it.

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Posted by lynnar on March 8, 2017 at 6:12 PM

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