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Re: “Local chainsaw artist and Bikers for Trump founder promises ‘wall of meat’ at Trump inauguration

My goodness....this is an Inauguration, for goodness sake. We would not be having this conversation, if we had not had the the threats by the likes of Michael Moore and his left wing lunatics who actually have said ( maybe not Michael) but other left wing loons, that there hv been death threats. Bottom line, these protesters have called for violence. Now, now...I am all for protesting. But, how about doing it the next day, like , from what I hear, a bunch of dames are doing...however, I did hear at first, some Pro-Life women were going to attend also, but then they were told, they could not. That is inclusion for ya by the Left wing. And shame on John Lewis. First he lied, because he did this when George W was elected. He did not attend the Inauguration. He said this was the first time he did was doing this. It really is a disgrace what the democrats are doing. Babies. And the rest of performers bowing out because they ar getting death threats...what nerve from people. Even Steve Harvey, he got death threats, just by talking to Trump....what is going on with YOU People????

And spare me this popular vote garbage. Hillary won the popular vote by CA only. Take CA out and Trump won the popular vote by 52%/48% over Hillary. Google it. Thus proves we need the electoral college vote. And all I heard by CNN and MSNBC , and trust me I watched them both was "the road to the WH by the electoral college, and Hillary was walking in with 242 electoral college votes.." That was all I heard. and how hard, or nearly impossible it was for Trump to get to 270. Never, ever, did the popular vote enter into the equation, and all you liberals out there know it. As a woman, did I cringe, with some of what Trump said? Yes. But living in NYC my whole life, never ever was there any scandal of Trump molesting women...and trust me, the NY Daily News and the NY Post would hv gotten wind of it immediately. And that stupid tape that we heard with Billy Bush? Give me a many of you guys have spoken about women like that? And I can tell you the conversations my girlfriends and I hv said about men. And I voted for that pig Elliot Spitzer as Governor of NYS and look what he turned out to be! Caught with hookers!!!! And then gets a show on CNN? Are you kidding me? Goes on Bill Maher and I hv to listen to him putting Trump down. He get a pass because he is a liberal? It always seems that the democrats gets a pass when it comes to any scandal. The double standard boggles my mind. I was a democrat most of my life, but I left the party and became an Independent because I read comments like this that are so biased. So one sided. I can't wait for this new administration to start and clean house. And just as all these protesters have a right to go to DC and try and make trouble for Trump? because they have already said they are out to make trouble, Chris Cox has every right to do what he is going to do.

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Posted by lynnar on January 18, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Re: “Colicchio addresses Top Chef: Charleston's controversial Boone Hall plantation episode on Esquire

Give me a break with all this PC stuff. Get over it. The Civil War ended 152 years ago. We elected a black president. Well, half black. We had two black AG's. We hv black senators, black mayors, black congressman. I am really getting sick and tired about all of this walking on egg shells. How was Top Chef to know a black chef was going to be in a sudden death venue? And how can you not do a venue on a Plantation if you are doing the entire show in Charleston???? Why even live in Charleston if you know the Civil War started here, for goodness sake.

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Posted by lynnar on January 5, 2017 at 2:07 PM

Re: “The Agenda: A Scott-Gowdy ticket for governor?; FBI investigating fire at black business group; Roof's competency questioned?

Graham has to go. We need new blood. he stands for nothing.

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Posted by lynnar on November 16, 2016 at 12:46 PM

Re: “Holy City Brewing and COAST say 'no more dogs'

Wow, I just read this...I thought dogs were not allowed at all inside. So I was surprised to read this. But owners should know their dogs to begin with. My previous dog, who was about 70 lbs. loved people,but did not get along with other doggies. So, I could not take her to places. Dog owners need to be responsible. They make it bad for responsible ones. I now own a Yellow Lab, who I started to train when he was a puppy. Labs, tho are so so gently anyway. He would not hurt a fly. It is a shame that some dog owners hv to ruin it for the rest of us.

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Posted by lynnar on October 31, 2016 at 12:13 PM

Re: “I spent a stupid amount of money on Le Farfalle's white truffles so you don't have to

Thank you, thank you to the above person who wrote in:) cc4s.... I was going to write that also...we don't need the reporter's political sarcasm in a food review. I mean seriously??? In all the years growing up and living in NYC and reading the NYT's food reviews and going thru all their food critiques thru the years, I cannot recall, ever, ever, having anyone of them throwing in some snarky political comment in their review. Leave it to hv a writer at the City Paper to throw one in. But not surprised as a week ago there was an actual article written about Thomas Ravenel endorsing Trump and how shocked the City Paper was, or the reporter was. It may hv been this one. But who remembers and who cares! I think I am living in the Twilight Zone....

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Posted by lynnar on October 24, 2016 at 5:45 PM

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