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Re: “Here’s how seven votes changed on the Confederate flag bill

The only thing these political cowards did was surrender that flag to hate. Instead of having the police officer hand it over to the guy from the Confederate Relic Room, they may as well have had a fully robed Grand Wizard waiting there because folks make no mistake about it, racist people like that are the ones who gained a victory from this Legislative act.

In fact they admit in the story that the flag had to be lowered before the KKK rally next weekend. Now that the flag has been lowered and the cowards in the SC Legislature and the governor have formally conceded to the SAME EXACT VIEW of that flag as the Dylann Roofs and the white supremacist demagogues of the world, the KKK is coming in a week to formally stake their claim to a flag many of us consider the living symbol of our Southern identity and heritage.

However you can also expect that the REAL Southern people that flag truly belongs to, the proud descendants of the Confederate dead of all races who fought under that flag: whites, blacks, Hispanics & Latinos, Native Americans, and Jewish men and boys who served in the hallowed Confederate gray -- they will be there next Saturday to stand against the white supremacist false prophets and say with a loud, firm voice: "NO! No you will not claim the living symbol of our heritage, the memorial for the sacrifices of our honored dead, you will not misuse it to strike fear and advance your sick, anti-human agenda. Not now, and never again!"

The truly proud and defiant Southern people, the ones who honor the real heritage of that flag and the values ALL Southerners regardless of race share, will be there to defend that flag against all haters, be they white supremacist ones or politically correct pop culture fascists....and the whole world will be watching.

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Posted by Chesterboy on July 11, 2015 at 12:42 AM

Re: “Kwadjo Campell: I Support Glenn McConnell

Frankly there is no way to know what sort of administrator Lt. Governor McConnell will be until he is given the chance to preform the duty in question. If his efforts end up harming the college from an academic standpoint based on something other than the whims of a few anti-Confederate flag activists or "student groups" then he can be replaced and the NAACP and others can claim victory and someone more in line with their mode of activism....oops I mean thinking can be substituted.
Of course if his efforts result in better academic standards at the school for all of its students, then of course the NAACP and its allies will look like morons...again.

Support of Confederate heritage and the battle flag are not the opposite of diversity, they are a part of it. The sooner that some clue into that and treat those who honor those things as individuals rather than group-think stereotypes, the better off our State and this country as a whole will be.

Mr. Campbell, I applaud you for your willingness to look at people based on individual merit rather than as stereotypes. Your story is not unique, many others with your background have taken the time to look past the surface and judge individual people on their merits not on some group-think mindset. Its folks like you and McConnell, individuals of good will, who will ultimately find an honorable resolution to this issue over the display of the battle flag and how its cultural heritage is honored in a modern context. Again my thanks sir.

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Posted by Chesterboy on March 19, 2014 at 5:48 PM

Re: “The story of a boy and his infatuation with the Rebel flag

Frankly sir, I think the rest of us (including our Confederate ancestry looking down from Heaven) are proud you no longer associate yourself with our Southern flag too if your past history is any indication of what sort of peckerwood trash you are descended from....oh and there is no escaping genetics, I'm afraid that stink goes with you. Have a Dixie Day!

Posted by Chesterboy on April 6, 2011 at 8:05 PM

Re: “Flag fan is no hippie Nextel talker

Zaftig...the vanquished do not get to display their colors?

Then I guess we better fold up the Stars and Stripes since it not only got vanquished in Vietnam but took part in a number of really ugly incidents in that same war...

or we could simply accept the bad things and remember them so they wont happen again while at the same time honoring the positive things about the US flag too? Yes...that does strike me as a bit more sensible.

I imagine that was what was in President Theodore Roosevelt's mind when he signed the order in 1905 to return the captured Confederate battle flags to their respective Southern States as a gesture of good will to brave Americans.

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Posted by Chesterboy on October 14, 2010 at 8:37 PM

Re: “Flag fan is no hippie Nextel talker

pissedoff yankee who are you trying to kid?
Many of those who honor the Southern Cross and know its history know about the other Confederate flags (not just the national flags but the other battle flags too).
The Southern Cross though is known worldwide as a symbol of Southern-American identity and the rest of us are not willing to simply fold it up and handing it over to bigots in white hoods and red armbands just because some choose condemnation over education.

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Posted by Chesterboy on October 14, 2010 at 8:33 PM

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