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Re: “Thank you for my beautiful life

Allison please,please don't give up. I've written a book title "Stress and Depression",The Real Culprits. Theory is all cancers comes from these, because they compromise the immune system greatly. They are not the same,but they work in harmony too overwhelm the system. Stress is a short term dilemma,and is subject to abate on it's,but if it doesn't, then depression sets in.This becomes the medium by which abnormal cells proliferate. Fear makes cancer cells grow. Long story short, there are things you can do.Laughter,touch,happiness produces a very powerful chemical that will put cancer in remission.Please,please lets try this.There is more too my theory,but space is limited. Just don't give up. Start walking and going places, where you see people doing funny things,just hang in there. Have the faith of a mustard seed in me. I'm a first time writer and the book is on hold, until I can find, preferable, someone who has won prizes that will lead them toward "The Noble Prize in Physiology and Medicine, like the Lasker Prize,Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, Tang Prize,etc. I need someone to partner with me on making a medication I have in mind based on my theory noted above. A person who has won the award or someone on the edge of winning would be an ideal person. They would see my theory immediately once I explained it in detail. Mean while hang in there,don't give up.We can live much longer and happier than we are doing in our country. No one should be dying like we are,90-110 isn't no age. Good health and living long is a mind set. The Fins are dying like flies,because they suffer from depression. Darkness maybe a factor,but it doesn't have to be their coffin. Good luck in the endeavors pointed out too you.

Posted by Perlin Aldridge on July 24, 2016 at 4:43 AM

Re: “Thank you for my beautiful life

Our paths just crossed. Heaven is holding a special place for you. Sending peace and love....

Posted by Andy Perdue on July 24, 2016 at 1:43 AM
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